Interview with Anna: that adventurous girl

As the first international sales since C-Data was founded, she overcame many difficulties and led the company to the international market. Over the past 12 years, she has played an inestimable role in the development of the company’s international market.

When I haven’t seen her yet, I thought she was a serious professional, but after chatting with her for one hour, I found that this is an enthusiastic little girl.

What is the secret of becoming a gold medal seller? After reading this interview, you will find that Anna’s success is by no means fortuitous.


1、 About hobbies

“Self discipline is freedom”. The exercise gives us the courage and freedom to challenge the unknown.


Jane: You have a good figure. Do you usually exercise to keep fit?

Anna:I am quite self disciplined. I insist on exercise and fitness on weekdays, so I keep a good figure. I have been engaged in international trade industry since graduation. Usually, whether I am abroad or at home, I only sleep about 6 hours a day. The rest of the time is work, study and fitness. I had children a few years ago, so there was another important thing in my life, looking after children. I really feel a lot of pressure every day with such a pace of life as work, looking after children, study and fitness. Most people will feel overwhelmed under this state, but I’ve been doing physical exercise deliberately before, so it’s OK for me.


Jane: How do you exercise? Do you usually go to the gym? Or do you like playing ball?

Anna: I have a wide range of sports hobbies. I think it is related to my growth environment. I come from Hainan. Hainan is located in the tropical region. People in the tropical region are usually more enthusiastic. I can play table tennis, rock climbing, badminton and all kinds of sports. Now I play more tennis, yoga and hiking.

As long as I can make an appointment with friends, I will plan at least one or two hours a week to play tennis.


Jane: Self discipline is easier said than done. I think sometimes I just want to relax after a day’s work. Will you encounter this situation?

Anna: May be phased.

When I first joined C-Data, I was full of enthusiasm and devoted to my work. I spent most of my time thinking about how to achieve my goals. Basically, I didn’t have much energy to participate in amateur activities. However, although there is little exercise, my spirit is very vigorous.

I think it’s a lucky thing for me to join C-Data. I want to thank all my colleagues and leaders who have worked with me for so many years. Without their encouragement, companionship and guidance, I would not stick to today. Some of my leaders and colleagues are not only charming in personality, but also powerful in professional fields. At the same time, they are also very harmonious in team cooperation.

Working with such excellent colleagues, regardless of sports or not, I have gained a lot of happiness and positive energy.


2、 As sales for more than ten years

“For 12 years with C-Data, C-Data has grown from a small team of several people to a large company of 600+ people, and Anna has also become the cool girl in her ideal.”


Jane: Did you come to C-Data in 2009 or 2010?

Anna: Yes. My job number is 006, and my entry date is very special, June 1, so I’m quite impressed.


Jane: I heard that you were cheated into the company by Mr. Tang. What about this?

Anna: In fact, I joined C-Data by chance.

I came to Shenzhen from Guangzhou to apply for the manager of the International Department of another company. Why did I come to Shenzhen from Guangzhou? After graduated, like everyone else, I was confused about my future. In addition, I am also very conceited. I graduated from a famous university and passed TEM-8. I don’t want to be mediocre. I want to explore and try more. The atmosphere in Shenzhen is young and inclusive, and my sister is here, so I came to Shenzhen.

During the job interview, I happened to meet Mr. Tang and Alan who were also doing business exchanges in that company. I overheard them talking about OLT front-end devices, which attracted me. Because I just sold this equipment before, I know a little about this equipment.

In the previous company, everyone called me Miss PON. Miss PON is the little girl who sells PON. Because in that company, no one was interested in PON. I was the only one with a dictionary every day to study what FTTH and PON were. Finally, I helped the company get several projects. Before 2012, many customers didn’t even have a basic concept of FTTH, but after working in that company for almost a year, I came into contact with its whole workflow.

So when I saw the equipment, I had a brief talk with Alan and Mr.Tang. It was also an opportunity for me. I was appreciated by Alan and he invited me to C-Data for an interview. Unexpectedly, I talked with Alan for two or three hours that afternoon. After the talking, I thought I hoped to work with such a boss, which is a good opportunity for me.

Although I know that I will face many difficulties, I think I can challenge. At that time, I was only twenty-four or five years old. I was still very young and unwilling to find a stable job for the rest of my life. Since I came to Shenzhen, I have to try my best.


Jane: So when you graduate, you also have a period of confusion like many graduates, right? How did you get through that period?

Anna: I think I’ve always been very lucky. Whether it is my family, or my classmates and friends, they are with great enthusiasm and positive energy for life.

But the reason why I am confused is also because of them, because they are too excellent and make rapid progress in their different fields. As a novice in the international trade industry, I seem a little unknown, not as bright as working in state-owned enterprises and banks.

The international trade industry is an industry that no one cares about your past experience. No matter which university you graduated from, no matter how excellent you were before, you have to start from scratch. All your results come from whether you have achieved performance and whether you have been approvaled by customers. People always say “no pains no gains”, but in the field of sales, you may have made a lot of efforts, but you can’t see the harvest. Moreover, the harvest may be accidental. However, it may be fast or long.

I think the growth of FTTH is very slow. I graduated in 2008 and entered the industry in 2009. By 2014, FTTH was still in the process of popularization. At that time, as a salesman, I must have strong toughness and insight to withstand such market pressure.


Jane:in the face of confusion, you first made an exploration, learned your interests, and then adhered to this field so far, right?

Anna:My career confusion period should be in 2009. I think the two mentors in my life helped me a lot at that time.

In 2008, I worked in Guangzhou. My supervisor was very excellent. He was a top sales. His sales philosophy and style of dealing with people had a great impact on me, but I left for some special reasons.

After leaving, it coincided with the financial crisis, and it was particularly difficult  to find jobs. Large companies have many requirements, and you may not want to join small companies, so you have been constantly screening and making choices. After almost half a year, I wanted to give up. I thought I might not be suitable here at all. I was wondering whether to go home and be a teacher. But fate is always playing tricks on people. Just when I was about to give up, the turn came. I casually put in a resume and got an interview.

After entering this company, I was also very lucky. There was a older sister in the company. She had worked in this industry for a few years. She had special personality charm and had her own insight into the international market. I studied with her for half a year.

So generally speaking, there were two excellent soul mentors leading me forward. They gave me professional knowledge in sales and positive spiritual guidance, which played a great role in my later development.

Since I entered C-Data, I have also experienced many things, which has laid a solid foundation for the expansion of the whole international market.


Jane:Back to the point, you joined C-Data in 2009. As a veteran of the company, at the beginning of the establishment of the company, you need to expand customers from scratch. Would you find it difficult at that time?

Anna:It’s not just difficult, it can be said that we have experienced all the things we can experience. But maybe that’s why we can grow together. The more difficulties you experience, the braver you will be.


Jane:What do you think was the most difficult thing at that time? Or is there anything impressive?

Anna:I don’t think what’s difficult is the problem at work, but the embarrassing scene. At that time, the environment of our office was relatively simple. Sometimes, when we meet some customers, their company’s level may be higher than ours. I feel very embarrassed, but I have to face it.

After experiencing these difficulties, in the process of increasing the number of orders, you will feel that you have made a little progress today than yesterday.


Jane:When C-Data was just founded, it was neither famous nor large-scale. In a start-up company, how did you get the trust of the first batch of customers?

Anna:In China, there were few companies that made this product at that time. We did it relatively early, so we were quite famous among our domestic peers.

But in the international market, it was really not famous at all, so it was really difficult for you to make a customer trust you at that time. A few years ago, we mainly relied on salesmen to expand, maintain and persuade customers. Unlike now, there are multimedia platforms that can promote you. But I like this challenge very much, because I think it is a process of gaining trust by relying on the salesperson’s driving ability and coordination ability.


Jane:Our customers in this industry are limited. After obtaining the recognition of some customers, how do you make them your repeat customers? Do you need to take the initiative to maintain these relationships?

Anna:I think it’s not difficult to maintain a relationship. I have worked with my customers for so long. I really treat them as friends. I’m not treating them as clients anymore.

As a salesman, you should not only have perseverance, but also humanization.

In the early stage, you need perseverance in expanding customers. But when you are maintaining customers, you need to be a little humanized to deal with it, combining hardness with softness. No strategy can be applied to every customer. You should make different analysis for different customers. At this point, I think Alan’s market insight is very keen. He will give us a direction


Jane:I heard that you used to go abroad on business by yourself. Will you encounter some difficulties when you go to a distant country?

Anna:In fact, there were few business trips in the early stage, and the occasional business trip was basically in the exhibition. Later, I went on more business trips with my leaders and colleagues. Up to now, I think I should grow up, so I can go on business travel alone when necessary.

When I go on a business trip, I feel that sometimes I need to play a male role. Because our customers are basically mature middle-aged men, including technicians, and there are more men.

So when a girl goes out on a business trip alone, she has to do some

preparation, both physically and mentally.


Jane:If you are on a business trip  alone, you should not only book air tickets, but also arrange the itinerary. After you go there, you have to deal with everything by yourself. As a girl, will you feel insecure?

Anna:Usually not. When I am on a business trip, I will certainly make my schedule on the premise of ensuring my safety. I will not be particularly capricious, but sometimes I will be forced to face such a situation.

On a business trip to a country, there were only tickets that landed in the middle of the night. After landing, it was still a small town. I was dragging my suitcase alone and wanted to find a customer to pick me up. But it was very embarrassing. The customer didn’t know us very well and was embarrassed to cause trouble to others, so I finally took a taxi myself. At that time, the journey of more than ten kilometers was quite frightening, but sometimes you have to face such things. At this time, you should have a sense of self-protection.


Jane:If you encounter a problem, you must find a way to solve it no matter how difficult it is.

Anna:As an international salesperson, you have to face a lot of things. If you even find it difficult to travel and you just want to harvest orders in front of the computer, I guess it’s difficult to make a great achievement. I like to challenge a multi-faceted job rather than a single job. Because I entered this industry because I think I can face different lives, different roles and different things.


Jane:At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 appeared, but you were abroad, and you were alone in the exhibition and customer visit. What was the situation then?

Anna:The business trip was planned long ago. Domestic colleagues were unable to travel because of the epidemic. At that time, I was abroad for the Spring Festival. I took the initiative to go alone. At that time, I didn’t know much about the epidemic situation. I was very worried, but I didn’t want to cancel the planned exhibition and other trips. Because COVID-19 was first discovered in Wuhan, customers who have made an appointment to meet will also be worried and ask you repeatedly: where are you from? Have you been isolated for more than 14 days? Some customers will cancel the trip directly. It was also very sad at that time, but I think this is a kind of growth. You should face it bravely.

On the other hand, I was also very happy, because there were very few people who could travel at that time, but I was still on the front line and helped the company win a lot of resources.

