China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) is one of the largest, most influential and authoritative optoelectronic industry exhibitions in the world. The 20th CIOE Expo was held on September 5-8, 2018 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled. Many companies from home and abroad competed to show their products, technologies and corporate strength.

Shenzhen C-DATA Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the few high-tech enterprises in China that can provide a complete set of access network products and services. There are display equipment such as PON, HFC, EOC, AP, ROUTER and SWITCH. The company’s recently launched new products such as GPON OLT, three in one ONU, voice-based ONU, AP and other products are attracting customers’ attention.

 CIOE 2018 800 600

he C-DATA booth at 2C56 attracted domestic and foreign friends during the exhibition, and the customers were highly concerned. And we made In-depth exchanges  in market analysis, product technology, demand discussion, and industry direction with customers. Providing valuable suggestions for the company’s market direction and product direction, enabling the company to closely integrate user needs and better serve customers.

New Product:

FD16 series GPON OLT includes 8 and 16 PON two product forms, the product supports 2 10 Gigabit uplink ports, 4 Gigabit thousands of ports, 8/16 GPON ports, 1 console, 1 out-of-band management port, 1 USB configuration port, dual power supply hot backup, software functions in line with international standards, rich network management methods, etc.


Voice-based series ONU includes 4GE+2POTS+WIFI (single/dual-frequency), 1GE+3FE+2POTS+WIFI,1GE+1FE+1POTS,1GE+3FE+2POTS+CATV+WIFI, To meet the diverse needs of the market,we also provide hardware and software customization requirements.


For AP series products, C-DATA provides ODM/OEM customized services, including AP product customization, AP terminal product PCBA customization, AP modular PCBA customization, software customization, shell customization, LOGO silk screen customization, packaging customization, mass production import and other services. Among them, AP product customization includes indoor AP, outdoor AP, car AP, high-speed rail AP, etc. It can be used for large-scale wireless network access in schools, shopping malls, hotels, homes, railway stations, etc.

AP WA200

The fiber amplifier series includes EDFA and EYDFA products, supports 1/4/8/16/32 output ports, and supports 17-40dBm output for total power. It can support WDM function and optical opening function, standard network management function and EMS configuration. The hot-swappable dual power supply configuration, pluggable optical path module, and compact structure design are the highlights of this product, making it more popular among users.


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