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Merry Christmas

I have received many Christmas gifts, but the best one is meet you,merry Christmas!Happy new year!  

PON Protection Switching Technology

Abstract With the increase of PON networks’ services, it is necessary to implement PON protection switching technology to ensure the stability of engineering applications stability and deal with service interruptions caused by various communication failures. This article mainly introduces several different PON protection technologies on OLT and describes some implementation points based on a dual PON port […]

IPv6 Technology for C-Data ONU Products

The rapid development of the Internet had brought a large number of intelligent terminals to our home and increasingly exhausted the IPv4 address resources we are using. Although NAT technology helps to delay the speed of the IPv4 address consumption, the world Internet technology is still developing towards IPv6 technology which has become one of […]

Security Policy Configuration Guide For FD11xx EPON OLT

Preface:C-Data FD11xx Pizza-Box EPON OLT series products is 1U high 19 inch rack mount product. The features of the OLT are small, convenient, flexible, easy to deploy, high performance. It is appropriate to deploy in an compact room environment. This article proposes security suggestions based on experience and actual user scenarios in the OLT side to enhance the security of […]

Development and prospect of PON

What is pon PON is a typical passive optical fiber network, which means that the optical distribution network does not contain any electronic devices and electronic power supplies, ODN is all composed of passive devices such as optical splitters and does not require expensive active electronic equipment. A passive optical network includes an optical line terminal […]

Whether GPON will replace EPON in the future

What is PON? PON refers to passive optical fiber networks.In other words, there are no electronic devices or electronic power sources in the optical distribution network, and ODN is composed of passive devices such as optical splitters, without the need for valuable active electronic equipment.A passive optical network consists of an optical line terminal (OLT) […]