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C-Data latest products 1GE ONU adopts Realtek RTL9601D chip solution

Recently, Shenzhen C-Data launched the latest products 1GE ONU. The ONU is based on Realtek RTL9601D chip solution, support GPON and EPON dual-mode passive optical network, and provide users up to Gigabit data access service through the PON network, and can be used for fiber access for home or SOHO business users. Features of high […]

Differences between HGU ONU and SFU ONU

Preface The development of information technology and network shortens the distance between people and makes people increasingly inseparable from the network. PON (Passive Optical Network) technology, mainly composed of OLT, ODN, and ONU, as we all know, tends to mature and has been widely used so far. ONU is usually placed in the user’s home […]

What is xPON(EPON/GPON dual mode) ONU?

Brief video ☞  What is xPON(EPON/GPON dual mode) ONU? In the access network, Passive Optical Network(PON) is the best transmission medium to realize triple-play and solve the “last mile” of the information highway. EPON and GPON are the most prevailing and mature access network standard in the PON network. EPON, a kind of mainstream broadband access technology based on IEEE 802.3ah standard, realizes the […]

PON Protection Switching Technology

Abstract With the increase of PON networks’ services, it is necessary to implement PON protection switching technology to ensure the stability of engineering applications stability and deal with service interruptions caused by various communication failures. This article mainly introduces several different PON protection technologies on OLT and describes some implementation points based on a dual PON port […]

Merry Christmas

I have received many Christmas gifts, but the best one is meet you,merry Christmas!Happy new year!  

IPv6 Technology for C-Data ONU Products

The rapid development of the Internet had brought a large number of intelligent terminals to our home and increasingly exhausted the IPv4 address resources we are using. Although NAT technology helps to delay the speed of the IPv4 address consumption, the world Internet technology is still developing towards IPv6 technology which has become one of […]