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ECOC2022, welcome to join C-Data at booth 417!

ECOC2022 (The European Conference on Optical Communication) will be held in Basel, Switzerland on september 19-21. C-Data will bring you XPON ONT, Router, OLT, EYDFA and other products at booth 417.

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ECOC2022 (The European Conference on Optical Communication) is the largest fibre optic communication exhibition in Europe, where buyers and business partners from home and abroad will gather to explore the latest technologies in the world.

As a stage for a comprehensive display of the latest products and trends in the optical communications industry, ECOC is the main entry point to a favorable European market and also provides a unique opportunity to develop potential markets in southern Europe and the Mediterranean countries.

C-Data’s XPON ONT, Router, OLT, EYDFA and other products will also be shown in Switzerland this time.

September 19-21, C-Data sincerely invite you to join us in ECOC2022.We will share industry experience and discuss the solution of creative development with the world’s outstanding people!


CIOE2022, Join C-Data at 7B55!

The 24th CIOE (CHINA INTERNATIONAL OPTOELECTRONIC EXPOSITION) will be held in ShenZhen World Exhibition and Convention Center,China on September 7-9. C-Data will bring you all-new communication products and solutions at booth 7b55 in hall 7!


As a comprehensive exhibition of photoelectric industry with great scale and influence.The 24th CIOE will be oriented to optoelectronic and application fields Show cutting-edge photoelectric innovative technologies and integrated solutions. We will focus on displaying hot products and cutting-edge technologies in the communications industry chain such as Optical chips, optical devices, optical modules, optical cables, optical communication system devices, wireless communication, data centers.

At that time, C-Data will bring you new products such as OLT, ONU, Router and so on.And we will tell you how to solve the problems of campus network, medical network and enterprise network. If you can’t come to this exhibition, don’t worry! We will  meet you through live online broadcast.

September 7-9, C-Data sincerely invite you to attend CIOE.We will share our industry experience and discuss the solution of creative development with the world’s outstanding people!


C-Data Shanwei Industrial Park Has been Roofed!

On June 26th, the Shanwei Industrial Park of Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “C-Data”) has been roofed! The project is invested and constructed by C-Data. After completion, it will cover 30,000 square meters, and the construction area is about 75,000 square meters.


As a world-renowned supplier of communication equipment and solutions, C-Data is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, with sales in more than 100 countries and regions. In recent years, C-Data’s business has developed rapidly, and it has established a modern production base in Shanwei to meet the expanding business needs.


At present, the project is progressing steadily in accordance with the plan, and is expected to be completed and put into operation by the end of this year. After the industrial park is fully completed, it is expected to produce nearly 10 million units per year, creating employment for nearly 3,000 people.

At the same time, in order to comply with the development of science and technology and improve the production capacity, C-Data will gradually increase the proportion of intelligent manufacturing, introduce the industrial Internet, and provide high-quality products for domestic and international customers.


Alan, the general manager of C-Data, once said at the groundbreaking ceremony of Shanwei Industrial Park: Shanwei is a city with a high happiness index, and it is a good place for C-Data to develop vigorously. The roofing of C-Data Shanwei Industrial Park not only injects strong momentum into C-Data’s development, but also provides a powerful engine for Shanwei’s digital technology development and industrial digital transformation!


C-Data attended ANGA COM2022 to promote the development of German communication industry

ANGA COM2022 was held in Cologne/Germany at 10 to 12 May 2022 as scheduled. As Europe’s leading business platform for Broadband, Television and Online, ANGA COM2022 brings together network operators, vendors and content providers on all issues of broadband and media distribution.

In ANGA COM2022, Gigabit Networks, FTTX, 5G, OTT, Cloud TV, Video Streaming, Smart City and Smart Home are all hot topics that everyone cares about.


The photo of ANGA COM2022

As an international well-known supplier of telecommunication equipment and solutions, C-Data’s product attracted many visitors’ attention. They said that C-Data’s products are of great significance to the construction of FTTH, FTTP, video surveillance network, enterprise LAN, Internet and other scenarios.

Except for the popular product, what are the conference highlights?


The photos of C-Data’s booth at ANGA COM2022

Dr. Peter Charissé, Managing Director of ANGA COM, said: “For our international participants, I would like to mention the International CTO Summit with CableLabs USA, Deutsche Glasfaser, Liberty Global, TDC NET and Telefónica. In addition to the International CTO Summit there will be four other summit events: the Digitalization Summit, the Fiber Summit, the Media Summit and the Content Summit with top representatives.”

As Dr. Peter Charissé said, The insights and opinions expressed by industry experts and opinion leaders in the summits of ANGA COM2022 are of great significance for promoting the overall development of the German’s communication industry.


The photos of C-Data’s booth at ANGA COM2022

As a member of the communications industry, C-Data will continue to improve our R&D strength, actively participate in the construction of the German communications industry, and strive to promote the development of the German communications industry.


Anga com2022, C-Data will meet you with the new smart home terminal

ANGA COM2022 will be held in Cologne/Germany at 10 to 12 May 2022, C-Data’s booth is at 7.B67. We sincerely invite you to visit and guide!

As Europe’s leading business platform for Broadband, Television and Online, ANGA COM2022 brings together network operators, vendors and content providers on all issues of broadband and media distribution.


The picture of ANGA COM2019

According to the official announcement of ANGA COM2022, the key topics of ANGA COM2022 include: Gigabit Networks, FTTX, 5G, OTT, Cloud TV, Video Streaming, Smart City and Smart Home.


The picture of ANGA COM2019

As an international well-known supplier of telecommunication equipment and solutions, C-Data has 13 years of experience in the telecommunication industry. In ANGA COM2022, in addition to GPON OLT, XPON DATA ONU, XPON VOICE ONU, which are used in FTTH, FTTP, video surveillance network, enterprise LAN, Internet and other scenarios, we will also launch a new Smart home terminal products ONU+OTT.


The picture of C-Data ONU+OTT product

C-Data FT501GW-A20X is a second generation of FTTH type OTT+ONU+Wi-Fi three in one smart terminal. The ONU Part supports EPON and GPON two modes access. The ONU automatically switches into the corresponding PON mode by identifying the local OLT mode to complete GPON or EPON adaptive access. The OTT Part adopts amlogic latest chipset (S905Y4), ultra low power consumption, high cost performance.

FT501GW-A20X support live broadcast, VOD and broadband convergence services in one integrated equipment. And it provides a perfect terminal solution and future-oriented service supporting capabilities for FTTH deployment.

Know more details, join C-Data at booth 7.B67! Accessing the world with Cloud-data,let’s promote the development of the world with communication!

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ANGA COM2022, join C-Data at booth 7.B67!

C-Data Angacom 2022_Banner_Website_1920x800 article

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

ANGA COM2022 will be held in Cologne, Germany from May 10 to 12. C-Data’s booth is at 7.B67. We sincerely invite you to visit and guide!

ANGA COM is Europe’s leading business platform for Broadband, Television and Online. It brings together network operators, vendors and content providers on all issues of broadband and media distribution.

ANGA COM’s key topics include: Gigabit Networks, FTTX, 5G, OTT, AppTV, Cloud TV, Video Streaming, Smart City and Smart Home.

As an international well-known telecommunication equipment provider, C-Data will launch new products such as GPON OLT FD1608S-B0-BDA0, XPON DATA ONU FD511GW-X-R361, XPON VOICE ONU FD602GW-DX-R410 , ONU+OTT in booth 7.B67 to provide cost-effective network solutions for FTTH, FTTP, video monitoring network, enterprise LAN, Internet of things and other application scenarios.

Accessing the world with cloud-data, C-Data looks forword to your visit to ANGA COM2022. Let’s share the industry’s cutting-edge knowledge and advanced products, and jointly contribute to a better future for the intelligent world.

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C-Data will attend CAN Info-Tech2022 in Nepal

The 27th CAN Info-Tech will be held in Bhrikuti Manap , Exhibition Road , Kathmandu from April 20 to April 25, 2022. C-Data is waiting for you at booth A15!
C-Data CAN Info 2022_Banner_Website_1920x800

As a platform for exchanging knowledge, skills and technologies in the field of information technology, CAN Info Tech aims to “put Nepal on the global IT map” and comprehensively display cutting-edge trends and solutions such as network and cloud computing, ICT training and solutions, wireless solutions and so on.

As an international well-known communication equipment provider, C-Data will launch new products such as GPON OLT FD1608S-B0-BDA0、XPON DATA ONU FD511GW-X-R361、XPON VOICE ONU FD602GW-DX-R410 in booth A15 to provide cost-effective network solutions for FTTH, FTTP, video monitoring network, enterprise LAN, Internet of things and other application scenarios.

We sincerely invite you to attend CAN Info-Tech 2022 and discuss industry trends and hot topics with Nepal industry elites and opinion leaders.


C-Data attended Convergence India 2022

From March 23 to 25, 2022, the 29th convergence India 2022 was grandly held in New Delhi, India. As one of the most influential expositions in India, convergence India 2022 aims to assemble the latest technologies and cutting-edge trends in telecommunications and mobile, broadcasting and digital media, embedded systems and other industries.


In this exhibition, “digital transformation” is a hot topic in the industry. Ms. Chandrika Behl, general manager of India exhibition group, stressed that this year’s Expo is of great significance to the industry and even the whole country. Digital transformation is driving the development and progress of all industries and will play a key role in writing India’s growth story.


Accelerating digital transformation requires the wide application of new infrastructure such as 5g, optical communication and data center, as well as the application of cloud network integration, wireless access and other technologies.

As an international well-known communication equipment provider, C-Data has 12 years of experience and technology accumulation in the field of optical communication. During the exhibition, C-Data launched 4PORT GPON OLT, 1GE ONU, 1GE+1FE+1POTS ONU, FTTH and other products and solutions, which were not only highly praised by many exhibitors, but also of great significance to promote India’s digital transformation.


In the future, C-Data will continue to respond to the needs of the Indian market, enable the new normal of India’s digital transformation, and promote the new upgrading of India’s communication industry.

Andina Link2022-picture2

C-Data’s GPON OLT was showed in Andina Link2022

From March 9 to 10, 2022, Andina Link 2022 was held in Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Andina Link is the prestigious International Fair of Telecommunications and Convergent Technologies, has positioned itself as the preferred place for negotiations and networking of the industry in Latin America.

Andina Link2022-picture1
As an international high-tech enterprise integrating the development, manufacturing and sales of communication equipment, C-Data has always maintained close cooperation and exchanges with excellent partners all over the world. But since the beginning of 2020, the world has been affected by COVID-19 in turn. Face-to-face communication of products and industry information has become very difficult for everyone.