In March, even if I wanted to return home, I couldn’t come back. My flight was cancelled all the time. Finally, I didn’t return home until August. Fortunately, although I was stranded abroad, my work did not seem to be affected. Because of the time difference, I basically work from morning to night, so I had a very busy and fulfilling life last year. If I were asked to rate myself for the past year, I think I passed. I managed my time very well.

The epidemic is a difficulty, but we should also face it actively.


Jane:Here comes another question I want to ask: after working for several years, many people begin to feel powerless about many practical problems, so they slack off. For example, the topics of “involution” and “muddle along” which were very hot discussed some time ago. How do you maintain your enthusiasm for work? What keeps you moving forward?

Anna:In fact, after working for a few years, everyone will be a little slack in life and work.

I think everyone will have moments of success and failure, especially failure and loss. At work, I also experienced a depressed period, but I allowed myself to have this emotion. At this time, you may need some external forces to guide you, but you still rely on yourself more often.

As a sales, this situation often happens. You can’t always cheer at the top of the victory, but often linger at the bottom.


Jane:So even if you look very bright now, the whole process and path of development are full of twists and turns. There will be both highlights and troughs.

Anna:This is one of the advantages of salesman. You don’t have a chance to “involution”, let alone “muddle along”. The whole industry and your partners will constantly push you to face the surrounding environment.

Maybe you’re thinking about something and a lot of crises are coming. For example, a new competitor suddenly appears, or a customer suddenly says he needs you to help him solve the problem. Therefore, I think the phenomenon of “involution” and “muddle along” mentioned by the media is actually very normal and common. But as for whether to choose to roll in or lie flat, I personally think it depends entirely on your own attitude. You can’t go with the flow. You should have your own judgment and positioning and know what you want.

Even if you don’t have a long-term goal, you should have a short-term goal. How long do you allow yourself to fail? Set yourself a deadline. Because people can’t always be in an excited state, you should not only allow yourself to have highlights, but also allow yourself to be lost. Others can criticize you, but you must not deny yourself.


3、 About industries and companies

“They are my strongest backing.”

Anna in CIOE

Jane:I think your attitude is very tolerant . Is this tolerant attitude related to your contact with all kinds of people, or?

Anna:About tolerance, I think my mentor is Alan. In the early stage of expanding this market, I was a particularly radical salesman. Many times, Alan always guided me to be more tolerant.

What impressed me was what he said to me: Anna, you must accept that others will make mistakes.

Up to now, I often say this sentence to myself. I allow myself to make mistakes, and I also allow others to make mistakes. But I will know how many mistakes are allowed and where the bottom line is.

Now when I encounter some more problems, I can deal with them with a more peaceful attitude. I won’t say that I am as unruly as I was then. How to face and solve the problem next? This is what I will think now. I think the communication industry is also an inclusive industry. Over the years, you will see different new people come in, but many familiar faces are still there.


Jane:Not to mention the industry, I feel that colleagues in all departments of our company also have their own characteristics. For example, colleagues in the technical support department will be relatively calm, and colleagues in the sales department will be very enthusiastic.

Anna:I think it has something to do with our corporate culture. When facing problems, we like to deal with them in a humorous way. We get along very well. We will not blame each other and shirk responsibility when we encounter problems, but will give each other some support and strength to face them together.

Speaking of this, I am also very grateful for the colleagues of technical support and R & D. Over the years, we’ve been like family. No matter what the problem is, as long as I throw out the problem, everyone will solve it with me. They are my strongest backing.


Jane:What do you think of the current market of communication industry and the future development of our company?

Anna:I think the communication industry has always been a sunshine industry. People can’t live without communication. There will be more and more demand for communication, so it will continue to change.

For example, with the rise of 5g mobile communication technology, its peripheral products and supporting service facilities will certainly rise to promote the development of the whole industry. So I’m optimistic about the development of the communication industry. I’m glad I chose this industry.

For our company, at present, there are still great prospects for the development of our company. According to the feedback from customers and the market, there are still many demands for new products and new technologies. Some new products and technologies will be developed in the next 2-3 or 5 years.

Having been with the company for so many years, I believe we can develop better and better. But at the same time, I hope we can build our own brand. When I stand in front of customers one day in the future, customers can recognize our brand of C-Data . I hope my little wish can be realized as soon as possible.


4、 Anna in life

“Just be yourself.”


Jane:It is said that you already have children. In recent years, “tiger mother” and “push kids to be the best” are very popular in China. For children’s education, everyone doesn’t want their children to lag behind others when they are young. You have been to so many countries and met so many different people. Do you have any different views on children’s education?

Anna:In education, I’m a little chilled. I pay more attention to children’s communication skills, social skills, emotional ability, and the expansion of interests and hobbies.

As for study, it doesn’t matter even if their grades are not best. What I care about most is attitude. When you study, you study hard. If you want to play, you play wholeheartedly. This may have something to do with the foreign atmosphere. I hope he can grow up slowly and become independent, rather than parents convey the pressure to him.

Especially in the area of interests, I respect the children’s ideas.


Jane:I think you and Ms. Dong Mingzhu have something in common. You are very brave and courageous, so I think your success is inevitable. What do you think of yourself?

Anna:Compared with Dong Mingzhu, I am still a junior.

I think one of the similarities between me and her may be that I look very strong. Many of my clients, their first impression of me is that I look like a strong woman. But after more contact with me, they will feel that the little girl is very kind.

When I work, I will be very persistent, but in life, I still attach great importance to feelings. Maybe this is the multifaceted nature of people.


Jane:As an excellent working lady, do you have any experience or suggestions for females or everyone?

Anna:I am very afraid of ease. I especially like challenges. As a girl, I am also learning these points.

The first point is economic independence. It does not mean how strong you should be, but that your income should at least be able to maintain your life.

The second is ideological independence. As you just said, I’ve always been strong and brave, but in fact, I’m afraid I can’t do many things when I get old. So I will treat every day as the last day of my life, as said in the book. Since you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, live today first.

The third point is that people must continue to learn and enrich themselves. In fact, I am lazy, but I will listen to audio books. I will make friends and travel. In these processes, I will also think about some things.

Finally, I think as women, we should maintain our love for life. Constantly cultivate your interests, explore some new knowledge, maintain your curiosity about the world, and then keep pace with the times and don’t go with the flow.

Now my goal in life is to try what I haven’t tried as much as I can. Even if I get old one day, I won’t have regrets. I also hope the epidemic will end soon so that I can go out and enrich myself. Sometimes people may ask me: what makes you so passionate that you can persist in an industry for so long. I think the key is that you must go out. You can’t be a frog at the bottom of a well.

As international sales, we can easily fall into a misunderstanding: it is dangerous to face a computer and a mobile phone all day without looking at the surrounding environment. I will observe the surrounding market and environment to see what others are doing. I also want to know whether I can achieve this goal set by the company and what I can do beyond this goal. This is my favorite way, but I don’t mean that everyone should be like me, but everyone should explore and find their own way.

“It’s never too old to learn”,it is really important.

gitex 2021

C-Data Will Participate in GITEX 2021

2021 Dubai electronics show GITEX (GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2021) will be held in Dubai International Convention Center from October 17 to 21, 2021. C-Data will wait for you at booth Z3-C15. We sincerely invite you to visit.

GITEX 2021

As a professional communication equipment manufacturer, C-Data will show our new products to you at booth Z3-C15.This time, we will focus on showing you industrial switches, home routers, private cloud storage and POL PON products.


CI4084GS-POE is a high-performance Managed Industrial Ethernet POE Switch, which complies with FCC,CE,and ROHS standards.It has many characteristics, such as fanless & quiet, redundant dual power supply, supporting 1588 clock protocol and so on.

This product is specially designed to meet the flexible demands of industrial applications. It provides users with cost-effective industrial Ethernet networking solutions to adapt the needs of factory automation, intelligent transportation, video surveillance, etc.

WiFi6 router

WR525-AX1800 is a new generation SOHO high-performance wifi6 router. It adopts an MTK chip, has 2.4g 2X2 and 5G 2X2 omnidirectional multi-band high-gain antennas. The multi-oscillator high-gain omnidirectional antenna has a strong ability to pass through the wall and has a wider coverage, making the already strong signal more powerful, signal coverage is wider and data transmission is smoother.

Whether for home use or SOHO applications, the product can meet the needs of multi-user, high concurrency and high bandwidth,so that users can have smooth video online viewing, high-speed software download, low delay video call and game experience.

private cloud storage

T&T H2 is a private cloud storage product carefully designed for individual and family users. It is safe, reliable, and easy to use. It is an essential data housekeeper for our family. It can solve the problem that our personal and family users cannot share and synchronize data due to the use of multi brand terminals or the replacement of mobile phones and other devices. It can realize data remote access and sharing anytime and anywhere, and establish a one-stop data storage and Management Center for us.

In addition, there are more wonderful contents that will be met with you at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2021. In GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2021, C-Data is at booth Z3-C15. We look forward to your presence!


The ground-breaking ceremony of Shanwei Industrial Park of C-Dada was held

On the afternoon of September 25, 2021, the ground-breaking ceremony of Shanwei Industrial Park of Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Shanwei high-tech zone. The industrial park is invested and constructed by Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “C-Data”), with an investment scale of more than 350 million yuan, covering an area of 30,000 square meters, the building area will be 75,000 square meters after completion.

C-Data staffs

Mr. Zheng Liangbin of the Management Committee of Shanwei new area, Mr. Lin Jianyou of the management committee and the leaders of the management committee attended the ceremony.Mr. Alan, chairman and general manager of C-Dada, management team and some key personnel of C-Dada attended the ground-breaking ceremony.


Lion dance

The ground-breaking ceremony began. First of all, leaders came to the stage to draw eyes for the four auspicious lions.

Painting eyes

Painting eyes for lions means awakening lions and giving them the ability to spread happiness and auspiciousness.

Lion dance

After drawing the eyes, the lion slowly woke up. The awakened lion heard the music and began to dance. At the climax, the lion blesses C-Data with wealth, blessing and auspiciousness through “Caiqing”. “Caiqing”:In Chinese cǎi (pluck) sounds similar to cài ( vegetable) and cái (fortune). In a symbolic way the lion is appeased by the offering and later spreads good fortune and prosperity to all the people.


Speech by Alan, chairman and general manager of C-Data

Speech by Alan

During the leader’s speech, Mr. Alan, chairman and general manager of C-Data, delivered a speech.

Firstly, he thanked the government and people from all walks of life for their strong support for C-Data. Secondly, he said: Shanwei is a city with a high happiness index and a good place for the development of C-Data. We hope that in the next few years, the company can be first-class in our field. Of course,while developing the enterprise, we also hope to have the opportunity to make efforts for the construction and development of Shanwei.

