1GE ONU BASED ON C-Data Home-grown IC
1GE ONU BASED ON C-Data Home-grown IC
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Aug 18, 2021
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C-Data Team < Strong Collaboration > IC Design Team

A decade of hard work on IC&ONU

Rigorous IC&ONU Design Flow

Key Features

Support Dual-mode Compatible ITU G.984.x (GPON) US:1.24416G DS:2.48832G (GPON) Compatible IEEE 802.3 EPON MAC standard (EPON) US:1.25G DS:1.25G (EPON)

EPON/GPON dual mode quickly switch without restart

Support higher forwarding capability in NAT

Support higher NAT/NAPT session

Support DS-lite for IPv6 Transition Support IGMP/MLD (IPv6) proxy

Support routing protocol such as OSPF

Support NAT2 in routing mode for XBOX application

Support web login user name and password in cipher text to ensure security

Support hardware forwarding of PPPoE packets, IPSec VPN and PPTP VPN in bridge mode