Fortunately, the epidemic situation has improved this year, and Andina Link 2022 can be held as scheduled. We can finally meet our friends in Latin America by taking the opportunity of our products.

Andina Link2022-picture2

C-Data had thought that we would be a little rusty if we hadn’t seen each other for a long time. However, we didn’t expect that the friends all showed great interest in C-Data’s new products and network solutions such as GPON OLT, XPON DATA ONU、EYDFA. In particular, GPON OLT FD1608S-B0 products of GPON OLT series have attracted a crowd of onlookers.

The person in charge of C-Data’s booth said: This GPON OLT FD1608S-B0 has high performance, small volume, flexible use and simple deployment. It can not only meet the requirements of compact computer room for equipment performance and size, but also meet the requirements of access network and enterprise network for improving network performance and reducing power consumption.

Andina Link2022-picture3

A humorous exhibitor asked: according to you, can I use it not only in the company, but also at home?

The person in charge of C-Data’s booth responded kindly: if you are willing to do so, of course it’s no problem. After all, our GPON OLT FD1608S-B0 can be widely used in radio and television three in one network, FTTP (fiber to the premise), video surveillance network, enterprise LAN, Internet of things and other scenarios. The two scenarios of company and family are nothing at all.

Followed by a burst of hearty laughter.

Andina Link2022-picture4

A well-known enterprise executive once said: all long-term and stable relationships are equal. Growing together is the best secret weapon to maintain a relationship.

In the past few years, C-Data, as a member of the communication industry, has witnessed the rapid development of the communication industry in Latin America and contributed its part to it. In the future, C-Data will continue to carry out product and technological innovation in the torrent of the times, strive to appear in the market with a more brand-new appearance, help the development of the communication industry and meet the bright future of the communication industry.


MWC2022 ended perfectly, and C-Data’s products catched the attention


From February 28 to March 3, MWC2022 (world mobile communication conference) was held in Barcelona as scheduled. As one of the most important events in the global mobile communication industry, this conference focuses on six themes: 5g, cloud network, artificial intelligence, financial technology, Internet of Things and emerging technology, aiming to “connect and release infinite possibilities”.

As a high-tech enterprise integrating the development, manufacturing and sales of communication equipment, C-Data is committed to providing users with comprehensive network solutions and products. In MWC2022, C-Data combined with FTTH, FTTR, Internet of things and other advanced network applications to launch new products and solutions such as OLT, WiFi 6 ONU, WiFi 6 router and CPE.


C-Datas CPE products help the construction of wireless access network


Among the new products launched by C-Data, the new generation CAT4 high-performance wireless router has attracted the attention of many exhibitors. The equipment has strong power and ultra fast operation speed. It can be widely used in rural, urban, hospital, factory, community and other wireless access network fields, and can greatly save the cost of laying wired network.

Many exhibitors said that the new generation CAT4 high-performance wireless router is a mobile access network product tailored for small and micro enterprises and families!


C-Datas PON products are applicable to varied application scenarios


In addition to the new generation of CAT4 high-performance wireless router, the new product GPON OLT FD1616S-B0 has also been highly praised by exhibitors.

GPON OLT FD1616S-B0 has high performance, small volume, convenient and flexible use and simple deployment. It not only meets the requirements of compact computer room for equipment performance and size, but also meets the requirements of access network and enterprise network for improving network performance, improving reliability and reducing power consumption. It can be applied to FTTH, FTTO, FTTR, video monitoring network, Internet of things and other network applications.


Adhere to technological innovation and create a better future


As Li Zhengmao, general manager of China Telecom, said at the mwc2022 round table of digital leadership program, the world is experiencing “three accelerated evolutions”: first, the world economy is accelerating its evolution from industrial economy to digital economy; Second, the development stage of productivity is accelerating from the power age to the computing age; Third, the base of digital economy is accelerating its evolution from connection based network infrastructure to cloud integrated digital information infrastructure.

Facing the future, C-Data will continue to carry out scientific and technological innovation, improve R & D strength, and provide users with high-quality network solutions and products. We look forward to working with you to create a better future for the communication world.


C-Data will attend 29th Convergence India EXPO on March 23-25

29th Convergence India EXPO will be held in Pragati Maidan, New delhi, India from March 23 to March 25, 2022. C-Data will wait for you at booth 5.262, welcome to visit and guide!


With the theme of Digital India- Connecting the Unconnected, Convergence India expo is the ultimate platform for new-age technologies and merging business solutions, enriching the lives of billions of people. The expo serves as an ideal opportunity for professionals, digital innovators, international businesses, telecom, and broadcasting players, as well as leaders from IT, internet, IoT, & Embedded Technology industries to showcase and promote innovations amongst a broader group and to meet and connect with prospective clients and technology leaders.

This exhibition will bring you wonderful contents in Telecom & Mobile communication, Broadcast & Digital Media, Information Technology & Security and other fields.

As a trusted global technology enterprise in the development, manufacturing and sales of communication equipment, C-Data will show you our products 4PORT GPON OLT、1GE、1GE+1FE+1POTS and other products in the exhibition.



xpon onu-1ge+1fe+1pots


C-Data’s Year-End-Party

On January 22, 2022, Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. held the 2021 commendation conference and 2022 Spring Festival Gala through online video live broadcast. More than 460 staff of C-Data attended the meeting.

C-Data's Year-End-Party

Leadership speech

At the meeting, Mr.Alan, chairman and general manager of the company, summarized the completion of the company’s work in 2021 and deployed the plan for 2022.

CEO Alan Cui

Mr.Alan said: C-Data has caught up with a good era, and information and communication, as the necessary demand of society, will never go out of date; After 12 years of efforts and precipitation, we have sufficient technology and experience accumulation. Further forward, there will be many opportunities.

Mr.Alan also said: 2021 is the animal year of C-Data, and 2022 is a new starting point for the company. Standing at the new historical node, we need to fully learn from the past experience and lessons, base ourselves on the present, focus on the future, start over, improve requirements, establish a new mission, pursue the long-term development of the company and individuals, and strive to achieve greater value and achievements in the future.


Awarding link

After the leader’s speech, an exciting awarding session followed. Best Newcomer Award, progress star, excellent employee, conscientiousness award, model worker… Each small trophy silently expresses the affirmation and appreciation of each award-winning colleague’s hard work over the past year.

C-Data Best Newcomer Award

C-Data conscientiousness award

C-Data excellent employee

C-Data model worker


Program link

When it came to the program performance, everyone said: C-Data is really a good place for crouching tigers, hidden dragons.

C-Data Program

In the dance “right answer”, the lovely and cute dance brings everyone’s memory back to childhood;

C-Data Program

Crosstalk “looking for place names” amused everyone forward and backward;


The song and dance “the dearest heart” expresses the ethnic customs incisively and vividly;

C-Data Program

A piano performance “the guide of Moonlight” made the playing boy become the “sweet boy” of the company in an instant;

C-Data Program

Finally, the youthful song “new boy” pushed the atmosphere of the whole party to a climax.


Lottery link

Finally, the most anticipated live lucky draw came. Lipstick, mobile phone, household products… All kinds of prizes are dazzling. Who will the super prize go to? With the countdown of the host, everyone rubbed their hands and looked forward to their names on the screen.

C-Data Lottery

The new year is coming. In Mr.Alan’s words: standing at the new starting point of 2022, we have 12 years of accumulation, we have broad industry development prospects, we have set new goals, and we have higher-level pursuit. As long as we keep our feet on the ground and move forward step by step, we will be able to achieve remarkable results. I look forward to working with you to turn your ideals into reality and shape a better future.

Andina Link-banner

C-Data will attend Andina Link 2022 on March 9-10

Andina Link 2022 will be held in Centro de Convenciones Cartagena de Indias, Colombia from March 9 to March 10,2022. C-Data will wait for you at booth 62, welcome to visit and guide!

Andina Link, with a history of 28 years, is the prestigious International Fair of Telecommunications and Convergent Technologies, has positioned itself as the preferred place for negotiations and networking of the industry in Latin America; with the most impressive trade shows in the region; it is the preferred place to present new trends and the latest technological advances in the industry, it has also stood out for bringing together the highest echelons of the ICT sector, decision makers in government and large companies.

As a trusted global technology enterprise in the development, manufacturing and sales of communication equipment, C-Data will show you our new products GPON OLT FD1608S-B0 , FD512XW ONU, EYDFA(HF3915C-B2) and other products in the exhibition.

Andina Link

GPON OLT FD1608S-B0 completely meet relative standard of ITU G.984.x and FSAN, which is 1U rack-mounted device with1 USB interface, 4 uplink GE ports, 4 uplink SFP ports, 2 10-gigabit uplink ports and 8 GPON ports, each GPON port supports the splitting ratio of 1:128 and provides downstream bandwidth of 2.5Gbps and upstream bandwidth of 1.25Gbps, system support 1024 GPON terminals accessing in for the most.

Andina Link gpon

FD512XW ONU supports EPON/GPON/XPON three modes access. The ONU automatically switches into the corresponding PON mode by identifying the local OLT mode to complete GPON/EPON/XPON adaptive access.

FD512XW have a high reliability and provide quality of service guarantee, easy management, flexible expansion and networking. It fully meets the ITU-T and IEEE technical standards and have good compatibility with third party OLT.

Andina Link eydfa

HF3915C-B2  is new generation Er Yb co-doped optical fiber amplifier.  It can provide up to 40dBm total optical with multiple ports in a 2U rack. 1310/1490/1550 WDM for 1550nm CATV overlay PON system is optional.  It is designed for large-scale distribution of broadband CATV video , or video overlay in a FTTH PON system.

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MWC2022, C-Data makes an appointment with you in Barcelona

MWC Barcelona 2022 (World Mobile Communication Exhibition in Barcelona, Spain, 2022) will be held in Fira2 De Barcelona, Spain, from February 28 to March 3, 2022. C-Data’s booth is 1F17. We sincerely invite you to visit and guide!



MWC Barcelona is one of the most influential mobile communication fairs in the world. It’s where world-leading companies and trailblazers share the latest thought leadership about the progression and future of connectivity. MWC Barcelona is attended by global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, and content owners. It is the place to be seen, exhibit ground-breaking products and technologies, and make remarkable connections with senior decision-makers, creators, and innovators in the industry.

Discover Connectivity Unleashed – the theme for MWC Barcelona 2022 that explores the ground-breaking technologies that will shape our industry. The main contents of the exhibition involve CloudNet, 5G Connect, Internet of Everything, Fintech, Tech Horizon, AI and other fields.