The passionate words infected everyone present, and everyone cheered and applauded C-Data for a better future.


Speech by Mr. Zheng Liangbin of Shanwei New Area Management Committee

Speech by Mr. Zheng Liangbin

Mr. Zheng Liangbin, Shanwei New Area Management Committee, said: I am glad to witness this important moment with you. On behalf of the Management Committee of the high tech Bureau, I would like to extend warm congratulations to C-Data! I believe that the high tech Zone and C-Data Industrial Park will usher in more vigorous development in the future!

ground-breaking ceremony

Immediately, the foundation of C-Data Industrial Park was officially laid,the atmosphere was particularly festive. Mr. Zheng Liangbin, Mr. Lin Jianyou and the senior executives of C-Data jointly lay the foundation. Since then, C-Data Industrial Park has officially started.

Three years ago, due to the expansion of production scale, C-Data sought plots in cities around Shenzhen to build an industrial park, and finally chose Shanwei. Today, the ground-breaking ceremony is officially held.

 Shanwei Industrial Park of C-Dada

The ground-breaking ceremony means that the beautiful blueprint of the industrial park in the hearts of each C-Data employee has been implemented. Production plants, management buildings, staff dormitories… An industrial park with complete facilities and reasonable planning seems to have taken shape from this moment

The construction of the industrial park is of great significance for the company to expand its production scale and meet the demand of market growth. At the same time, it can also consolidate the company’s market position and help the company achieve its development goals. We firmly believe that with the completion of the industrial park, C-Data’s development will step onto a higher level!

CIOE C-Data staff

CIOE2021 was successfully completed

China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE 2021) was grandly held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 16 to 18, 2021. C-Data, as a well-known communication equipment manufacturer, was invited to participate in the exhibition and appeared in CIOE2021 with a full range of products and the latest professional solutions.

CIOE C-Data staff

In this exhibition, C-Data have also brought new products such as switches, optical transmission and private cloud storage in addition to previous xPON(OLT,ONU) products, EOC,WiFi Routers, HFC(EYDFA)and other products. Among these exhibition products, C-Data’s optical transmission and switch products stand out and have been favored by many customers.

So what are the advantages of these two products? Let’s have a look!


DWDM wave division transmission have the characteristics of single optical fiber bidirectional transmission, simultaneous transmission of signals of different wavelengths, multiple networking modes, and support multiple services.


Switches have not only many ports but also independent channels to isolate conflicts.Business and industrial switches can meet the needs of enterprises and individuals, as well as some special industries, such as transportation, power, security, industrial manufacturing and other different scenarios.


If the flowers smell good enough, the butterflies will come. C-Data’s advanced product concept and excellent product quality have also attracted the attention of many multimedia companies. The two media interviewed Mr. Alan and Mr. Li Honglin, senior leaders of C-Data. During the interview, the two leaders respectively expressed their views on the current situation and future development direction of the communication industry.

live show

In particular, considering that some customers and peers could not arrive at the exhibition site due to the epidemic, during the exhibition, we continued to keep up with the progress on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube through different forms such as pictures, videos and live broadcasting. This action was highly praised by many peers and customers.

Everyone’s efforts made the exhibition a success. Thank you for your support to C-Data in CIOE2021! Next, we will meet you again at the China International Information and Communication Exhibition in Beijing National Convention Center from September 27 to 29, 2021. More exciting content, please look forward to!


C-Data and Pt Expo China 2021 invite you to explore the bright future of optical fiber network

PT Expo China 2021 will be held in Beijing National Convention Center from September 27 to 29, 2021. C-Data will wait for you at booth 4550 of hall E1-E4. We sincerely invite you to visit and guide us.

PT Expo China (PTEXPO) is the ICT ecosystem’s leading event, hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China. Firstly presented in 1990, the event is committed to building up a dynamic platform for the ICT ecosystem, providing an international platform and networking opportunities in the aspects of ICT policies, research & development, applications, market trends, and investment. PTEXPO attempts to connect and satisfy all of players in the ICT ecosystem, regarded as an inspiring business hub in China and across the globe.


The exhibition will have an exhibition scale of 40000 ㎡, with more than 400 industry leading exhibitors gathered, and more than 40 forums will be held at the same time. The exhibition covering the whole industry chain allows you to take a broad view of the industry trend. The main contents of the exhibition are as follows:

New Infrastructure:5G, AI, Industrial Internet, IOT, Internet of Vehicles

New Technology:Advanced Computing, Blockchain, Digital Twin, Quantum Information Technology, Edge Computing

New Application:Cloud Multimedia, Ultra HD Video, Remote Collaborative Office, Smart Education, Smart Tourism, Remote Medical Treatment

New Terminal:Ultra HD Terminal, Consumer Drone, Industrial Robot, Home Service Robot, Smart Wearable Devices, Smart Vehicle

As a professional communication equipment manufacturer, C-Data will actively sign up for this exhibition. As one of the exhibitors, C-Data’s booth is at booth 4550 of hall E1-E4. In addition to previous xPON(OLT,ONU) products, EOC,WiFi Routers, HFC(EYDFA)and other products, we also brought new products such as switch, optical transmission, private cloud storage and so on. Each new product has its own characteristics.


DWDM wave division transmission have the characteristics of single optical fiber bidirectional transmission, simultaneous transmission of signals of different wavelengths, multiple networking modes, and support multiple services.

industrial poe switch

Business and industrial switches products can meet the needs of enterprises and individuals, as well as some special industries, such as transportation, power, security, industrial manufacturing and other different scenarios.

T&T home private cloud storage

T&T H2 private cloud storage is safe, reliable,and convenient. It is an essential data stewardship for our family.

In addition, there are many wonderful things to meet you in 2021CIOE. Considering the fact that some international customers and peers could not reach the exhibition site due to the epidemic, We’ll follow up on the show live on social media like facebook, linkedin through pictures, videos and articles.

PT EXPO CHINA 2021, C-Data will wait for you at booth 4550 of hall E1-E4.


Fizz technology support

Interview with Technology Support Fizz

Success comes from having a clear goal and sticking to do it day after day. Even if you do the same thing every day, you can make it different.”

Two years ago, Fizz gave up a good job offer and came to C-Data. What did this choice bring to him? Now, he changed from a nervous boy to a calm adult when he encountered problems. In Fizz, we can see a rare calm breath of a boy in his 20s. But in this calm, mixed with a Juvenile feeling of sunshine.

Fizz technology support

Jane:How long have you been here?

Fizz:I came to C-Data on July 11, 2019. It has been two years.

Jane:Did you come here as soon as you graduated? Or?

Fizz:When I first graduated, I found a job through school recruitment, but then I gave up that offer and recruited C-Data through the social recruitment.

Jane:Give up the offer of school recruitment and come here through social recruitment? What attracted you here?

Fizz:The company I got the offer was in Nanshan District. Working there, I have to commute for more than two hours every day, so even if I get off work at 6:00 p.m., it’s more than 7 o’clock when I get home. It’s too far away. And if you work in Nanshan, you will basically live in Xixiang or Gushu. I don’t know if you’ve seen the scenery of the subway every morning. It’s very scary.

In C-Data, you don’t feel so depressed. The natural environment is very good, and the air index is much better than Nanshan. Occasionally there will be a gust of wind blowing, which is very comfortable. And the subway near the company is about to be repaired. It will be more convenient to commute in the future.

Jane:You have worked here for more than two years. Do you think you have any obvious changes or growth?

Fizz:I think the first is the change in ability. When I first came here, my professional ability was not very skilled. After the training of more than two years, I can handle most of my work with ease now.

Then, there are some changes in personal mentality. When I first came here, if I encountered a difficult technical problem, I would be nervous. But now when this happens again, I will calmly think about how to solve it.

When you encounter more and more technical problems, you will become more and more calm. Because at the beginning, you are a person who has never seen any technical problems, so you will find it difficult to encounter problems, but when you have experience,  you will have a feeling of analogy.

Jane:What do you think of the job of technical support?

Fizz:Generally speaking, I feel that technical support is a bit like customer service, a customer service who understands technology.

But looking further, technical support requires many abilities. It needs to communicate with sales, R & D and customers. It is a bridge, and I think this role is irreplaceable. For example, in case of a technical problem, if the customer asks the sales directly, the sales often doesn’t know what happend, because he doesn’t understand the technical problem. Conversely, the sales feedback the problem to us, we will collect information, classify it, and then transfer it to R & D for analysis and solution.

Jane:If you want to be an excellent technical support, what core competencies and qualities do you think you need?

Fizz: You have to develop some basic skills, such as English communication and document editing.

We need to write some instruction manuals and test reports in our work, so our language expression ability need to be great. If your expression is not accurate enough, R & D and sales can’t understand what you say, and everyone will spend more time on communication, which will be very troublesome.

Also, I think we should have a good attitude. Because sometimes customers are anxious when they encounter problems, they will even say some angry words, such as I want to return the goods, or I won’t buy your company’s products any more. In this case, you can’t be confused by the customer. Because the customer is concerned about whether you can help him solve the problem. You should pay more attention to his problems so that his emotions can be calmed.

Fizz C-Data technology support

Jane:Have you ever encountered anything particularly difficult at work before?

Fizz:When you do a test, you find many problems, but the timeliness of R & D to solve the problems can’t keep up, and the customer has been urging, which is very difficult.

Also, it is difficult to locate the root of the problem. You know this phenomenon is happening all the time, but you can’t find the reason.
Jane:When these problems occur, how will you solve them?

Fizz:First of all, if this is my first contact with the problem and I don’t understand it, while talking about R & D, I will also learn the relevant knowledge and see what help I can provide. At the same time, I will also refer to past successful cases to make some attempts.

Secondly, it is necessary to use all resources that can be urged to reflect the importance of this issue. Because sometimes the R & D schedule is very full, they will give priority to solving the most urgent problems. If your problem doesn’t reflect the urgency, they may lag your problem a little.

Jane:Have you ever met anything impressive or happy in your work before?

Fizz:I will be very happy when I solve the problem by myself and no longer need R & D to do more. Or I provided a good idea to let R & d know where the root of the problem is, so I will be very happy.
Jane:We have different customers all over the world. Will such geographical and cultural differences affect your work?

Fizz:Generally speaking, everyone in the technical support group only talks about technical problems. We only focus on where and when to solve the problems. There is little communication outside of work. Occasionally, we will ask about your recent situation or epidemic situation, and whether your company has any new products.

Jane:I heard that your department has a tutorial system. What do you think of this system?

Fizz:I think the tutorial system is quite necessary. Because when a newcomer enters the company, he may not understand anything. He need a person to provide him with some help or reference.

