C-Data’s Year-End-Party

On January 22, 2022, Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2021 commendation conference and 2022 Spring Festival Gala through online video live broadcast. More than 460 staff of C-Data attended the meeting.

C-Data's Year-End-Party

Leadership speech

At the meeting, Mr.Alan, chairman and general manager of the company, summarized the completion of the company’s work in 2021 and deployed the plan for 2022.

CEO Alan Cui

Mr.Alan said: C-Data has caught up with a good era, and information and communication, as the necessary demand of society, will never go out of date; After 12 years of efforts and precipitation, we have sufficient technology and experience accumulation. Further forward, there will be many opportunities.

Mr.Alan also said: 2021 is the animal year of C-Data, and 2022 is a new starting point for the company. Standing at the new historical node, we need to fully learn from the past experience and lessons, base ourselves on the present, focus on the future, start over, improve requirements, establish a new mission, pursue the long-term development of the company and individuals, and strive to achieve greater value and achievements in the future.


Awarding link

After the leader’s speech, an exciting awarding session followed. Best Newcomer Award, progress star, excellent employee, conscientiousness award, model worker… Each small trophy silently expresses the affirmation and appreciation of each award-winning colleague’s hard work over the past year.

C-Data Best Newcomer Award

C-Data conscientiousness award

C-Data excellent employee

C-Data model worker


Program link

When it came to the program performance, everyone said: C-Data is really a good place for crouching tigers, hidden dragons.

C-Data Program

In the dance “right answer”, the lovely and cute dance brings everyone’s memory back to childhood;

C-Data Program

Crosstalk “looking for place names” amused everyone forward and backward;


The song and dance “the dearest heart” expresses the ethnic customs incisively and vividly;

C-Data Program

A piano performance “the guide of Moonlight” made the playing boy become the “sweet boy” of the company in an instant;

C-Data Program

Finally, the youthful song “new boy” pushed the atmosphere of the whole party to a climax.


Lottery link

Finally, the most anticipated live lucky draw came. Lipstick, mobile phone, household products… All kinds of prizes are dazzling. Who will the super prize go to? With the countdown of the host, everyone rubbed their hands and looked forward to their names on the screen.

C-Data Lottery

The new year is coming. In Mr.Alan’s words: standing at the new starting point of 2022, we have 12 years of accumulation, we have broad industry development prospects, we have set new goals, and we have higher-level pursuit. As long as we keep our feet on the ground and move forward step by step, we will be able to achieve remarkable results. I look forward to working with you to turn your ideals into reality and shape a better future.

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