As a trusted global technology enterprise in the development, manufacturing and sales of communication equipment, C-Data will launch our new products such as OLT, OTT+ONU and WiFi 6 Router in this exhibition.

gpon olt

GPON OLT FD1616S-B0 completely meet relative standard of ITU G.984.x and FSAN.

The product has the advantages of high performance, small volume, convenient to use and easy to deploy. It not only meets the requirements of compact computer room for equipment performance and size, but also meets the requirements of access network and enterprise network for improving network performance, improving reliability and reducing power consumption

It can be applied to FTTH, FTTO, FTTR, video monitoring network, Internet of things and other network applications.

wifi6 router

WR525G Wi-Fi 6 Router is a new generation SOHO highperformance wifi6 router.

The multi-oscillator high-gain omnidirectional antenna has a strong ability to pass through the wall and has a wider coverage, making the already strong signal more powerful. MU-MIMO multi device transceiver technology has low delay and stable connection of multiple devices at the same time to ensure a good experience of using multiple devices. MTK chip provides gigabit network interface, 1 Gigabit WAN port and 4 Gigabit LAN ports, supports 2.4G and 5g, and the wireless transmission rate is 1800mbps.

As a new generation of high-end products, WR525G-AX1800 will bring a good use experience for small and micro enterprises, families and other network environments that need high-speed Internet access.


FT501GW-A20X is a second generation of FTTH type OTT+ONU+Wi-Fi three in one smart terminal developed by C-DATA. The ONU Part supports EPON and GPON two modes access. The ONU automatically switches into the corresponding PON mode by identifying the local OLT mode to complete GPON or EPON adaptive access. The OTT Part adopts amlogic latest chipset (S905Y4), ultra low power consumption, high cost performance.

FT501GW-A20X can support live broadcast, VOD and broadband convergence services in one integrated equipment. It provides a perfect terminal solution and future-oriented service supporting capabilities for FTTH deployment.

From February 28 to March 3, 2022, we will wait for you at booth 1F17, Fira2 De Barcelona, Spain! C-Data looks forward to working with you to create a better future for the communication industry.

Company: Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co.,Ltd.

Address: Floor 6, Building F, Songbai Road 1008, Sunshine Community Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen China(518055)

Telephone: +86 755-26014509
Fax: +86 755-26014506
24hour hotline: +86 18138281180
Email: marketing@cdatatec.com
Web: www.cdatatec.com

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Interview with Green: the development status and future development trend of switch industry

Since the first Ethernet switch appeared in 1989, Ethernet switch has developed for more than 30 years. What changes have taken place in the switch industry over the past 30 years? What is the current overall development status? What will happen in the future? We invited Green from switch division of C-Data to solve these puzzles for us.


Jane: What do you think about the overall development of the Ethernet Switch market?

Green:Since the first Ethernet switch appeared in 1989, the Ethernet switch has gone through three stages: hub, bridge and Ethernet switch. It has been developed for more than 30 years.

In this process, its performance and function have been greatly improved. Today’s Ethernet Switch not only complete Layer 2 forwarding, but also Layer 3 forwarding based on IP addresses. There are even Ethernet Switch working on four or higher layers.

Secondly, Ethernet Switch have been widely used in a variety of network scenarios. It exists in the home network, enterprise network, ISP network and even the Internet.

At the same time, with the rise of new technologies such as 5G,IoT, WIFI6, Cloud Data Center, the Ethernet Switch market also encounters new opportunities and challenges. For example, in our safe cities and IoC(Intelligence of City), bandwidth requirements have become greater.


Jane: Therefore, in the past many years of development, there are more and more types of Ethernet Switch, which can be used in more and more application scenarios, and the market demand is also growing.

Green:Yes, under the development trend of interconnection of all things and data network, switch, as a key equipment, is widely used and has huge market demand.



Jane: Now that the market demand for Ethernet Switch is growing, what is the growth rate?

Green:About this question, we can analyze it from two dimensions: domestic market and global market.

Over the past few years, China’s entire information technology construction has been very rapid, so the market demand for Ethernet Switch has been growing fairly fast.

I have seen a data: the size of China’s switch market increased from 12.25 billion yuan in 2014 to 54.85 billion yuan in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 14.5%. The domestic switch market will continue to grow by 10 digits in the next few years.

Looking at the global market, we can see from the relevant data that in the first half of 2021, the global network market (Switch, Router, WLAN) was 24.8 billion dollars, of which Ethernet Switch accounted for more than 60% and the market grew by 9.3%.

From these data, we can see that domestic market and the global market will continue to grow at a high speed in the future. However, China’s pace of information construction is slightly faster than the global pace, so our growth rate will be higher than the global average.


Jane: What are the characteristics of demand in the current switch market?

Green:I think there are several main aspects.

First, the price competition is very fierce, and the switch industry has become the Red Sea market. After so many years of development, the industrial chain of Ethernet Switch has been very mature, the technical threshold has been reduced, and market demand still exists, thus attracting a large number of manufacturers to enter this industry. When customers can choose too many products, price competition between manufacturers and manufacturers will be fierce, and even irrational competition will occur.

The principle of C-Data is to meet customer’s needs with high quality products and comprehensive service capabilities, we do not participate in vicious competition. Especially since the impact of the epidemic since 2020, international and domestic supply chain tension trend appears, raw material prices rise significantly, irrational price competition is to drink poisons to quench thirst.

The second feature is that the industry segmentation is very obvious. For example, the security industry and the education industry use different Ethernet Switch. Why is RuiJie doing so well in the education industry? Because they have customized Ethernet Switch for the education industry.

The third feature is that integrated solutions are popular with customers. Now the customer’s demand is not just to purchase a single product, but to get comprehensive solutions and services from the manufacturer.

It happens that this is the unique advantage of C-Data. After the development of 12 years, C-Data focuses on PON(Passive Optical Network) products and services, and has formed a complete R&D, production delivery, technical service system. Switch products and PON products are the key devices of data networks. Customers need both types of products, so our entry into the switch market is in line with customers’expectations for one-stop purchasing and unified technical services.

The fourth feature is the increasing specialization. Especially in cloud services and data center applications, customers have some customized requirements for Ethernet Switch. For example, in some voice service Data Centers, you need to customize some of the features that customers need, including some of the features of their Data Centers.


Jane: Based on the current market characteristics, what do you think will be the future trend of market demand in the switch industry?

Green:With the emergence of 5G, IoT, WIFI6 and other emerging technologies, user demand has changed from front-end access to core exchange. These changes are dominated by bandwidth growth.

The main trends include: from Gigabytes to 2.5G; from 10G to 100G; the types of Ethernet Switch also range from general access switches to gateway switches of the IoT, PoE switches, cloud management switches, SDN switches, etc.


Jane: What can we do in the face of such demands and changes? Or what have we done?

Green:In the face of changes in market demand, we have made corresponding preparations.

To meet the requirements of 5G, WIFI6 and other technologies for large bandwidth, we have introduced 10G uplink access switches.In the middle of  next year, we will also launch 2.5G switches.

In terms of comprehensive solutions, we will combine our existing products to provide some partial solutions. For example, cloud storage, routers and other products are used to build LAN solutions for smart home.

54 ports switch


Jane: What’s the best switch product for C-Data at the moment? What are the advantages of this product?

Green:At present, industrial switches are the most frequently asked for quotes in C-Data’s switch products.

But the hotest product is the 5,8-port MINI switch, which is an unmanaged switch. It has the advantages of plug and play, Gigabit rate, green energy saving, compact and space saving, so it is very popular in the market.
Jane: C-Data‘s switch product line is not perfect yet. What is the plan for the future?

Green:At present, our products are mainly targeted at the business market, which can meet most of the network access layer application scenarios in enterprise, security, transportation, electricity, energy and other industries.

There are two main product series, one is Commercial Switch and the other is Industrial Switch. Commercial switches are dominated by 24,48-port access layer switches. Industrial switches are mainly 4,8,16-port access layer switches.

Our recent strategy is to do a good job in the access layer, which is one of the most demanded switches. The focus of product development in the future will be on the development of ISP level switches.


Jane: There are already many Ethernet Switch brands on the market. Is it too late for C-Data to produce a Ethernet Switch now?

Green:There is an old Chinese saying, “Good food is not afraid of late”.

C-Data decided to produce Ethernet Switch, not just for a moment. As early as 2019, we have been planning the product line of the switch, but this year we formally established the switch business.

There are so many switch brands in the market, why should we do it?

There are two reasons: one is based on market demand, the other is based on our existing technology accumulation.

From a market perspective, we make Ethernet Switch just in time. In the special market background of global chip shortage and rising raw material prices, many manufacturers are unable to cope with it for a while, resulting in difficulties in product delivery and unsatisfactory customer needs. After 12 years of development, C-Data has been able to cope with such market changes in product development, production delivery and technical services.

In an occasional opportunity, an Indian customer who has long purchased our PON products told us that they have a need to buy switch products, but because of the shortage of global chips, the supplier with whom they had previously cooperated has had difficulties supplying them. The manufacturer has priority in guaranteeing the supply of other large orders and is unable to complete their orders.

After trying to cooperate with us in switch products, they expressed excitedly that C-Data can not only help them solve the problem of order delivery and ensure a stable supply. Services of one-stop purchasing can also greatly help them to save manpower, material resources, financial resources and time costs in the freight process. After long-term cooperation, they are also very confident about our professional technical support team.

Therefore, the success of this cooperation tells us that providing customers with switch products and services is a win-win move for both us and customers.


Jane: Our PON products are already well known in the market, but our switch products are always in doubt because they are just starting to do it. What do you think?

Green:In the face of any new thing, the market needs a reaction process, and it is normal for customers to have such doubts.

We have been producing Ethernet Switch for a short time, but at present, through extensive publicity and active sample delivery, more and more customers have expressed considerable interest in our Ethernet Switch.

Moreover, in the process of product promotion, we found that our PON product customers are often the first to accept our switch products because they have already purchased our PON products and recognized our quality, delivery ability and customer service. Therefore, as an excellent business card, PON plays a very positive role in the process of customers understanding our switch products.

The company has support, sales are enthusiastic, we have confidence in our products, how can we not succeed?

White Paper on the Development of Broadband in China-1

Sharing and discussion about  “China’s broadband development white paper”

The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology is the most important research institute in the field of information and communications (ICT) in China. A lot of work has been done on the national development strategy of information communication, independent innovation, industrial policy, industry management, planning and design, technical standards, testing and certification, and on 4G/5G, industrial Internet, smart manufacturing, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, Internet of Vehicles, future network, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality/augmented reality (VR/AR), smart hardware, etc. In-depth research and prospective layout of network and information security are carried out.