Secondly, the tutorial system can also help newcomers better integrate into us. Because his mentor gets on well with us. He knew us through his mentor, and the whole relationship network was established, and the atmosphere was gradually harmonious.

Jane:When you first came here two years ago, you were led by someone. Now you are also leading newcustomer. How do you feel in the process from getting help from others to helping others?

Fizz:Let me start with what I learned from my mentor. My mentor helped me a lot.

When I first came here, I would ask him directly every time I didn’t understand any problems. I wouldn’t check some information first. And he will tell me that you should develop the habit of independent thinking. When you confirm that you really don’t understand it, ask others. This is a polite question, because if you have been asking that kind of relatively low-level questions that can be found easily, it will disgust others.

In addition, before you ask a question, you should first think about how to ask.

Furthermore, my tutor have his own notes when he studies and works, he will give his notes to me. When I work and see that he has met this problem, I will avoid it. If I encounter new problems, I will also improve his notes and give them to the people I lead, which has a feeling of passed down from generation to generation. Your notes will be invincible if many people improve them together, because it basically includes everything, and it is of great reference value.

In fact, I feel guilty for my apprentice, because to be honest, I only worked for two years. I don’t think I’m better than him. But if he asked me a very low-level question, I would also tell him that you should think about it yourself. You can’t rely on me for everything.
Jane:In fact, I don’t think so. Since your leader let you lead the newcomers, it show that you have the ability. In other words, for these newcomers who have just entered C-Data, they may be ignorant, and you are like a senior with two years of work experience. They need you.

Fizz:Yes, you have a point.

C-Data technology support

Jane:When you think about how much better you are than them, how can you handle this emotion? You will improve your ability? Or?

Fizz:My main goal is to read more questions, because there is no end to this. Many new problems you have never seen before. You can’t say that you have traversed all kinds of problems after working for two years.

So personally, My doubt is actually an inspiration to myself.  I hope I have been asking myself what I can learn and what I can provide for others.

Here, I believe in a saying that “Success comes from having a clear goal and sticking to do it day after day.” Even if you do the same thing every day, you can make it different.

Jane:So your attitude doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability to lead new customer, but a way of thinking that inspires yourself.

Fizz:Yes. I will share my experience with them without reservation, but I still have the same high requirements for myself. I won’t be complacent just because I know a little more than them now.

Jane:Do you have any plans for your short-term or long-term future? For example, you also mentioned that you are leading newcustomers. Do you want to develop at the management?

Fizz:I still want to deal with technology now. Science students will feel more comfortable when they engage in scientific research or technology related job, and then it’s a little hard to get along with people.

I may find it more interesting to deal with people in the future. But anyway, in the early stage, I must learn technology first, so that if there is a management post for me in the future, I can better arrange it..

Jane:Therefore, whether you want to become a professional technician or an excellent manager, there is nothing wrong with laying the foundation of technology in the first few years of your career.

Fizz:Yes. I just graduated for two years. At present, I mainly do a good job in the current technical work, constantly learn and accumulate other skills, improve my comprehensive quality, and prepare for my future career development.


C-Data 12th anniversary

C-Data 12th anniversary, thank you for your support!

Introduction: Do you know what the number “12” means? In Chinese traditional culture, 12 is a lucky number. It is the ancients’ understanding of the law of nature, the movement of sun, moon and stars and the relationship between human daily life. A year has 12 months, and 12 years is a Zodiac cycle. For Chinese people, every 12 years from birth is the year of life, which is a key year on the road of life. Fortunately,this year marks the 12th anniversary of C-Data’s founding. A new and growing road is unfolding in front of us.

On August 19, 2021, Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. grandly held the 12th anniversary party with the theme of “going through hardships for 12 years and working together to create a better future” at Yaduo Hotel, Shiyan innovation valley.

c-data 12 years

First of all, Mr. Alan, chairman and general manager of the company, made a speech. Mr. Alan affirmed and praised the excellent achievements made last year, and defined the company’s development goals for the next year. Among them, Mr. Alan encouraged everyone: I hope you can improve your work efficiency and work quality with a new face, so as to promote the overall development of the company and create higher achievements and a better future.

C-Data General manager

Later, during the dinner, everyone enjoyed delicious food and participated in games.

On the stage, games let everyone relax. When playing games, whether you are a leader or an ordinary employee, you return to innocence. Everyone is equally lovely, equally happy, and the atmosphere is harmonious, which makes people feel that they are back to the school days.

During the banquet, everyone clinked  glasses with exclamations of happiness to others.

C-Data Anniversary dinner

What makes people warm is that this is not an invitation party for someone, but a party that really belongs to everyone here. Why? It can be seen from the wine preparation. Whether it’s fragrant tea, refreshing drinks, or a mild beer, sweet fruit wine, or even a cup of strong Baijiu, everyone can find their love here. The preparation of drinks reflects the company’s respect and love for all employees.

Like these different drinks, each wine has its own unique charm, and everyone also has his own unique value in the company. The reason why C-Data can increase its sales performance year after year must be the support and efforts of all colleagues. Here, We sincerely say to you: Thank you! You’ve been working hard!

C-Data Staff photo

As the ancient Chinese poem said:“Thirty years: rank and honour, just so much dust; Eight hundred leagues: travelling with the moon and clouds.” Under the epidemic, the development of many enterprises is difficult, but C-Data has always moved forward steadily. With the joy, only when we work hard together and continue to climb bravely can we usher in the next better twelve years. Twelve years of trials and hardships, work together to create a better future. I hope C-Data will be more wonderful because of you in the next twelve years!


2021CIOE, C-Data is waiting for you!

As we all know, a good industry exhibition can help us get in touch with excellent enterprises in the industry, understand advanced products and technologies, and find suitable products and partners. So, what are the main exhibitions in the communication industry from 2021 to 2022? For your convenience, C-Data have specially collected an exhibition schedule for you.

No. 展览名称 展览地点 展览时间 月份
1 CES2022 / 第55届美国国际消费性电子展 Las Vegas, USA/美国 拉斯维加斯 2022.01.05~01.08 1月
2 DATA CENTER WORLD EUROPE2021 / 英国伦敦数据中心展 London, UK/英国 伦敦 2021.03.24~03.25 3月
3 CONVERGENCE2021 / 第28届印度国际通信、消费电子及信息技术博览会 New Delhi, India/印度 新德里 2021.03.24~03.26 3月
4 SMART CITIES INDIA2021 / 第6届印度智慧城市博览会 New Delhi, India/印度 新德里 2021.03.24~03.26 3月
5 COMEX2021 / 第30届阿曼国际信息、通讯及技术博览会 Muscat, Oman/阿曼 马斯喀特 2021.04.05~04.07 4月
6 HANNOVER MESSE2021 / 德国汉诺威工业博览会 Hanover, Germany/德国 汉诺威 2021.04.12~04.16 4月
7 INTEROP TOKYO2021 / 日本东京国际IT网络通信展览会 Chiba, Japan/日本 千叶 2021.04.14~04.16 4月
8 PHOTO FORUM EXPO2021 / 俄罗斯国际摄影摄像器材暨消费电子展览会 Moscow, Russia/俄罗斯 莫斯科 2021.04.22~04.24 4月
9 JAPAN IT WEEK2021 SPRING / 日本春季IT周 Tokyo, Japan/日本 东京 2021.04.26~04.28 4月
10 ELECTRONICS SHOW2021 / 波兰消费性电子、IT&家电及信息通讯展 Warsaw, Poland/波兰 华沙 2021.05.07~05.09 5月
11 COMPUTEX2021 / 第40届台湾国际电脑、消费性电子及通讯技术展 Taipei, Taiwan/台湾 台北 2021.06.01~06.05 6月
12 OFC2021 TOUR / 美国光通讯展团 San Diego, USA/美国 圣地亚哥 2021.06.06~06.12 6月
13 TWENTY2X 2021 / 德国汉诺威新信息、通信及数字化技术展览会 Hanover, Germany/德国 汉诺威 2021.06.15~06.17 6月
14 SVIAZ ICT2021 / 第33届俄罗斯通信和信息电子展 Moscow, Russia/俄罗斯 莫斯科 2021.06.15~06.18 6月
15 ICT COMM2021 / 第7届越南胡志明ICT展 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam/越南 胡志明 2021.06.16~06.18 6月
16 IT EXPO2021 / 美国IT商用统一通信展 Miami, USA/美国 迈阿密 2021.06.22~06.25 6月
17 MWC2021 / 第27届世界移动通信大会 Barcelona, Spain/西班牙 巴塞罗那 2021.06.28~07.01 6月
18 SMART TECH KOREA2021 / 第11届韩国首尔智能技术展 Seoul, South Kerea/韩国 首尔 2021.07.01~07.03 7月
19 Eletrolar Show2021 / 巴西国际消费类电子及家电产品展览会 Sao Paulo, Brazil/巴西 圣保罗 2021.07.12~07.15 7月
20 FIBER CONNECT2021 / 第21届美洲光通信互联技术及设备研讨会&展会 Nashville, USA/美国 纳什维尔 2021.07.25~07.28 7月
第15届国际触控&柔性显示展览会/ 第6届国际3D曲面玻璃展览会
Shenzhen, China 中国深圳 2021.07.28~07.30 7月
22 NETCOM2021 / 第10届巴西国际通讯展 Sao Paulo, Brazil巴西圣保罗 2021.08.03~08.05 8月
23 SEE2021/ 深圳国际电商选品及数字贸易展览会 Shenzhen, China 中国深圳 2021.08.12~08.14 8月
24 DATA CENTER WORLD2021 / 美国全球数据中心大会 San Antonio. USA美国圣安东尼奥 2021.08.16~08.19 8月
25 5G EXPO2020 / 第3届深圳国际5G产业与新兴应用展览会 Shenzhen, China 中国 深圳 2021.08.23~08.25 8月
26 GAMESCOM2021 / 德国科隆游戏展 Cologne, Germany/德国 科隆 2021.08.25~08.29 8月
27 INATRONICS2021 / 印尼雅加达国际电子元器件暨物联网展 Jakarta, Indonesia 印尼雅加达 2021.08.26~08.28 8月
28 TOUCH TAIWAN2021 / 台北智慧显示展览会 Taipei, Taiwan 台湾台北 2021.08.26~08.28 8月
29 WOCEE2021 / 菲律宾国际消费类电子博览会 Manila, Philippines菲律宾马尼拉 2021.08.27~08.30 8月
30 COMEX SHOW2021 / 第27届新加坡最大的消费类电子展 Singapore新加坡 2021.09.03~09.06 9月
31 IFA2021 / 第61届德国柏林消费性电子展览会 Berlin, Germany 徳国柏林 2021.09.05~09.07 9月
32 NEPCON Vietnam2021/ 第14届越南国际电子生产设备暨微电子工业展 Hanoi, Vietnam/越南 河内 2021.09.15~09.17 9月
33 KSS2021 / 第6届哈萨克斯坦国际安防系统展 Nursu, Kazakhstan/哈萨克斯坦 努尔苏 2021.09.15~09.16 9月
34 Channel Live2021 / 第19届英国通信网络渠道对接展览&研讨会 Birmingham, UK/英国 伯明翰 2021.09.21~09.22 9月
35 ITCN ASIA2021 / 第20届巴基斯坦国际通信电子展 Karachi, Pakistan/巴基斯坦 卡拉奇 2021.09.21~09.23 9月
36 Electronica Productronica India 2021 / 印度国际电子元器件及生产设备展览会 Bangalore, India/印度 班加罗尔 2021.09.22~09.24 9月
37 DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION EXPO EUROPE2021 / 欧洲数据中心安全展 London, UK/英国 伦敦 2021.10.06~10.07 10月
38 BBWF2021 / 第20届欧洲宽带世界论坛 Amsterdam, Netherlands/荷兰 阿姆斯特丹 2021.10.12~10.14 10月
39 RIGA COMM2021 / 第9届拉脱维亚国际ICT展 Riga, Latvia/拉脱维亚 里加 2021.10.15~10.16 10月
40 DATA CENTER WORLD ASIA2021 / 新加坡亚洲数据中心展 Singapore/新加坡 2021.10.20~10.21 10月
41 ICEC2021 / 第7届埃及智慧城市展览&研讨会 Cairo, Egypt/埃及 开罗 2021.10.27~10.28 10月
42 KES2021 / 韩国首尔国际消费性电子展 Seoul, South Kerean/韩国 首尔 2021.10.27~10.30 10月
43 JAPAN IT WEEK2021 AUTUMN / 第11届日本秋季IT周 Tokyo, Japan日本东京 2020.10.27~10.29 10月
44 TELECOMS WORLD ASIA2021 / 第22届亚洲电信世界博览会 Bangkok Thailand 泰国曼谷 2021.10.28~10.29 10月
45 FUTURECOM2021 / 第23届巴西国际通信大会及展览会 Sao Paulo, Brazil巴西圣保罗 2021.10.28~10.30 10月
46 IoT World2021 / 美国世界物联网技术博览&研讨会 California, USA 美国加州 2021.11.02~11.04 11月
47 AFRICACOM2021 / 第23届非洲国际通信展 Cape Town, South Africa 南非开普敦 2021.11.09~11.11 11月
48 TURKMENTEL2021 / 第13届阿什哈巴德电信IT博览会 Ashkha, Turkmenistan土库曼斯坦阿什哈 2021.11.10~11.11 11月
49 ELECTRONICA2022 / 德国慕尼黑电子元器件展及生产设备展 Munich, Germany德国慕尼黑 2022.11.16~11.19 11月
50 SICUREZZA2021 / 第21届米兰国际安防展 (两年一届) Milan, Italy/意大利米兰 2021.11.17~11.19 11月
51 AOIP2021 / 第14届俄罗斯信息通信安防博览会 Moscow, Russia/俄罗斯 莫斯科 2021.11.24~11.27 11月
52 DIGITECH ASEAN THAILAND2021 / 泰国东盟电子、信息及通信博览会 Bangkok Thailand/泰国 曼谷 2021.11.24~11.26 11月


