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Character Interview | Li Honglin: C-Data is ready to face changes

From May 28th to 30th, 2021, CCBN2021 officially held in Beijing. As a well-known exhibition in the radio and television industry, industry insiders pay much attention to it. Today, we invited the invited guest of the exhibition: Li Honglin, the executive deputy general manager of C-DATA, to talk to us about the experience of this […]

CCBN2021 was officially held in Beijing today, C-DATA’s pon series products attracted attention

CCBN2021 (The 28th China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition) was officially held today at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. C-DATA’s booth is located at 2B301. It is reported that nearly 1,000 companies and institutions participated in the exhibition, and the total number of exhibitors today is tens of thousands. As a […]


Dear Customers,   ANGA COM DIGITAL will be held on line from June 8-10,2021.Here’s the link to register: https://tinyurl.com/yfwy2jrc,welcome to visit us there.   As you know,C-DATA is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of communication equipment,experience in the field of optical fiber and wireless access network with years. At the same time, the company is actively developing in the field of backbone network transmission equipment and home network equipment. Our products, in terms of functional features and performance […]

TR069 Protocol or WAN Connection, Which is Better?

TR069 Protocol or WAN Connection, Which is Better? Preface The rapid development of information technology and extensive use of a large number of terminal access devices are challenging the types, volume, and scale of services carried by PON (Passive Optical Network). The increasing service of PON requires effective management for the customer premises equipment. We […]

C-Data latest products 1GE ONU adopts Realtek RTL9601D chip solution

Recently, Shenzhen C-Data launched the latest products 1GE ONU. The ONU is based on Realtek RTL9601D chip solution, support GPON and EPON dual-mode passive optical network, and provide users up to Gigabit data access service through the PON network, and can be used for fiber access for home or SOHO business users. Features of high […]

Differences between HGU ONU and SFU ONU

Brief video ☞  Differences between HGU ONU and SFU ONU Preface The development of information technology and network shortens the distance between people and makes people increasingly inseparable from the network. PON (Passive Optical Network) technology, mainly composed of OLT, ODN, and ONU, as we all know, tends to mature and has been widely used so […]