On October 15, 2020, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology issued a series of white papers concerning ICT. Among them, the white paper on broadband development in China (2020) combines the measures and effectiveness of broadband development in China from 2016 to 2020, and makes a comprehensive judgment on the evolution trend of broadband development at home and abroad in the future. Based on the challenges of the new and old problems facing the development of broadband, this paper puts forward some suggestions to continuously promote the construction of broadband facilities under the new situation.

The customers of C-Data include many overseas Fix-network operators, ISPs and so on. In order to let overseas customers better understand the development trend of China’s broadband network and learn from China’s experience, C-Data has specifically translated the excerpts related to “Fixed Broadband Access Network” in the “White Paper on China’s Broadband Development (2020)” for you, hoping to help you.


The following contents are selected from China’s broadband development white paper:

As an “information superhighway”, the development level of fixed broadband network has become a “barometer” of the national ICT development level and one of the important indicators to measure the country’s comprehensive national strength. The global trend of accelerating the deployment of fixed network Gigabit is significant, and all countries are actively promoting the process of high-speed broadband network.

According to the data of OVUM , the penetration rate of FTTH in the world is 54% and increasing continuously. All-optical access has become the mainstream of the industry. 234 operators in 57 countries have published Gigabit business, and more than 20 operators have published Gigabit business.

North American cable service providers have a regional competitive advantage by providing access networks up to gigabytes based on coaxial cables and using DOCSIS3.0 technology. The United States developed the earliest, and most operators have introduced Gigabit business, but it is still in the stage of popularization.

European telecom operators still maintain a large number of copper wire access network and operate faster through new technologies such as Vectoring and G.Fast. At the same time, most countries have published Gigabit business, but the overall development is slightly slower in Asian countries such as China, Japan and South Korea. For example, Spain’s all-optical network plan will cover 100% of the country’s population in 2021; The German Gigabit Strategic Plan will have full Gigabit access capacity in 2025.

Japan, South Korea and Singapore in Asia started later than the United States, but they are developing rapidly and have entered the later stage of Gigabit development, with the coverage of Gigabit households in Korea and Singapore reaching 93% and 95%, respectively.In other countries, the trend of power companies (with pipeline resources and construction capacity) cooperating with operators to build all-optical access network has gradually emerged in recent years, accelerating the development of high-speed broadband.

In particular, in February 2020, the European Telecommunications Standardization Association (ETSI) established the Working Group on the Fifth Generation Fixed Network (F5G) to study the F5G standards and applications and promote the intergenerational evolution of fixed broadband.

According to ETSI definition, F5G is the fifth generation of fixed network represented by 10G PON access, Wi-Fi6 and 200G/400G transmission technology. It contains three main application scenarios: GRE (High Reliability Experience), eFBB (Enhanced Fixed Bandwidth), FFC (All-Optical Connection), and opens a new era of optical connectivity from optical fiber to home to rooms, desktops, parks, factories and even machines.

China is leading the world in the basic advantage of optical network, and is entering a new Gigabit ultra-wide stage represented by 10G PON technology. In 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information launched the “Double G Double Tip” action, which pushes the dual fixed and mobile broadband into the Gigabit era, providing basic network guarantee for innovation and promotion of high-bandwidth applications.

Basic telecommunication operators responded positively and proposed clear plans for the development of Gigabit optical network successively. At present, Gigabit broadband access network has been deployed in more than 300 cities throughout the country, covering more than 80 million household users. Most provincial telecommunication operators have issued Gigabit commercial packages, and more than 2.7 million National Gigabit broadband access users. In just five months, the number of new users exceeded last year’s total number of users (870,000).

Beijing Mobile will accelerate the construction of F5G and create thousands of double Gigabyte boutique communities throughout the city. Guangzhou Telecom and Huawei released the industry’s first FTTR White Paper, which guarantees Gigabit broadband full house coverage through an all-optical home network solution. Hangzhou Mobile released the “Double 5G” Digital City White Paper to consolidate the solid base of the digital economy.

In the next five years, optical access networks will accelerate into the Gigabyte era. The 10G PON passive optical network technology is characterized by large bandwidth and wide coverage. A single system can provide Gigabyte access for 30-40 families, making it the preferred technology choice for operators all over the world when deploying high-speed optical access networks.

China’s Gigabit Broadband will continue to expand its coverage to achieve multi-scenario applications such as home, enterprise, business and factory manufacturing, connect a large number of devices and terminals, and provide users with stable and high-speed bandwidth access capacity. Specifically, the future construction and development of optical access network will focus on the following three aspects:

(1) Gigabit Speed Up: Targeting home Gigabit rate access, fully using 10G PON technology; Gigabit wireless local area network (WLAN) is used in home scenarios to increase the endpoint access rate and provide Gigabit bandwidth to user terminals in conjunction with 10G PON.

(2) Fibre to Everywhere: In the physical layer, the scene of optical connection extends from home to thousands of industries, including optical fiber to room, industrial PON (industrial optical network, optical fiber to machine), optical fiber to park enterprises (various types of government enterprises, parks, education, power, transportation and other vertical industries), through a new generation of high performance, high integration, Low power photoelectric chips and algorithms to ensure fast response, low latency, high reliability and safety in industrial level.

(3) Ultimate experience: Through the application of large data collection, edge computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, plus end-to-end network slicing, multi-level scheduling and guarantee algorithm, to provide different and accurate service guarantee for different users and different businesses, and to enhance users’business experience.



Each country has different national conditions and broad development stages, but based on 10G PON as well as higher-speed passive optical network technology, which provides up to Gigabytes of optical access per household, the construction of broadband access network around Gigabyte speed-up, optical connectivity and ultimate experience is undoubtedly the mainstream development direction in the world. Gigabit access to the home and dual Gigabit access to mobile and fixed networks are currently in its infancy, and it will take at least 5 to 10 years for the experiment, promotion and popularization to take place.

According to the relevant statistics, in the current purchasing market of broadband access devices, 2.5 GPON ONU products are still the mainstay of the market and account for at least 70% of the total market share. However, in OLT products, the market share of 10G PON OLT ports is increasing year by year.

Compared with China, North America, Japan and South Korea, the permeability of optical access in Southeast Asia and South America is low. Providing GPON-based optical broadband access remains the main demand for a long time.


Source material: The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology: White Paper on the Development of Broadband in China (2020)


What is the relationship among 5G、F5G and WiFi6?

Introduction: Recently, 5G, F5G, WiFi6 have become hot topics in the communications industry. But what is the difference and the relationship between them? What are the main applications? In this issue, let’s discuss this topic together.


  1. WiFi6 is one of the core technologies of F5G

Since December 2019, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) established the F5G Industry Specification Group (ISG), which defines three major features of F5G: enhanced fixed broadband (eFBB), all-optical connection (FFC), and guaranteed reliable experience (GRE). F5G aims at all-optical network and takes 10GPON, WiFi6, 200G/400G, next generation OTN as representative technologies. The technical support of F5G gigabit optical fiber pushes all human beings to a new era of “extreme speed interconnection” and “optical link everything”.

At the same time, F5G technology provides the possibility for many new scenarios to land. Different application scenarios also have more and more differentiated requirements for network services. These requirements also prompt and promote the development of technologies such as WiFi6 , 10G-PON, 200G/400G ultra-high speed transmission technology, next generation OSU-OTN.

Wi-Fi 6, the 6th generation wireless technology, IEEE 802.11 ax, is a new generation wireless network technology introduced in 2009. With the development of Wi-Fi for 20 years, the latest Wi-Fi 6 has reached a maximum transmission rate of 9.6 Gbps, which is between 900 times that of the first generation WiFi 1.

Compared with previous generation WiFi 5, WiFi6 has the following characteristics: it supports 1024QAM modulation, has higher bandwidth utilization and transmits more data; Using OFDMA technology, the utilization of spectral resources is further improved, and the transmission efficiency and speed are improved. A more complete upstream and downstream MU-MIMO is used to achieve multi-terminal connection. Supports “TWT” technology to save power; Support spatial reuse technology, more anti-jamming.


2. 5G and F5G cooperate with each other

Compared with 5G, F5G has higher bandwidth, lower network latency by 90% and higher security stability by 99.999%. Therefore, the interweaving of 5G and F5G constitutes the dual network parallel between the sky and the ground in the era of optical union.

The applications of 5G and F5G complement each other. Although 5G has some deficiencies in network bandwidth, it is more mobile and multi-connected, so it is more suitable for mobile networks such as unmanned aerial vehicles and the Internet of Things in vehicles. The fixed connection of F5G performs better in the connection of industrial parks and data centers due to its large bandwidth, low latency and high reliability. It is also supported by Wi-Fi 6, making F5G suitable for many indoor applications at the same time.

F5G provides basic support for 5G. 5G is mainly used in terminals, which connect to base stations wirelessly. However, the connection between base station and access network, convergence network and transmission network still depends on fixed optical network, so F5G is one of the important foundations for the flourishing development of 5G.


3. Main Application Scenarios

In practical applications, F5G performs better than 5G in high bandwidth, low delay, low jitter, anti-jamming and high reliability, while 5G has more advantages in mobility and number of connections than F5G. For example:

In areas such as smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, cloud games, and smart finance, 5G is very sensitive to time delay and jitter, not enough to meet, and is dominated by F5G. In addition, F5G is more suitable for smart grid and smart mining scenarios because of strong electromagnetic interference from the power grid and weak 5G signal underground in mines and explosion prone.

F5G has the potential to gradually replace 5G in such scenarios as smart agriculture, enterprise cloud, smart government, smart home, smart education, smart oil field and so on. Devices connected to such scenes are mobile, but usually only live in fixed areas. As F5G+WiFi 6 technology becomes more and more popular, 5G will be gradually replaced.

In the fields of Ultra-Definition Video, AR/VR, Live Intelligence, Intelligent Logistics, it belongs to F5G and 5G hybrid scenes according to the terminal and access modes.

Therefore, F5G and 5G work together instead of substituting each other. They are only suitable for different occasions, such as: WiFi access network is usually used at home and in various indoor scenarios, so they can also play a significant role in promoting F5G.



F5G, the conception of the fifth generation fixed network, integrates 10GPON、WiFi6、200G/400G and other technologies to provide optical fiber access and wireless coverage of ultra Gigabit bandwidth . It is an organic combination of optical fiber and wireless.

F5G and 5G not only support each other, but also can be used independently. They are not simple mutual exclusion and substitution. They are intertwined with each other, forming the dual network parallel of fixed network and mobile network in the era of optical fiber connecting everything.