Logically speaking, participating in well-known exhibitions in the industry and exchanging industry experience with peers and customers is originally an attractive job that people look forward to.However, in the past two years, affected by the epidemic, many exhibitions could not be held as usual, or even postponed or cancelled. For example, GITEX 2020 in Dubai, originally scheduled in 2020, was postponed to October 2021, the exhibition sviaz2020 in Russia has not been held yet, and ANGA COM in Germany has been changed from offline to online.

The news that various exhibitions have been postponed or cancelled makes people depressed, but fortunately, there is CIOE, which has been held as usual for two consecutive sessions from last year to this year.

With the feeling of eagerness to discuss and communicate with you, C-Data cherishes this exhibition opportunity very much.

cioe 2021

In 2021CIOE, C-Data’s booth is in hall 4-4B53, and we have already finished the preparation of exhibition design. It is expected that C-Data have also brought new products such as switches, optical transmission and private cloud storage in addition to previous xPON(OLT,ONU) products, EOC,WiFi Routers, HFC(EYDFA)and other products. Each new product has its own characteristics.


Switches have not only many ports but also independent channels to isolate conflicts.Business and industrial switches can meet the needs of enterprises and individuals, as well as some special industries, such as transportation, power, security, industrial manufacturing and other different scenarios.

DWDM wave division transmission have the characteristics of single optical fiber bidirectional transmission, simultaneous transmission of signals of different wavelengths, multiple networking modes, and support multiple services.

T&T H2 private cloud storage is safe, reliable,and convenient. It is an essential data stewardship for our family.

In addition, there are many wonderful things to meet you in 2021CIOE. Considering the fact that some international customers and peers could not reach the exhibition site due to the epidemic, We’ll follow up on the show live on social media like facebook, linkedin through pictures, videos and articles.

What surprises will 2021CIOE bring us?Let’s wait!

For information about last year’s exhibition, click on the video link below:



Quick guide to the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE2021)

Dear customer,

CIOE 2021 (The 23rd China International Optoelectronic Exposition) will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from September 16-18, 2021. C-Data’s booth is in hall 4-4B53. We sincerely invite you to visit!

As the world’s leading optoelectronic exhibition, CIOE 2021 (The 23rd China International Optoelectronic Exposition) will be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on  September 16-18, 2021. More than 3,200 optoelectronic exhibitors will present the entire optoelectronic ecosystem including information and communication, precision optics, sensing, lasers, infrared and photonics.

CIOE 2021 will continue to deliver a perfect platform for optoelectronic peers and application users to collect market information, to source latest products and technologies, and to meet and greet.

The exhibition has a display area of 160,000 ㎡, 89,294 professional visitors, and 2,512 exhibitors. The exhibition halls are distributed as follows:



Precision Optics, Lens & Camera Module Expo(Hall 3/5/7):

Optical Material, Optical Imaging Measurement & Optical instruments, Optical Coating Technology & Equipment, Machine Vision & Industrial Application, Optical Components, Optical Lens & Camera Module, Optical Processing Equipment, Sapphire and Touch Screen Manufacturing, AR&VR.

Information and Communication Expo(Hall 4/6/8):

Optical Communications Chips and Materials, Optical Communications Component and Module, Optical Test & Measurement Device, Manufacturing System Equipment, Cloud Data Center, Operation and Service, Optical Fiber & Cable/ Fiber Sensing, Optical Communications System Equipment, Broadcasting and Communications Equipment, Wireless Communications.

Infrared Applications Expo(Hall 1):

Infrared Material and Component, THz Monitoring and Imaging, Hyperspectral & Remote Technology, Infrared Equipment and Application, UV Technology, Millimeter Wave Technology and Application.

Intelligent Sensing Expo(Hall 1):

LiDAR, 3D Vision, Fiber Optic Sensor, Millimeter Wave Radar, Industrial Sensors and Measurement, Internet of Things.

Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo(Hall 2):

Laser Material, Laser Equipment, Laser Specialty Applications, High-end Intelligent Equipment, Industrial Robot, Laser Optical Component and Device, Lasers, Laser Display and Projection, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing.

Photonics Innovation Expo(Hall 2):

Biophotonics, New Photonics Material, Intelligent Manufacturing and Robot, Information Optoelectronic Technology, Optical Technology and Application.


Date:9.16-9.18 (09:00-17:00)

Address: Shenzhen World Exhibition& Convention Center(No.1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China)

Tickets: Free

Transportation: bus or free shuttle bus(The CIOE will provide free shuttle buses service during the exhibition period at important transportation nodes in the city, such as Fuyong Station, Tangwei Station, Shenzhen North Station, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Shenzhen Airport, Xili Station, etc.)



Visit reservation: click on the link below to sign up for visit

Domestic audience:

International audience:


CIOE2021, C-Data is waiting for you in Hall 4-4B53!

This article is written by Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co.,Ltd., a professional communication equipment manufacturer.

Address:Floor 6, Building F, Songbai Road 1008, Sunshine Community Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen China(518055)

Telephone: +86 755-26014509

Contact us:C-Data EPON/GPON ONU/OLT Devices | C-Data (


Interview with Molly|”Dream about leaving job, I woke up so sad.”

“Dream about leaving job, I woke up so sad.” This is probably the most touching love story I have ever heard. However, this love story was spoken by Molly of the sales department to C-DATA, the company she had been with for 7 years.

C-DATA was established for 12 years, but she has been in the company for 7 years. In the past 7 years, what obvious changes have been made to C-DATA? As a veteran employee, how have she grown during the 7 years at C-DATA? Let us listen what she said.


He: How long have you been to C-DATA?

Molly: I have come to C-DATA for 7 years, and I joined at the end of 2014.

He: You have been here for 7 years, do you feel any changes in C-DATA?

Molly: I think C-DATA has changed a lot in the recent years.
The increase in the number of employees is the most intuitive change. When I joined C-Data, my job number was 107. There were 50 or 60 people at that time. But up to now, there are  six hundred people in company. Of course, not only the increase in personnel, we also have branches in various places, including our sales, which are also increasing year by year.

He: I’m very curious, what makes you stay here for 7 years?

Molly: I have a soft spot for C-DATA.To be honest, when I joined the company, the company was still a small company with few staff, but everyone was very friendly and got along like family. Especially in the first two or three years after I came here, I was really happy. I would involuntarily work overtime every day after get off work. The atmosphere in the whole department was very good.

Later, I clearly felt that the company was growing faster and faster, and we ourselves had grown a lot. I remember that I had a dream once before that I was leaving my job. I was so sad.


He: Why did you think of doing sales in the first place?

Molly: Actually, when I first graduated, I was a software engineer because I majored in computer science at university. But after doing it for a year, I found that I don’t like to deal with machines all day long. I am a more lively and cheerful person, I like to communicate with others. So I chose the job of international sales, and I have been doing it for seven years.

He: What is the main content of your daily work? Tell me about your state of a typical working day.

Molly: Normally, our focus will be on communicating with customers. After I arrive at the company, I will start to contact customers, such as online communication, email, video conference, and phone calls.

Then there is some other time, I will deal with some internal affairs of the company, such as a process for customer orders, and some product and software customization. You have to communicate and coordinate with various departments.
He: What about technology? You should be familiar too, right?

Molly: Yes, as a sales, you have to be very familiar with your own products before you sell them to customers.