WiFi Mesh (EasyMesh) technology and products

1.The summary of mesh technology

1.1. Whats mesh

WiFi Mesh network (wireless mesh network), also known as “multi-hop” network, is a new wireless networking solution developed based on WiFi technology. Unlike traditional WiFi network, WiFi Mesh network is a network technology based on multi-hop routing and peer-to-peer network, which is a new network structure.

Compared with traditional wireless networks, the transmission distance and mobility of WiFi Mesh network will be greatly improved, especially, it is compatible with the WiFi function. Therefore, WiFi Mesh network is very helpful to increase the transmission distance and mobility of wireless networks, expand the application of wireless networks, and has intelligent features such as network self-organization, automatic repair and roaming.


1.2. Why use Mesh technology

In the traditional wireless network, WiFi technology constitutes the internal network. The terminal joins the network through WiFi. The connection port on the device is Ethernet or optical port. In the network deployment, once the wired distance is determined, the location of the device WiFi will also be fixed. If you want to change the location of WiFi, you need to adjust the corresponding wired network, which is more difficult to operate and consumes a lot of time and wiring costs.

Therefore, the traditional WiFi construction method has the shortcomings of high cost, poor flexibility, complex operation, etc. It is not suitable for building online services in scenarios such as high wireless quality and aesthetics, less maintenance investment and weak wired network. Mesh network only needs to install corresponding subnodes, no need to change the wired network, and it is very convenient and fast to set up a network.


1.3. What are the advantages of Mesh networking over traditional WiFi networking?

Compared with traditional WIFI networking, The scalability and mobility of WiFi Mesh networking has significantly improved. Its self-organizing, self-governing, roaming seamless switching characteristics make WIFI Mesh networking have the following significant advantages:

Simple and fast networking: The installation of Mesh network is very convenient and simple. Connect the main device (controller) to the Internet, place the area that needs online business from the routing agent, and complete the network setup, which is time-saving and convenient. In traditional networking, wired connections are required between each node, which is complex and time-consuming to operate.

Dynamically modify the network layout: When an area needs to add or delete network nodes, only join or remove the corresponding nodes through the ad hoc network nodes. Adding or deleting nodes in traditional networks requires changing physical wiring, which requires a lot of time and material resources.

Flexibility and robustness: When a node in a region fails, the Mesh network will automatically rebuild the network structure to ensure the normal use of the network, without troubleshooting, to avoid the phenomenon that a node fails and results in network congestion in one or more regions.

Suitable scenarios and cost-effective ratio: Mesh network is basically suitable for the current scenarios in traditional networks. In addition, Mesh network has obvious advantages in some scenarios that require fewer wiring, more network nodes and lower costs.

   2. The Mesh products of C-Data

2.1 Introduction to C-Datas Mesh product model

C-Data, as a professional provider of access network products, provides a variety of network construction solutions. In the abundant product line, some C-Data’s ONU products and its subsidiary Ceres router products already support Mesh technology, such as ONU FD604GW-DX, router WR625G, WR535, etc.

2.2 The features of C-Datas Mesh Product

2.2.1 MESH networking method

Mode 1: controller<—>agent1As shown in the diagram, agent1, agent2, and controllers form a WiFi mesh network, in which agent1 and agent2 are child node of the network, and controllers are the primary nodes and the parent nodes of agent1 and agent2. In other terminal devices, such as pc, can enjoy online services through WiFi connection with agent1, agent2, controller.

Mode 2:controller<—>agent<—>agent


As shown in the figure above, controller, agent1, agent2, agent3, and agent4 form a WiFi mesh network. Where agent4 and agent3 are the outermost child nodes, their parent nodes are agent1 and agent2 respectively. Agent1 and agent2 are the innermost child nodes, which share a common parent node controller.


2.2.2 MESH network setup

MESH Network Limitations:

(1) WIFI MESH network has only one controller and can have several agents.

(2) Each node (controller and agent) allows WiFi connections such as phone and PC.

(3) Only one parent node is allowed per agent node.


2.2.3 Features and functions of MESH

a. Role Self-Adaptation


ONU devices have four role attributes:

(1) Run in controller mode as primary node

(2) Run in agent mode as a child node

(3) Run in auto mode, it can play the role of both agent and controller. When the device is connected to the Internet, it plays the role of controller. Otherwise, play the role of agent.

(4) Run in disable mode,turn off the function of EasyMesh

b. Flexible networking


(1) Paired networking

One controller and one agent, after two devices are powered on, press the WPS button of that two device within two minutes, and the two devices will start to automatically network. After successful networking, the two devices turn on automatic networking after power failure, without the need to press the button again.


(2) Network Switching

There are three devices, controller1, controller2 and agent1, among which controller1 and agent1 have been successfully networked; If you want to switch the agent1 network to controller2 at this time, reset the network configuration via WEB UI, and press WPS button to group the network by agent1 and controller2 respectively.


(3) Network expansion

There are three devices, controller1, agent1 and agent2. controller1 and agent1 have been successfully networked. Agent2 is too far away from the controller. If you want to connect to the mesh network through agent1, press WPS button respectively for agent1 and agent2 to connect to the group network.

c. Configuration Synchronization

Through the protocol message of IEEE1905, the SSID configuration information of the controller is synchronized to the access agent.



(1) Agent node sends autoconfig-search message to find controller

(2) After the controller node receives the message, reply to autoconfig-response and return

(3) Agent node sends autoconfig WSC M1 message and reports support capability set

(4) When the controller node receives the message, it replies to the autoconfig WSC M2 message and sends the configuration of the corresponding capability.

d. Network Self-healing


As shown in the figure above, there are three devices, controller1, agent1, and agent2. Agent2 makes up a MESH network by using Agent1 and Controller. When agent1 is powered off, agent2 is disconnected from the MESH network. At this point, agent 2 will re-open the scan (first scan three times on the current channel, and then global scan if not found), attempting to initiate a connection with the scanned node.

e. Topological Data



(1) The device cycle sends Topology Discovery, this message is only sent to neigbor, not forward

(2) Send Topology when a node detects a TOPO change (new link/up, sta assoc/disassoc)

Notification, this message will be Relayed and notified to other nodes

(3) Device actively sends Topology Query to specified node, unicast

(4) Device replies to Topology response, unicast

f. Roaming

Roaming refers to the technology that automatically connects to a better signal strength AP when clients move between the coverage of different APs with the same (wireless network name) SSID in a MESH network.



(1) The default threshold for roaming from Controller to Agent is 20. Roaming occurs when rssi<(20-90)

(2) The default threshold for initiating roaming from the Agent side is 40. Roaming occurs when rssi<(40-90)

Move by:

When the roaming condition is triggered, the node connected by the terminal device disconnects the device through a blacklist, thereby connecting the device to other nodes.

3. The Expectations of Mesh Technology for the Future

Mesh plays an important role in device interconnection under the trends of cloud management, interconnection of everything, and the Internet of Things. Whether in large or small places, Mesh networking is favored by all fields because of its simple and fast networking, dynamic modification of network layout, extremely low construction cost and short construction cycle, saving manpower and manpower, flexibility and robustness. Mesh technology will also continue to optimize and become more intelligent to accommodate more scenarios.

Concluding remarks

With the rapid development of network, the cost, complexity and maintainability of network are more and more stringent in various fields. These requirements constantly urge the existing network to optimize or update, and create new network schemes. Mesh networking is currently a competitive way of networking. C-Data, as a professional provider of access network products, will adopt the latest networking technologies. Our Mesh products are Home ONU, Router product, ONU Mesh can be combined with router Mesh, which is powerful. Thank you for choosing C-Data’s Mesh-enabled devices and discussing Mesh technology with us.


FTTR is too expensive. Maybe you can try CTTR!

Recently, FTTR has become a hot topic in the communication industry. In our last article, we introduced the concept of FTTR and the difference between FTTR and FTTH.

Today, let’s talk about another scheme similar to FTTR.

In the FTTR solution, key devices include FTTR gateways and FTTR slave terminals. The gateway hardware of FTTR consists of ONU part and a Mini single-port OLT part. The ONU part in the gateway run ONU function supporting 10GE PON protocol and connecting to OLT in the Operator’s PON network. The single-port OLT part in the gateway provide user side PON port  for indoor networking with other FTTRs slave terminals.  The fiber network in the FTTR gateway and slave is based on the GPON standard. Both gateway and FTTR slave terminals can provide WIFI access, and support EasyMesh, suppport fix and wireless backhaul .

FTTR is a good indoor networking scheme, but the high cost may be a problem. The price of one gateway plus four slaver FTTR bundle even more than $600. Whether the cost is borne by the operator or the user, we have to admit that it is expensive. So is there another solution? The cost is lower, but it can achieve the networking effect similar to FTTR.

Based on C-Data’s technology reserve, I think there is a solution that meets this need, I call it CTTR(Coax to the Room).

CTTR is the conversion of transmission media from optical fibers to coaxial cables. The gateway (called Master in CTTR) and the terminal (Slaver) are networked by the EOC protocol (HomePlug AV).Because optical fibers are replaced by coaxial cables, there is no need for optical components in the equipment, and coaxial cables are easier to construct than optical cables, it has advantage in cost.


I expanded the table of “What is different of FTTR & FTTH”, and added a CTTR column.

FTTR CTTR Ethernet(UTP) Wireless
Transmission Stability High High High Low
Bandwidth High

Gigabit shared


Gigabit shared




Depends on the quality of the wireless link

Range Sufficient for home

(To be defined)

Sufficient for home

(<40dB Link loss )

<100m Uncertain

(depends on channel)

Manageable Could be managed

(To be defined)

Could be managed by Master No No
Architecture Star & Tree Star & Tree Star & Bus
EasyMesh Wireless or Wire(Fiber) Wireless or Wire(Coaxial Cable) Wireless or Wire(UTP) Wireless
Number of supported terminals 8 (For Home application);

64 (For dense apartment building and office application)

Limited by PON protocol and hardware of Gateway


Limited by Homeplug Protocol

NA Limited by hardware of AC

If you are interested in the scenarios FTTR involves, but you want a solution that is cheaper than FTTR, we can disscuss and promote the CTTR solution together.From the table, we can see that FTTR and CTTR both support star and tree topology, which is suitable for different types of housing networking and better than UTP networking scheme. Moreover, both FTTR and CTTR have a large network range, which can meet the networking needs of families and even buildings. In terms of bandwidth, it can provide stable Gigabit sharing.

difference between managed ethernet switch and unmanaged ethernet switch

What’s the difference between managed switch and unmanaged switch

At present, the switches on the market can be divided into managed switches and non-managed switches. How much do you know about these two types of switches?What is the difference between the two?How should I choose?This article will talk about some of the most common questions about managed and unmanaged switches.

What is managed switch?

The managed switch can monitor its ports,devide VLANS, and set Trunk ports etc. through the console port.Because the managed switch has the characteristics of VLAN, CLI, SNMP, IP routing, QoS, etc., it is often used in the core layer of the network, especially in large and complex data centers.

4ge+2sfp managed ethernet switch

48GE + 6SFP+ l2 commercial managed ethernet switch


What is unmanaged switch?

The unmanaged switch is a plug-and-play Ethernet switch, which does not directly process data.Because the unmanaged switch does not require any settings, it can be used by plugging in the network cable, and it is also called a fool-type switch.

unmanaged ethernet switch

What is the difference between managed switch and unmnaged switch?

Regardless of whether it is a managed switch or a unmanaged switch, they are used for network port expansion and data exchange, but the network managed switch adds a series of management functions on this basis, some of them shown in the following table:

Item Managed switch Unmanaged switch
Configuration needed yes no
VLAN devided yes no
DHCP function yes no
MAC address binding yes no
Port mirroring yes no
ARP protection yes no
SNMP yes no
Flow control yes no


How to choose between managed switch and unmanaged switch?

To ensure the smooth operation of the entire network system, it is very important to choose a suitable switch. So how should one choose between a managed switch and a non-managed switch? You can consider from two aspects of network environment and cost:

In complex data centers and large enterprise networks, the network needs to continuously transmit large amounts of data. At this time, the switch has to undertake thousands of data traffic transmission and management functions. In this case, it is very wise to choose a managed switch.Because the network management switch can perform detection management and user control management on network equipment according to the equipment and users on the switch.

In simple network environments such as small offices, homes, etc., complex management functions are not required, so you can choose unmanaged switches because the price of unmanaged switches is cheaper and more affordable than managed switches.


What is different between FTTR & FTTH?

In recent years, the communication industry has been continuously accelerating the upgrade of optical bandwidth. The continuous improvement of optical access and other network infrastructure has brought convenience to our life. At the same time, innovative business applications are also increasing, such as ultra-high definition video, cloud VR, cloud games, online education, etc. which put forward higher and higher requirements for network bandwidth, delay, jitter and so on.Therefore, FTTR has emerged on the basis of both Fiber-to-Building and Fiber-to-Home.


The conception of FTTR and FTTH

FTTH: Fiber To The Home, it is a transmission method of optical fiber communication. Specifically, FTTH refers to the installation of optical network unit (ONU) at home users or enterprise users.

FTTR: Fiber To The Room, it is a new kind of in-premises networking technology which is based on optical fibre communication.


What is different between the FTTR & FTTH?

At present, fiber to the home is usually completed by the operator’s fiber to the home, excluding the indoor network. Users need to arrange the indoor network by using wireless router, PLC, MOCA and other technologies according to their needs. FTTR is not only an optical fiber into the home, but also an optical fiber network covering all rooms can be established through FTTR equipment.

The application and requirements of FTTR are described in detail in ITU-T GSTP-FTTR document, among which the indoor high-quality WiFi networking requirements are ranked first.

WIFI technology has spread to a wide range of products including computers, PADs, smartphones, televisions and smart speakers. WIFI is an essential part of home networks, and people increasingly rely on WIFI connections to support their network connection needs. In FTTH mentioned earlier, after optical access, we can provide network access for all kinds of WIFI terminals by connecting to self-purchased home routers through the Ethernet port of ONU (insert single-port ONU link) or by integrating WIFI function into ONU with WIFI function.

Since the first version of WIFI standard IEEE 802.11a was released in 1997, WIFI technology has been developing and updating, and the transmission rate has been increasing. Currently, WIFI6 technology supports up to 9.6 Gbit/s. The higher rate WIFI7 (802.11be) standard is also under study.


WiFi version WiFi standards Release time Maximum rate Operating frequency band
WiFi 6 IEEE 802.11ax 2019 11Gbps 2.4GHz 或 5GHz
WiFi 5 IEEE 802.11ac 2014 1Gbps 5GHz
WiFi 4 IEEE 802.11n 2009 600Mbps 2.4GhHz 或 5GHz
WiFi 3 IEEE 802.11g 2003 54Mbps 2.4GHz
WiFi 2 IEEE 802.11b 1999 11Mbps 2.4GHz
WiFi 1 IEEE 802.11a 1999 54Mbps 5GHz
WiFi 0 IEEE 802.11 1997 2Mbps 2.4GHz

WIFI Standards and Version Development

Because of the diversity of housing types and the attenuation of wireless signals by space and walls, it is difficult for a single router to cover the whole house with wireless WIFI signals, so the WIFI Alliance has introduced an EasyMesh solution.

In this solution, multiple Wi-Fi access points (AP) are formed as a local area network (LAN).

Indoor wireless networking for large-sized houses can be achieved by networking multiple wireless routers that support EasyMesh function. However, because Mesh routers are distributed in different rooms and 5GHz signal attenuation is large, the installation point of the router does not guarantee the quality of direct wireless connection between routers and gateways.

When you enjoy the home network services, such as video call,video conference,high-definition video (8k), augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) or hologram in the future, you would like to sit or move freely without causing any inconveniences for service delay, loss connection, etc. So to form such a mesh network with high connection data rate & reliable roaming,FTTR, a fiber-based backhaul link with enough capacity is necessary compare with Wireless or UTP.

FTTR Ethernet(UTP) Wireless
Transmission Stability High High Low
Bandwidth High

(speed upgrade independent to ODN)


(speed upgrade dependent to UTP cable)

Range Sufficient for home

(To be defined)

<100m Uncertain

(depends on channel)

Manageable Could be managed

(To be defined)

No No


Compared with the traditional network technology and FTTH, FTTR (Fibre to The Room) all-optical Wi-Fi network solution allows users to achieve high-speed Internet experience at any time. It can directly extend the optical fiber to every room, and it is the only new technology in the industry that can realize the coverage of the whole house (not just one or two rooms) above Gigabit.


FTTH & FTTR Network


Network provides support for service. High-quality service also takes full advantage of the network. Service and network complement each other. FTTR is a further extension to home network based on FTTH. FTTR has been piloted, but it is still a long way from popularization. It can only develop gradually with the development and popularization of high-definition video, VR/AR, cloud games and other services.




Interview with Anna: that adventurous girl

As the first international sales since C-Data was founded, she overcame many difficulties and led the company to the international market. Over the past 12 years, she has played an inestimable role in the development of the company’s international market.

When I haven’t seen her yet, I thought she was a serious professional, but after chatting with her for one hour, I found that this is an enthusiastic little girl.

What is the secret of becoming a gold medal seller? After reading this interview, you will find that Anna’s success is by no means fortuitous.


1、 About hobbies

“Self discipline is freedom”. The exercise gives us the courage and freedom to challenge the unknown.


Jane: You have a good figure. Do you usually exercise to keep fit?

Anna:I am quite self disciplined. I insist on exercise and fitness on weekdays, so I keep a good figure. I have been engaged in international trade industry since graduation. Usually, whether I am abroad or at home, I only sleep about 6 hours a day. The rest of the time is work, study and fitness. I had children a few years ago, so there was another important thing in my life, looking after children. I really feel a lot of pressure every day with such a pace of life as work, looking after children, study and fitness. Most people will feel overwhelmed under this state, but I’ve been doing physical exercise deliberately before, so it’s OK for me.


Jane: How do you exercise? Do you usually go to the gym? Or do you like playing ball?

Anna: I have a wide range of sports hobbies. I think it is related to my growth environment. I come from Hainan. Hainan is located in the tropical region. People in the tropical region are usually more enthusiastic. I can play table tennis, rock climbing, badminton and all kinds of sports. Now I play more tennis, yoga and hiking.

As long as I can make an appointment with friends, I will plan at least one or two hours a week to play tennis.


Jane: Self discipline is easier said than done. I think sometimes I just want to relax after a day’s work. Will you encounter this situation?

Anna: May be phased.

When I first joined C-Data, I was full of enthusiasm and devoted to my work. I spent most of my time thinking about how to achieve my goals. Basically, I didn’t have much energy to participate in amateur activities. However, although there is little exercise, my spirit is very vigorous.

I think it’s a lucky thing for me to join C-Data. I want to thank all my colleagues and leaders who have worked with me for so many years. Without their encouragement, companionship and guidance, I would not stick to today. Some of my leaders and colleagues are not only charming in personality, but also powerful in professional fields. At the same time, they are also very harmonious in team cooperation.

Working with such excellent colleagues, regardless of sports or not, I have gained a lot of happiness and positive energy.


2、 As sales for more than ten years

“For 12 years with C-Data, C-Data has grown from a small team of several people to a large company of 600+ people, and Anna has also become the cool girl in her ideal.”


Jane: Did you come to C-Data in 2009 or 2010?

Anna: Yes. My job number is 006, and my entry date is very special, June 1, so I’m quite impressed.


Jane: I heard that you were cheated into the company by Mr. Tang. What about this?

Anna: In fact, I joined C-Data by chance.

I came to Shenzhen from Guangzhou to apply for the manager of the International Department of another company. Why did I come to Shenzhen from Guangzhou? After graduated, like everyone else, I was confused about my future. In addition, I am also very conceited. I graduated from a famous university and passed TEM-8. I don’t want to be mediocre. I want to explore and try more. The atmosphere in Shenzhen is young and inclusive, and my sister is here, so I came to Shenzhen.

During the job interview, I happened to meet Mr. Tang and Alan who were also doing business exchanges in that company. I overheard them talking about OLT front-end devices, which attracted me. Because I just sold this equipment before, I know a little about this equipment.

In the previous company, everyone called me Miss PON. Miss PON is the little girl who sells PON. Because in that company, no one was interested in PON. I was the only one with a dictionary every day to study what FTTH and PON were. Finally, I helped the company get several projects. Before 2012, many customers didn’t even have a basic concept of FTTH, but after working in that company for almost a year, I came into contact with its whole workflow.

So when I saw the equipment, I had a brief talk with Alan and Mr.Tang. It was also an opportunity for me. I was appreciated by Alan and he invited me to C-Data for an interview. Unexpectedly, I talked with Alan for two or three hours that afternoon. After the talking, I thought I hoped to work with such a boss, which is a good opportunity for me.

Although I know that I will face many difficulties, I think I can challenge. At that time, I was only twenty-four or five years old. I was still very young and unwilling to find a stable job for the rest of my life. Since I came to Shenzhen, I have to try my best.


Jane: So when you graduate, you also have a period of confusion like many graduates, right? How did you get through that period?

Anna: I think I’ve always been very lucky. Whether it is my family, or my classmates and friends, they are with great enthusiasm and positive energy for life.