Because I studied engineering at university, it will be a little faster to get familiar with these technical and network aspects. But if a customer asks a more in-depth technical question, I will pull a group to bring our technical support or research and development colleagues into it, and we will communicate together. Therefore, teamwork is very important. It is the joint cooperation of sales, technical support and R&D to serve customers.


He: In addition to the aforementioned, do you think you have any areas that you need to improve?

Molly: There are too many areas for improvement. It’s not just sales, I think as a person, you have to learn to live and learn.

Like we are doing international sales, many people may think that English is the most demanding. But like I have been doing it for so many years, I think English is not the core of being a international sales. Because no matter which country you do business with, the way is same. English is just a tool. What is important is your basic quality in all aspects. You need to have a certain understanding of the local culture of different countries.

He: Boss Alan and your sales department often hold meetings or do some training. Do you think this kind of training is helpful to you?

Molly: Very helpful. Because our sales are mainly to know more about the situation on the customer side, but Boss know the supply chain,R&D,of C-Data. He share the information with us. In turn, we can also share information with customers. On the other hand, the boss will analyze the PON market with us, the supply of the PON chipset, or COVID-19 Pandemic, their influence over markets. It will also give us some inspiration. I think it is quite useful.
Through these conferences and training, we have obtained a lot of cutting-edge information.

He: Have you ever encountered anything in your work that made you feel particularly fulfilled?

Molly: I think the most fulfilling thing is that the client places a big order. When I signed this order, I am very happy! happy weeks!
When we have some technical problems with our customers, we worked hard to solve the problems. Then I will be very happy,just like taking an order.

He: When you did this job, did you get anything? Or have you lost something?

Molly: I don’t think I have lost anything,but I got a lot of things .

After working so many years, I found that when you do a job, if you feel that going to work is a happy thing , it proves that you like this job very much. I am very happy every day.

He: Do you have any plans for your future?

Molly: On the one hand, I hope that my annual sales will grow in a certain proportion; on the other hand, because I am already a mother of two children, I will try to balance work and life.

cdata factory

Exclusive “C-DATA Factory Tour and Training Tour” for fresh graduates

It is the rainy season of one year, the outdoor typhoon roars, the lightning flashes and thunder, the indoor warm and calm, C-DATA welcomes a group of outstanding fresh graduates. In order to let the fresh graduates who are new to the workplace better enter the working condition, on July 6, 2021, C-DATA arranged a “C-DATA Factory Tour and Training Tour” specially for these graduates.

cdata factory

This visit covered the entire process of a product production, including programming, welding, testing, streaming, packaging, delivery and so on. In just one day, we witnessed the whole process of the company’s products from being made into products from small parts to complete packaging and out of the warehouse.

During the whole visit, the most impressive part was welding.
We all know that every operation link in the factory must be extremely careful and cannot make mistakes. This wave soldering link can be regarded as the most vivid embodiment of this feature. The original imagination of welding is to put two things together and weld them together. But I did not expect that the control of time, temperature and other influencing factors are extremely strict. For example, the control of time is accurate to the unit of second. The seriousness is outrageous.


Secondly, the packaging process is more impressive. Here, we found that some products will be “specially treated” and filmed and bagged, but others are not. Why is this? In this regard, the person in charge explained: Some products sold abroad will take a long time to transport, and sometimes they have to be transported by sea and other transportation methods. Filming and bagging during packaging can play a good role in preventing moisture. And some products do not carry out this operation because these orders do not have long transportation time or moisture problems, reducing the steps of film forming and bagging, can practice the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, and avoid unnecessary waste of resources.


Seeing this, a few large characters on the entrance of the second floor of the factory came into my mind again:“there are promises, principles, and rules”. For every C-DATA person, this is by no means empty words. Everyone actually uses actions to interpret the inner meaning of these big characters.

So, what do the young saplings feel after seeing so much? Did they gain anything during this visit?

First of all, let’s take a look at the visit notes made by our classmates from the Technical Support Department.


Seeing this note with pictures and texts, do you also think that this must be a college tyrant who has a serious attitude and loves to learn? This seriousness is probably… the basic qualities of being a schoolmaster?

Of course, in addition to taking out notebooks to take notes and learn knowledge, everyone can’t help but sigh: The gain from this visit is really great!

cdata factory

R&D Department-Lin Xiangyu: This visit resolved many doubts in my college days. In the university class, they buy ready-made development boards, draw PCB diagrams and give them to the project, and the finished products are sent directly. I have always been curious about how the circuit board components are soldered, punched, and routed, especially how the chip patch is operated. This visit has solved these problems for me. Although I don’t make hardware, but let me see how the development board I am currently operating has gotten into my hands step by step, and it makes me feel like I have a bottom line.


Technical Support Department-Xian Yanzhao: In general, this “factory tour” can be regarded as a pavement for my future work. For the work of technical support, if you want to grow better, you must not only have a solid theoretical foundation, but also know how to use it flexibly, and have the ability to “encounter problems and solve problems”. At the same time, it also made me understand: everyone is a powerful individual, and every job has its meaning. I will work hard to learn more knowledge, enrich myself, consolidate myself, perfect myself, and lay the stepping stones for serving customers well in the future.

pcba test

Technical Support Department-Peng Wei: When I stepped into the gate on the second floor of the factory, the entire production process of ONU and OLT unfolded before my eyes like a picture scroll. Later, I went to the first floor and learned about the plug-in, wave furnace and test packaging.

The visit of the entire SMT production line made me sincerely thank the workers and complex and sophisticated machines who worked hard in the factory. It was their hard work that allowed the ideas of the R&D department to be made into products, and then mass-produced, and then brought them to the company. Actual sales benefit. At the same time, I also saw a lot of industrial equipment that I had never seen in textbooks before, and I saw the whole process of a product from production to final packaging.

Science and technology are primary productive forces. As new young people in the new era, we have the responsibility and obligation to work harder, shoulder the important task of rejuvenating the country through science and technology, and exploring the peak of science.

Technical Support Department-Mao Liting: From this experience, I understand a truth: only by combining theory and practice can I have a more thorough understanding of knowledge. Learning the knowledge in books is to use it in practice, sum it up in experience, and improve one’s own skills and practical experience. In the future work and study, I will pay more attention to the combination of theory and practice. In addition to consolidating my professional knowledge, I also need to improve my comprehensive ability and make continuous progress and growth.


Technical Support Department-Liu Jialin: Through this visit, I have a clearer understanding of the company’s products. From R&D to finished products, there are many people’s contributions. I also find that I need to study harder and make persistent efforts in the future.

Through these feelings of everyone, we can also see that everyone has benefited a lot from this visit.

“A strong young man makes a country strong, a young man progresses, a country progresses, and a young man is strong on the earth, and the country is strong on the earth.” A few years ago, Mr. Liang Qichao said in his “Young China”. The development and growth of young people is extremely important to the development of a country. Looking at your side, the future and development of C-DATA will also be in the hands of everyone who has just stepped into the door of C-DATA. I hope that every little “you” can find their own value here, shine and become a better self, thus creating a better C-DATA.


Character Interview | Li Honglin: C-Data is ready to face changes

From May 28th to 30th, 2021, CCBN2021 officially held in Beijing. As a well-known exhibition in the radio and television industry, industry insiders pay much attention to it. Today, we invited the invited guest of the exhibition: Li Honglin, the executive deputy general manager of C-DATA, to talk to us about the experience of this trip.

11. After participating in this CCBN2021, what is your deepest feeling?

【The industry has entered a bottleneck period. Under this circumstance, who can adapt to the changes and find new product and business directions, who will usher in new opportunities; the living space of traditional enterprises that follow the old fashioned and unprepared will be narrowed】

In CCBN2021, some familiar small and medium-sized enterprises unexpectedly did not come to the exhibition, indicating the bottleneck of the industry and the differentiation of enterprise development.

CCBN is mainly an exhibition in the radio and television industry, while the traditional radio and television market is based on the province as the smallest operating network, unlike China Telecom, China Mobile, and China Unicom, which are operating systems that are one network across the country. In the past, small and medium-sized enterprises still had opportunities. However, as the operating investment of provincial-level radio and television network companies slowed down, the living space and market opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises were significantly reduced. From the perspective of budget control, many companies at this exhibition did not come.

At the same time, when the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the 5G license, it also issued a 5G license to China Broadcast Network, which is building a nationwide network, which is often referred to as a 700MHZ 5G license. This is a good opportunity for the original telecommunications and mobile equipment suppliers, especially leading companies such as Huawei and ZTE. They want to transplant their capabilities, business models, and products from telecom operators to broadcasting and television. However, since it is still in the early stages of development, there is still a period of in-depth discussion on specific issues such as how to build the network, how to cooperate, and how to proceed with the next step of market promotion. Judging from the importance attached to this exhibition by companies such as Huawei and ZTE, they should be making advance arrangements.

For small and medium-sized enterprises, it is either to withdraw, or to make a breakthrough, or to shift to differentiated market segments. C-Data’s subsidiary Wuxi Leihua, which is in charge of domestic radio and television, won bids in many provinces and cities across the country in 2020, which shows that we have the ability to make breakthroughs. At the same time, we are also engaged in optical transmission DWDM products, smart city products, home network products, etc. Multiple market segments are advancing side by side, digging deeper into demand and expanding the living space.


2. What impact do you think the epidemic has on this exhibition and the development of the industry?

【The epidemic has a great impact on the exhibition and the industry】

The epidemic has a greater impact on this exhibition, because travel is restricted during the epidemic, and considering safety reasons, the number of customers who come to the exhibition is less than expected. But for all customers who can be there, we can find some excitement to conduct in-depth communication and discuss opportunities for follow-up cooperation. In the past, many international customers came to the exhibition. This time due to the epidemic, international customers were unable to come to the exhibition. For customers who are unable to be present, we try our best to communicate through voice and video chat tools, which not only introduce the exhibition situation but also collect market demand.

The impact of the epidemic on the development of the industry is different at home and abroad.

The domestic epidemic is well controlled, so the impact on the industry is not much felt, and the overall market is stable. However, due to the epidemic in foreign countries, the demand for broadband access, broadband lines, and expansion of transmission bandwidth has increased rapidly, so the market demand for broadband network equipment is increasing.

The epidemic has had a major impact on the entire upstream supply chain. The shortage of chips and supporting materials and the increase in prices are a huge test for communication equipment manufacturers. Some companies with small size, weak anti-risk capabilities, and poor supply chain management capabilities will fall behind. Due to the advance judgment of the situation, C-Data has maintained the stability of upstream resources in the case of material shortages in the market, and can meet the order needs of long-term cooperation value customers. However, it is difficult to meet the order delivery of some new customers and small customers. The short-term turbulence of the epidemic will not change the long-term trend of the industry, and will help outstanding companies grow bigger and stronger.