But the reason why I am confused is also because of them, because they are too excellent and make rapid progress in their different fields. As a novice in the international trade industry, I seem a little unknown, not as bright as working in state-owned enterprises and banks.

The international trade industry is an industry that no one cares about your past experience. No matter which university you graduated from, no matter how excellent you were before, you have to start from scratch. All your results come from whether you have achieved performance and whether you have been approvaled by customers. People always say “no pains no gains”, but in the field of sales, you may have made a lot of efforts, but you can’t see the harvest. Moreover, the harvest may be accidental. However, it may be fast or long.

I think the growth of FTTH is very slow. I graduated in 2008 and entered the industry in 2009. By 2014, FTTH was still in the process of popularization. At that time, as a salesman, I must have strong toughness and insight to withstand such market pressure.


Jane:in the face of confusion, you first made an exploration, learned your interests, and then adhered to this field so far, right?

Anna:My career confusion period should be in 2009. I think the two mentors in my life helped me a lot at that time.

In 2008, I worked in Guangzhou. My supervisor was very excellent. He was a top sales. His sales philosophy and style of dealing with people had a great impact on me, but I left for some special reasons.

After leaving, it coincided with the financial crisis, and it was particularly difficult  to find jobs. Large companies have many requirements, and you may not want to join small companies, so you have been constantly screening and making choices. After almost half a year, I wanted to give up. I thought I might not be suitable here at all. I was wondering whether to go home and be a teacher. But fate is always playing tricks on people. Just when I was about to give up, the turn came. I casually put in a resume and got an interview.

After entering this company, I was also very lucky. There was a older sister in the company. She had worked in this industry for a few years. She had special personality charm and had her own insight into the international market. I studied with her for half a year.

So generally speaking, there were two excellent soul mentors leading me forward. They gave me professional knowledge in sales and positive spiritual guidance, which played a great role in my later development.

Since I entered C-Data, I have also experienced many things, which has laid a solid foundation for the expansion of the whole international market.


Jane:Back to the point, you joined C-Data in 2009. As a veteran of the company, at the beginning of the establishment of the company, you need to expand customers from scratch. Would you find it difficult at that time?

Anna:It’s not just difficult, it can be said that we have experienced all the things we can experience. But maybe that’s why we can grow together. The more difficulties you experience, the braver you will be.


Jane:What do you think was the most difficult thing at that time? Or is there anything impressive?

Anna:I don’t think what’s difficult is the problem at work, but the embarrassing scene. At that time, the environment of our office was relatively simple. Sometimes, when we meet some customers, their company’s level may be higher than ours. I feel very embarrassed, but I have to face it.

After experiencing these difficulties, in the process of increasing the number of orders, you will feel that you have made a little progress today than yesterday.


Jane:When C-Data was just founded, it was neither famous nor large-scale. In a start-up company, how did you get the trust of the first batch of customers?

Anna:In China, there were few companies that made this product at that time. We did it relatively early, so we were quite famous among our domestic peers.

But in the international market, it was really not famous at all, so it was really difficult for you to make a customer trust you at that time. A few years ago, we mainly relied on salesmen to expand, maintain and persuade customers. Unlike now, there are multimedia platforms that can promote you. But I like this challenge very much, because I think it is a process of gaining trust by relying on the salesperson’s driving ability and coordination ability.


Jane:Our customers in this industry are limited. After obtaining the recognition of some customers, how do you make them your repeat customers? Do you need to take the initiative to maintain these relationships?

Anna:I think it’s not difficult to maintain a relationship. I have worked with my customers for so long. I really treat them as friends. I’m not treating them as clients anymore.

As a salesman, you should not only have perseverance, but also humanization.

In the early stage, you need perseverance in expanding customers. But when you are maintaining customers, you need to be a little humanized to deal with it, combining hardness with softness. No strategy can be applied to every customer. You should make different analysis for different customers. At this point, I think Alan’s market insight is very keen. He will give us a direction


Jane:I heard that you used to go abroad on business by yourself. Will you encounter some difficulties when you go to a distant country?

Anna:In fact, there were few business trips in the early stage, and the occasional business trip was basically in the exhibition. Later, I went on more business trips with my leaders and colleagues. Up to now, I think I should grow up, so I can go on business travel alone when necessary.

When I go on a business trip, I feel that sometimes I need to play a male role. Because our customers are basically mature middle-aged men, including technicians, and there are more men.

So when a girl goes out on a business trip alone, she has to do some

preparation, both physically and mentally.


Jane:If you are on a business trip  alone, you should not only book air tickets, but also arrange the itinerary. After you go there, you have to deal with everything by yourself. As a girl, will you feel insecure?

Anna:Usually not. When I am on a business trip, I will certainly make my schedule on the premise of ensuring my safety. I will not be particularly capricious, but sometimes I will be forced to face such a situation.

On a business trip to a country, there were only tickets that landed in the middle of the night. After landing, it was still a small town. I was dragging my suitcase alone and wanted to find a customer to pick me up. But it was very embarrassing. The customer didn’t know us very well and was embarrassed to cause trouble to others, so I finally took a taxi myself. At that time, the journey of more than ten kilometers was quite frightening, but sometimes you have to face such things. At this time, you should have a sense of self-protection.


Jane:If you encounter a problem, you must find a way to solve it no matter how difficult it is.

Anna:As an international salesperson, you have to face a lot of things. If you even find it difficult to travel and you just want to harvest orders in front of the computer, I guess it’s difficult to make a great achievement. I like to challenge a multi-faceted job rather than a single job. Because I entered this industry because I think I can face different lives, different roles and different things.


Jane:At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 appeared, but you were abroad, and you were alone in the exhibition and customer visit. What was the situation then?

Anna:The business trip was planned long ago. Domestic colleagues were unable to travel because of the epidemic. At that time, I was abroad for the Spring Festival. I took the initiative to go alone. At that time, I didn’t know much about the epidemic situation. I was very worried, but I didn’t want to cancel the planned exhibition and other trips. Because COVID-19 was first discovered in Wuhan, customers who have made an appointment to meet will also be worried and ask you repeatedly: where are you from? Have you been isolated for more than 14 days? Some customers will cancel the trip directly. It was also very sad at that time, but I think this is a kind of growth. You should face it bravely.

On the other hand, I was also very happy, because there were very few people who could travel at that time, but I was still on the front line and helped the company win a lot of resources.

In March, even if I wanted to return home, I couldn’t come back. My flight was cancelled all the time. Finally, I didn’t return home until August. Fortunately, although I was stranded abroad, my work did not seem to be affected. Because of the time difference, I basically work from morning to night, so I had a very busy and fulfilling life last year. If I were asked to rate myself for the past year, I think I passed. I managed my time very well.

The epidemic is a difficulty, but we should also face it actively.


Jane:Here comes another question I want to ask: after working for several years, many people begin to feel powerless about many practical problems, so they slack off. For example, the topics of “involution” and “muddle along” which were very hot discussed some time ago. How do you maintain your enthusiasm for work? What keeps you moving forward?

Anna:In fact, after working for a few years, everyone will be a little slack in life and work.

I think everyone will have moments of success and failure, especially failure and loss. At work, I also experienced a depressed period, but I allowed myself to have this emotion. At this time, you may need some external forces to guide you, but you still rely on yourself more often.

As a sales, this situation often happens. You can’t always cheer at the top of the victory, but often linger at the bottom.


Jane:So even if you look very bright now, the whole process and path of development are full of twists and turns. There will be both highlights and troughs.

Anna:This is one of the advantages of salesman. You don’t have a chance to “involution”, let alone “muddle along”. The whole industry and your partners will constantly push you to face the surrounding environment.

Maybe you’re thinking about something and a lot of crises are coming. For example, a new competitor suddenly appears, or a customer suddenly says he needs you to help him solve the problem. Therefore, I think the phenomenon of “involution” and “muddle along” mentioned by the media is actually very normal and common. But as for whether to choose to roll in or lie flat, I personally think it depends entirely on your own attitude. You can’t go with the flow. You should have your own judgment and positioning and know what you want.

Even if you don’t have a long-term goal, you should have a short-term goal. How long do you allow yourself to fail? Set yourself a deadline. Because people can’t always be in an excited state, you should not only allow yourself to have highlights, but also allow yourself to be lost. Others can criticize you, but you must not deny yourself.


3、 About industries and companies

“They are my strongest backing.”

Anna in CIOE

Jane:I think your attitude is very tolerant . Is this tolerant attitude related to your contact with all kinds of people, or?

Anna:About tolerance, I think my mentor is Alan. In the early stage of expanding this market, I was a particularly radical salesman. Many times, Alan always guided me to be more tolerant.

What impressed me was what he said to me: Anna, you must accept that others will make mistakes.

Up to now, I often say this sentence to myself. I allow myself to make mistakes, and I also allow others to make mistakes. But I will know how many mistakes are allowed and where the bottom line is.

Now when I encounter some more problems, I can deal with them with a more peaceful attitude. I won’t say that I am as unruly as I was then. How to face and solve the problem next? This is what I will think now. I think the communication industry is also an inclusive industry. Over the years, you will see different new people come in, but many familiar faces are still there.


Jane:Not to mention the industry, I feel that colleagues in all departments of our company also have their own characteristics. For example, colleagues in the technical support department will be relatively calm, and colleagues in the sales department will be very enthusiastic.

Anna:I think it has something to do with our corporate culture. When facing problems, we like to deal with them in a humorous way. We get along very well. We will not blame each other and shirk responsibility when we encounter problems, but will give each other some support and strength to face them together.

Speaking of this, I am also very grateful for the colleagues of technical support and R & D. Over the years, we’ve been like family. No matter what the problem is, as long as I throw out the problem, everyone will solve it with me. They are my strongest backing.


Jane:What do you think of the current market of communication industry and the future development of our company?

Anna:I think the communication industry has always been a sunshine industry. People can’t live without communication. There will be more and more demand for communication, so it will continue to change.

For example, with the rise of 5g mobile communication technology, its peripheral products and supporting service facilities will certainly rise to promote the development of the whole industry. So I’m optimistic about the development of the communication industry. I’m glad I chose this industry.

For our company, at present, there are still great prospects for the development of our company. According to the feedback from customers and the market, there are still many demands for new products and new technologies. Some new products and technologies will be developed in the next 2-3 or 5 years.

Having been with the company for so many years, I believe we can develop better and better. But at the same time, I hope we can build our own brand. When I stand in front of customers one day in the future, customers can recognize our brand of C-Data . I hope my little wish can be realized as soon as possible.


4、 Anna in life

“Just be yourself.”