3. Are there any industry hotspots in the near future? What do you think of these hot spots? What impact do you think these hot spots will have on us?

【From the perspective of operators, the industry has encountered bottlenecks and overall revenue growth has slowed down. Operators hope that manufacturers can form strategic partnerships with them and develop markets with them.

From the manufacturer’s point of view, the manufacturer’s focus is on speed, and more consideration of C-oriented products and solutions. 】

For manufacturers, the overall market environment has changed considerably in the past 10 years and 20 years ago.

In the first 20 years, China’s communication network was relatively backward, so there was no need for equipment manufacturers to actively promote it. Operators themselves had a strong demand and driving force for investment in network construction. People also needed video, voice, broadband, and video, and the market demand existed objectively.

In the past 10 years, our equipment manufacturers have to run faster and more actively, to invent, create, and promote some advanced solutions, actively attract operators to purchase, build, and invest, and promote operators to improve their business and services. Sell to businesses and consumers. Because the highway is getting wider and wider, the revenue growth slows down for the operators, and there is no novel experience for the common people. It is nothing more than a faster speed and the cheaper the toll, the better, so the manufacturer can do it. The main thing is bandwidth acceleration, it is difficult to have killer applications like smartphones.

From a wireless perspective: switching from 4G to 5G, various needs can be extended from the different application scenarios of 5G;

From the perspective of the home: WIFI6, 10G fiber to the home appears for home access. This is the bandwidth acceleration of different application scenarios.

At the same time, there is also a need for expansion of the trunk network: now it is from 100G to 200G, and it may be 400G or even 1T in the next one or two years.

On the other hand, operators are also worried. Operators hope that manufacturers will not just promote products blindly, but from their perspective, provide more B-side and C-side solutions. The operator hopes that you can tell him that the products and solutions you provide can help him make money in which industry and market direction, and then he has a greater willingness to invest.

Because the payback period of traditional communication equipment is long, it takes about 5 years, but after the acceleration of product iteration, operators are a bit resistant and overwhelmed by the cost pressure of the bandwidth acceleration process. Therefore, operators hope that manufacturers can form strategic partnerships with them and develop markets with them.

Faced with such a market situation, C-Data will naturally not lag behind. For example, our newly established business units and subsidiaries are actively developing and promoting related products and solutions such as smart software, DWDM transmission and network security storage, rather than a simple single product status.


4. As a manufacturer of communication equipment, what advantages do you think we have?

【First of all, we have a strong manufacturing and R&D team. Secondly, being able to develop to the current state in just a dozen years shows that we have also found our own gameplay in terms of team combat effectiveness, market comprehensiveness, and supply capabilities. 】

Our main advantage lies in: We have a strong manufacturing and R&D team. At the same time, there are nearly 20 years of market and experience accumulation in the industry.

Over the years, as the unicorn companies at the head have grown larger, the growth and opportunities for the second and third tier companies have become less and less. C-Data’s ability to reach the current scale in just a dozen years shows that we have found our own gameplay in terms of team combat effectiveness, market comprehensiveness, and supply capabilities.

In terms of expansion, similar to Huawei’s early years of competing with foreign counterparts and adopting the strategy of encircling cities from rural areas, you are the leading country and operator, and I am the country and customer you did not do. Customers of different sizes will also seek the right products, cost-effectiveness and after-sales service.

But in the differentiated market segments and products, the competitiveness is actually converging, mainly depending on the strategic layout of the operators.

In fact, the operator does not want a certain equipment supplier to dominate the rivers and lakes, so that it becomes Party B commanding Party A. If the operator has a personalized demand for network reform, the need for customization is completely controlled by the supplier, so They want to be diversified.

5. As a communications equipment manufacturer, what do you think we can improve?

[Own original product improvement, brand building, product line diversification]

First of all, it must be the improvement of its own original products, so there is no need to say more about this.

Secondly, it is brand building.

In fact, the communications industry has changed from a high-tech industry to a basic industry. With the increase of capacity, the accumulation of products and technologies, there is a process of transforming cocoons into butterflies from quantitative changes to qualitative changes, rather than simply saying that he can do what I cannot do. That is to say, my current ability and level are there, but my brand is not as good as yours. I cannot reach the comprehensiveness of my market layout and product solutions. Therefore, brand building is particularly important.

Finally, the product line is diversified.

There is now such a trend: the original leading companies in the communications industry or the leading companies of large IT companies are using their original R&D capabilities and manufacturing capabilities to move toward smart terminals, home appliances, enterprises, and related software. Hardware extension, plus one’s own understanding of a certain type of product, to cross-border.

A typical example is the success of the Internet industry. It is equivalent to saying that the operator is making the road wider and wider. He is a road repairer and we are a provider of sand and gravel cement. However, the operator only earns tolls. Then who builds the cars on the road? Who makes more? Therefore, try to diversify your product line as much as possible.

CCBN2021 was officially held in Beijing today, C-DATA’s pon series products attracted attention

CCBN2021 (The 28th China International Radio and Television Information Network Exhibition) was officially held today at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. C-DATA’s booth is located at 2B301. It is reported that nearly 1,000 companies and institutions participated in the exhibition, and the total number of exhibitors today is tens of thousands.


As a world-renowned exhibition of radio and television and network audio-visual technology and equipment, ccbn2021 comprehensively demonstrated to us various technical equipment and innovative applications such as radio and television and network audio-visual collection production, transmission coverage, operation management, terminal services, etc.


As one of the exhibitors, C-DATA also fully demonstrated the company’s main products at the exhibition today: MESH ONU and XPON OLT, as well as the newly developed new private cloud storage product: household private cloud storage hundred boxes H2 and E1 enterprise-level file management machines.

As your loyal partner, C-DATA will continue to follow up with you on the spot situation. What’s more exciting content tomorrow? Let’s wait and see!




Dear Customers,


ANGA COM DIGITAL will be held on line from June 8-10,2021.Here’s the link to register:,welcome to visit us there.


As you know,C-DATA is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of communication equipment,experience in the field of optical fiber and wireless access network with years. At the same time, the company is actively developing in the field of backbone network transmission equipment and home network equipment. Our products, in terms of functional features and performance indicators, can also fully meet the needs of fiber optic and wireless access applications from operators and enterprises to buildings and homes.

In this exhibition, we will show you full series product of GPON/EPON in FTTx ,DWDM transmission, WIFI6 wireless access and private cloud storage devices.

We sincerely invite you and look forward to your visit!

2021 happy new year(1)

happy new year

Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year.2021 happy new year

merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

I have received many Christmas gifts, but the best one is meet you,merry Christmas!Happy new year!




C-Data Attends The CIOE 2020 with Fruitful Result

On September 9, 2020, C-Data took part in the 3-day CIOE 2020 (The 22nd China International Optoelectronic Exposition) held at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, China. At the booth 4C28 of the information and communication expo, C-Data presented the advanced communication equipment, including FTTH GPON/EPON OLT& ONU, EDFA, and EOC (Ehternet over Coaxial), to catch the eyes of a large number of participants and gained a lot.


With the fading negative impact of the epidemic, CIOE 2020, the 22nd China International Optoelectronic Expo, will continue to showcase the entire optoelectronic ecosystem, including information and communication, laser, infrared technology, photoelectric sensors, and so forth, providing an important communication platform for manufacturers, distributors and service providers to develop their businesses and enter the global market.

At this unique exhibition covering the entire global optoelectronic ecosystem, in addition to 3000 exhibitors, more than 60 concurrent forums, seminars, and network activities during the CIOE 2020 will also be organized to help exhibitors expand the possibility of more business.

The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020 deals a direct blow at the foreign trade industry, causing a mounting number of international exhibitions and businesses to be shelved. However, the good news is that with the gradual containing of the epidemic in China, the China International Optoelectronic Expo went smoothly in the second half of 2020.

Considering that there are foreign exhibitors unable to attend the CIOE 2020 due to irresistible factors that the outbreak of the epidemic has blocked the direct contact and communication between people, C-Data broadcasted the details of the exhibition to foreign partners in the form of live broadcast through Internet online platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, and YouTube, and introduced C-Data’s characteristic communication products.


Several star products of C-Data, such as GPON/EPON OLT, ONU, EYDFA, EOC and WIFI Router, were displayed during the exhibition. The ONU is a fiber to the home multi-service access GPON/EPON. ONU based on not only stable and cost-effective EPON technology but also HFC technology, integrated WDM and optical receiver. PON technology is the best technology using passive optical network to deliver Internet service to the home, which is a kind of Point TO Multi-Point technology to dynamic share Gigabit bandwidth in users. Some ONU integrated WiFi access, it has the characteristics of strong penetration and wide coverage to provide users with more convenient and safer data transmission.


The EYDFA supports selecting 8, 16, and 32 output ports, and the laser can be turned on and off through the laser key. Moreover, designed for large-scale distribution of CATV broadcast or video coverage in the FTTH PON system, it can provide up to 40dBm total optical with multiple ports in a 2U rack. The design of independent pluggable optical module and EMS management integrated with PON system are widely praised by users.


As for EOC Master and SLAVE based on Homeplug AV protocol are used for CATV system with Ethernet over coaxial cable technology. The EOC system has a high anti-jamming capability of OFDM technology and construct data network channel in the established cable TV system upgrading the CATV system rapidly to support both TV and data services.


At the event, C-Data’s information and communication products attracted the attention of exhibitors in mounting numbers, making the booth always crowded. In addition to the successful offline display, the online display has also received praise from clients. One of our customers who were unable to attend the exhibition due to the epidemic stated that although he could not attend the exhibition this year, he was informed about the exhibition through the online broadcast from C-Data. Admiring C-Data’s expertise in communication network technology and believing that our products met the needs of ISP networking, he was looking forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with C-Data.

Through participating in the CIOE 2020, C-Data received many a request for cooperation and had gained a lot of traffic and exposure on brand and product promotion.

The advent of the 5G era will bring subversive changes in digital applications, as well as more business innovation opportunities. However, the current communication network has been operating overload. As a matter of fact, the increasing network applications have always created a great bandwidth demand for communication networks. C-Data has been committed to the technical innovation and product development of the communication network.




Technical statement

Statement on Pierre Kim Revealing Security Vulnerabilities in C-data OLT products


We have noticed an article named “Multiple vulnerabilities found in C-Data OLTs” published in Github. C-Data admires the work of two professionals in technological circles, Pierre Kim and Alexandre Torres, and thanks for their identifying security breach problems through detailed testing, as well as for their active work in reducing the risks of users using network products. C-Data adheres to the philosophy of serving customers, and always puts customers’ interests in the first place, as well as pays special attention to the product safety problems. In this way, C-Data can provide customers with products with safety guarantee.

In the meantime, we have paid attention to some press releases published by the media, and have interpreted technical articles by Pierre Kim and Alexandre Torres. In order not to let the majority of customers misunderstand the safety design of our equipment, C-Data analyzes and clarifies the mentioned technical issues with a sincere and frank manner.


Excluding counterfeit products



The account mentioned in this article: panger123/suma123. We have investigated the account and the password. In addition, we have confirmed that the account and password are not from the C-Data OLT products, but are those used by other companies and people when they copy the C-Data OLT. The CLI style and most of its commands of the counterfeited OLT are all copied from the C-Data OLT. C-Data  OLT equipment is now widely used around the world, and counterfeiters copy C-Data OLT for illegal profits.

According to the following screenshot, we can completely compare and analyze that the account of panger123/suma123 comes from an illegally copied OLT.

[Replica command line style and version information]



[C-Data FD11XX series OLT version information and command line style]



If you use the account of panger123/suma123, you can never access C-Data OLT. The following figure shows the information interception of the failed attempt to log into the C-Data OLT with panger123/suma123 account.


This article analyzes the problem regarding “Authentication process with hardcoded credentials”. The demonstration indicates that we log into the bcm-shell of OLT and receive the key information of OLT with the telnet method. The relevant information all comes from the replica, instead of the C-Data OLT. In the screenshots, the account and password information marked in red is that of the fakes.


Introduction to several factory setting accounts

  1. The following two telnet login accounts and passwords mentioned in this article are actually used on the C-Data’s first generation OLT (OLT starting withFD11XX):

OLT telnet account 1: debug/debug124

OLT telnet account 2: root/root126


This account and password are mainly used by C-Data to assist customers in debugging problems and writing production parameters. (OLT mac address information and SN information, etc.)


This account must be successfully logged in to the CONSOLE port by a local serial line on the OLT, then can entering the OLT bcm-shell mode to modify and view key information of the OLT. Use this accout under OLT TELENT mode, we can only enter the CLI of the device, can not entering OLT bcm-shell modify the key information of OLT.


If attacks want to enter the bcm-shell mode of OLT to obtain device privacy information or implant malicious programs into OLT, they must log into OLT by directly connecting the serial port line of the computer locally. In this way, by no means can the remote attackers use these two accounts to attack.


Therefore, there is no such situation as “Backdoor Access with telnet”.


In addition, as regards these two accounts, C-Data has revealed to the required customers without reservation. A common use of customers happens when they need to modify the MAC address.


[The following figure shows how to log into C-Data OLT remotely with debug/debug124 and root/root126, and how to attempt to enter the shell mode prompt. In addition, OLT prompt only supports entering bcm-shell under the direct connection of CONSOLE.]

Another usage scenario of debug/debug124 and root/root126 is when C-Data provides remote technical support at the request of customer. All C-Data’s remote access obtained customer’s consent after consultation with customers. When operating, the operator need to log in to the customer’s computer remotely, then log in to the device using the local serial ports of these two accounts, and work with the customer for positioning analysis of network problems in this way. Customer’s technicians will participate in and supervise the process of technical services throughout the process.

As for whether there is an issue where an attacker logs into the CLI using these two accounts through TELNET and then changes the configuration of the OLT, resulting in network security problems, we will further explain it in the security policy later.

OLT telnet Account3:guest/[empty]

The account and password are the account of factory default configuration, which can only check some basic information of OLT, and without having the authority to configure any OLT. The user can delete or modify the account as needed when using it.


  1. Solution: As the FD11XX series OLT is the first generation models of C-DataOLT, the account and password rules of which are not fully considered. The default password is fixed and too simple, which may be taken advantage by criminals. C-Datawill immediately update and release the software version of this OLT product. In the latest version, the debugging account will no longer adopt the general fixed password, and the password will be generated by a special password generation tool according to the unique identification code bound to the device. If there is no unique identification code information of the device or password generation tool, the password cannot be obtained.


More Secure Cryptographic Mechanism

For other models of C-Data OLTs(OLT named FD15XX, FD16XX, FD12XX, FD8000), the problem of “Backdoor Access with telnet” does not exist, because these OLTs adopt a more secure cryptographic mechanism. The device is configured with several general accounts by factory default, including root/admin, admin/admin and guest/guest, which can be used by customers to initially configure OLT. Customers need to create, delete and modify the login account and password of the device according to their own security policies when using the device. We do not recommend using the factory default username and password in the operation network.

The device retains a debugging account for assisting customers in debugging and solving problems, and this account can also be used by customer to find the forgotten password when they forget the login password of OLT. However, the account no longer uses the general password, and the password is calculated and generated according to the unique identification information of the customer’s OLT. Only when the customer provides the information of unique identification code in conjunction with the special password generation tool can the password be generated. The password of each OLT is different, which will better ensure the safety of the device.


The Requirement of WEB Login Management

The user name and password displayed in this article are actually the needs of numerous users. The account and password are the login user name and password in the web management interface of OLT. As many customers feedback that some of their junior maintenance personnel may easily forget login the username and password  of OLT’s WEB management interface, and hope that higher-level managers can query the username and password of the WEB through OLT CLI, we provide this command at the customer’s request, so that customers can check the login username and password of the WEB by themselves through the command line. We believe that the customer can formulate an effective security management system, properly manage the use of usernames and passwords to avoid the risk of using this command.




Security strategies and suggestions

  1. The article introduces several schemes that can be used to attack the C-DataOLT after knowing the account and password of C-Data’s “Backdoor Access with telnet” from the perspective of network security risks. C-Databelieves that the majority of customers have a set of measures suitable for their own defense against cyber-attack. The following will list the common measures to defend against cyber-attack on the customer’s side. These measures can protect the OLT from the following attack means mentioned in the article:

* Escape shell with root privileges

* Pre-Auth Remote DoS

* Credentials infoleak and credentials in clear-text (HTTP)

* Weak encryption algorithm

* Insecure management interfaces


Defense Strategy 1: In general network planning, all OLT management VLANs and service VLANs on the client-side are different. If the management VLAN used by the attacker is incorrect, this kind of planning makes it impossible to access the OLT equipment from the network-side of the OLT (uplink) or the user side (downlink to ONU).



Defense strategy 2: OLT is used as an access layer device. For many small and medium-sized ISPs, OLT is usually deployed on the intranet of its network. When the intranet goes to the public network, it will pass through the router or firewall device. Services such as telnet and http are disabled on the router and firewall equipment; Those who access the OLT are employees who have access to the OLT in the customer’s intranet; Indeed, if there are other personnel who need to access the OLT device in the intranet via the public network, they need to do port forwarding on the router or firewall, and only the customer knows the forwarding rules, so it is difficult for the attacker to obtain information and carry out attack.


Defense strategy 3: The OLT of C-Data has made a lot of control strategies, which are set by the customers themselves, and it can completely prevent network attackers from illegally logging into the device:

OLT configuring strategy 1:

It can be controlled by the OLT’s system access-control to allow certain specific IP addresses or mac to access the OLT device configured by the customer and is completely unknown to others.


OLT configuring  strategy 2:

The OLT’s outband acess can be turned on or off by the customer. Customers can turn off outband management and use inband management. In this case, device management is achieved through a dedicated management channel separated from business data, thus the network security is higher.




OLT configuring strategy 3:

OLT’s Web access port can be modified by the customer and can be closed and opened by the customer.



OLT configuring strategy 4:

The OLT can be configured with a perfect acl function to prevent the device from being attacked easily.





The article by Pierre Kim and Alexandre Torres did summarize in detail, and seriously tests C-Data’s device from the perspective of security vulnerabilities. The original intention of the original article was to feedback security vulnerabilities in the device, so that technicians and users notice security risks and carry out effective security precautions, not the meaning of “OLT device backdoor” when the media relayed the dissemination, and should not be interpreted as C-Data intentionally left a backdoor on the product. C-Data expects that products will give customers the best experience and make it more convenient for them to use the device. C-Data has the ability to help customers better establish defense strategies in cyber security. C-Data also welcomes all parties to put forward reasonable suggestions, so that C-Data device can give more consideration to customers’ safety issues and confusion when using the device under the premise of providing convenience and practicality to customers. Thank you!






Original source of the document:


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C-DATA 2020 New Year Party Report

Time flies, C-Data’s first decade is a thing of the past.

In the past ten years, there have been hardships and joys. Everyone has been working hard and finally made what C-Data is today.

On January 4, 2020, all the staff of Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. and industry guests who have been accompanying and supporting C-Data, more than 500 people gathered in Nanrong Hotel to enjoy the C-Data 2019 Commendation Conference and the 2020 New Year Party.


Mr. Tsui Yunliang, the general manager of the company, gave a speech at the beginning and shared the company’s development history and future plans. We have encountered setbacks in the past ten years, but never give up, In the coming 2020, we will also be full of passion to proceed and make a good start for the next decade.


Success comes from the effort of every employee. This year we have set up many awards to commend excellent employees. The awards include Best New Employee、Progressive Star, Excellent Employee、Excellent Leader、Excellent Team、Great Diligence and Model Worker.

There are such a group of people rooted in various departments of the company, some are like screws, some are the mainstay, and they all have a rock-solid and immovable faith to escort the company’s growth. Therefore, in this year, C-Data specially set up Memorial Award and Rock Award for employees who have served the company for 5 years and 8 years respectively.


The staff also conscientiously prepared the show to perform at this time. Dances, songs, comedies, and other performances have been brilliantly presented, which bring the audience cheers and applause. In particular, the management team also prepared a wonderful melodrama. Thanks for those who squeezed time in rehearsing the show, and present us wonderful performances and surprises!




Villain Dance



After the show, it was a thrilling lucky draw and games sessions. There were more than 300 prizes of various kinds. Excitedly, the leadership continuously sponsored the lottery,which brought more applause, cheers and screams. Games sessions took place during the lucky draw and everyone was actively interacted, showing the joy and harmony of the big family, C-Data. The whole party lasted seven hours, and it was full of joyous atmosphere from the beginning till the end.


We survived from the hardships of starting a business and experienced the challenging growth. In 2020, let us sail again and create a new chapter!


C-Data exhibits at 2019 CIOE

On September 4-7th , 2019, the 21st CIOE Expo was held as scheduled at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. CIOE is the world’s largest photoelectric professional exhibition, bringing together many related technologies such as optical communication exhibition, laser technology and intelligent manufacturing exhibition, infrared technology and application exhibition. Read more

cdata 十周年庆 (2)

Start From now on again

19th, August is a very special day for C-Data employees, which is the 10th anniversary of the C-Data. New Start means new journey. In order to celebrate this important day and achieve further goals, we went to Qingyuan city to have a exciting party and Meaningful training with the whole team. Read more