Jane:It is said that you already have children. In recent years, “tiger mother” and “push kids to be the best” are very popular in China. For children’s education, everyone doesn’t want their children to lag behind others when they are young. You have been to so many countries and met so many different people. Do you have any different views on children’s education?

Anna:In education, I’m a little chilled. I pay more attention to children’s communication skills, social skills, emotional ability, and the expansion of interests and hobbies.

As for study, it doesn’t matter even if their grades are not best. What I care about most is attitude. When you study, you study hard. If you want to play, you play wholeheartedly. This may have something to do with the foreign atmosphere. I hope he can grow up slowly and become independent, rather than parents convey the pressure to him.

Especially in the area of interests, I respect the children’s ideas.


Jane:I think you and Ms. Dong Mingzhu have something in common. You are very brave and courageous, so I think your success is inevitable. What do you think of yourself?

Anna:Compared with Dong Mingzhu, I am still a junior.

I think one of the similarities between me and her may be that I look very strong. Many of my clients, their first impression of me is that I look like a strong woman. But after more contact with me, they will feel that the little girl is very kind.

When I work, I will be very persistent, but in life, I still attach great importance to feelings. Maybe this is the multifaceted nature of people.


Jane:As an excellent working lady, do you have any experience or suggestions for females or everyone?

Anna:I am very afraid of ease. I especially like challenges. As a girl, I am also learning these points.

The first point is economic independence. It does not mean how strong you should be, but that your income should at least be able to maintain your life.

The second is ideological independence. As you just said, I’ve always been strong and brave, but in fact, I’m afraid I can’t do many things when I get old. So I will treat every day as the last day of my life, as said in the book. Since you don’t know what will happen tomorrow, live today first.

The third point is that people must continue to learn and enrich themselves. In fact, I am lazy, but I will listen to audio books. I will make friends and travel. In these processes, I will also think about some things.

Finally, I think as women, we should maintain our love for life. Constantly cultivate your interests, explore some new knowledge, maintain your curiosity about the world, and then keep pace with the times and don’t go with the flow.

Now my goal in life is to try what I haven’t tried as much as I can. Even if I get old one day, I won’t have regrets. I also hope the epidemic will end soon so that I can go out and enrich myself. Sometimes people may ask me: what makes you so passionate that you can persist in an industry for so long. I think the key is that you must go out. You can’t be a frog at the bottom of a well.

As international sales, we can easily fall into a misunderstanding: it is dangerous to face a computer and a mobile phone all day without looking at the surrounding environment. I will observe the surrounding market and environment to see what others are doing. I also want to know whether I can achieve this goal set by the company and what I can do beyond this goal. This is my favorite way, but I don’t mean that everyone should be like me, but everyone should explore and find their own way.

“It’s never too old to learn”,it is really important.

Test Environment Topology Diagram

What is WiFi6?WiFi6 Vs WiFi5 in Performance

As the primary choice of millions of internet users, Wi-Fi technology has to elevate its performance to satisfy the bandwidth requirement in such fast-developing network communication surroundings. And as the latest generation of Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi 6 has greatly improved in every aspect. Let’s learn more information about Wi-Fi technology and its related products from C-DATA.

About Wi-Fi 6 Technology

Wi-Fi 6 (Original Called: IEEE 802.11.ax) means the six-generation wireless internet technology; it is the standard call of Wi-Fi. In the coming 5G era, the advanced Wi-Fi 6 technology meets the rigorous requirement of bandwidth. It is widely used on the internet due to its convenient organizing network as the terminal network unit.

Wi-Fi 6 uses the innovative technology of MU-MIMO and OFDMA. MU-MIMO changes the communication style from single-device to multi-device. And OFDMA technology greatly improves the data transmission efficiency and network capacity. So compared with previous Wi-Fi technology, Wi-Fi 6 has more advantages as below:

  • High Rate: The maximum transmission rate of Wi-Fi 6 is 9.6Gbps, which is the triple efficiency of Wi-Fi 5. Wi-Fi 6 also has a larger data capacity and wider frequency bands, making it adapt to all the devices no matter low or high speed.
  • Low Latency:MU-MIMO technology of Wi-Fi 6 allows multiple users to communicate in uplink and downlink simultaneously. OFDMA technology also allows different users to share the same channel to shorten the data interaction response time.
  • Wide Connectivity: Adding a coloring mechanism, Wi-Fi 6 labels each device and its data accordingly. So that there is no confusion in transmitting, it can meet the multi-user scenarios and achieve high-speed transmission.
  • High Security: Wi-Fi 6 uses the upgraded version WPA3, which has higher security in preventing illegal network attacks.
  • Power Saving Mode: Wi-Fi 6 uses Target Wake Time (TWT) technology. It allows planning communication time between two devices, so it helps to save power consumption by reducing signal search time.

With the development of wireless technology, Wi-Fi 6 will become more and more popular in the future. A new generation of wireless communication equipment based on Wi-Fi 6 is in high demand to catch the trend. C-DATA commits to satisfy users in enjoying new Wi-Fi 6 technology by innovative wireless communication equipment. In the next step, let’s check how C-DATA Wi-Fi 6 products can meet your need.

About C-DATA Wi-Fi 6 Products

The home router is an essential network unit at the access end of the internet. As the network entry terminal and the closest network device to the users, the router’s performance greatly affects the user experience.

To adapt to the development of global 5G networks and meet the requirement of low latency in using the wireless device, C-DATA’s CERESTEC router is equipped with Wi-Fi 6 technology. Compared to previous routers, the CERESTEC router adds the 802.11ax mode and WPA3PSK mode option. It allows users to complete a faster and more secure Wi-Fi experience through an easier configuration. The router is also compatible with different modes so that users can cut to the required mode easily.

Here, we have a randomized trial on Wi-Fi 6 router of C-DATA’s CERESTEC Antenna 2X2 model WR525-AX1800:

  1. Test Purpose: 802.11ax mode vs. 802.11ac mode
  2. Test Samples: C-DATA’s CERESTEC router WR525-AX1800, oneset
  3. The Involved Tools and The Hitting Stream Environment: Shield Box, Wi-Fi 6 AX200 network card, IxChariot, two sets of personal computers
  4. Test Environment Topology Diagram as Figure 1:
Test Environment Topology Diagram

Figure 1

      5.Wi-Fi 6 AX200 NIC connected to WR525-AX1800 router with 5G wireless, IxChariot creates ten new streams, running steams for 2 minutes.

  • 11ac mode

LAN to Wi-Fi, the actual negotiated rate of the NIC is 866Mbps, the measured rate chart as Figure 2:

802.11ac mode

Figure 2


Wi-Fi to LAN, the actual negotiated rate of the NIC is 866Mbps, the measured rate chart as Figure 3:

Wi-Fi to LAN

Figure 3

LAN to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi to LAN at the same time. The actual negotiated rate of the NIC is 866Mbps, and the measured rate chart as Figure 4:

LAN to Wi-Fi

Figure 4

  • 11ax mode

LAN to Wi-Fi, the actual negotiated rate of the NIC is 1Gbps, the measured rate chart as Figure 5:

LAN to Wi-Fi

Figure 5

Wi-Fi to LAN, the actual negotiated rate of the NIC is 1Gbps, the measured rate chart as Figure 6:

Wi-Fi to LAN

Figure 6

LAN to Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi to LAN at the same time. The actual negotiated rate of the NIC is 1Gbps, and the measured rate chart as Figure 7:

LAN to Wi-Fi

Figure 7

         6.Running stream data of 802.11ax mode and 802.11ac mode as Form 1

Test Item Mode RX(Mbps) TX(Mbps) RX+TX(Mbps)

LAN   Wi-Fi

802.11ac-20MHz 143 142 148
802.11ac-40MHz 350 343 348
802.11ac-80MHz 714 703 723

LAN   Wi-Fi

802.11ax-20MHz 201 226 220
802.11ax-40MHz 410 436 420
802.11ax-80MHz 821 846 830

Form 1

In the same broadband transmission condition, 802.11ax’s protocol transmission rate is faster, and its carry capacity is bigger than 802.11ac’s.

Here, there are some Wi-Fi 6 capable router devices from C-DATA for selection.

No. Router Form Router Model Router Feature Support Description
1 4x Gbps LAN+1x Gbps WAN+ 4 Internal Antenna+ Dual-band WR525G-AX1800 1. Support WPA3PSK Encryption Mode,2.4/5G support technology 802.11ax mode, can be switched to 802.11ac/an 802.11b/g/n mode

2. Support WISP/Repeat mode

3. Support Wi-Fi6 wireless Mesh networking

2 2x Gbps LAN +1x Gbps WAN+ 4External Antenna+Dual-band WR535G-AX1800 1. Support WPA3PSK encryption mode, 2.4/5G support technology 802.11ax mode, can be switched to 802.11ac/an 802.11b/g/n mode

2. Support WISP/Repeat mode

3. Support Wi-Fi6 wireless Mesh networking



With the popularity of information technology, Wi-Fi wireless communication technology is widely used in communication products. Wi-Fi 6 products are available in home routers and other terminal products step by step. As a professional access network products supplier, C-DATA will certainly adopt the latest communication technology in our products and supply customers more user-friendly products.

gitex 2021

C-Data Will Participate in GITEX 2021

2021 Dubai electronics show GITEX (GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2021) will be held in Dubai International Convention Center from October 17 to 21, 2021. C-Data will wait for you at booth Z3-C15. We sincerely invite you to visit.

GITEX 2021

As a professional communication equipment manufacturer, C-Data will show our new products to you at booth Z3-C15.This time, we will focus on showing you industrial switches, home routers, private cloud storage and POL PON products.


CI4084GS-POE is a high-performance Managed Industrial Ethernet POE Switch, which complies with FCC,CE,and ROHS standards.It has many characteristics, such as fanless & quiet, redundant dual power supply, supporting 1588 clock protocol and so on.

This product is specially designed to meet the flexible demands of industrial applications. It provides users with cost-effective industrial Ethernet networking solutions to adapt the needs of factory automation, intelligent transportation, video surveillance, etc.

WiFi6 router

WR525-AX1800 is a new generation SOHO high-performance wifi6 router. It adopts an MTK chip, has 2.4g 2X2 and 5G 2X2 omnidirectional multi-band high-gain antennas. The multi-oscillator high-gain omnidirectional antenna has a strong ability to pass through the wall and has a wider coverage, making the already strong signal more powerful, signal coverage is wider and data transmission is smoother.

Whether for home use or SOHO applications, the product can meet the needs of multi-user, high concurrency and high bandwidth,so that users can have smooth video online viewing, high-speed software download, low delay video call and game experience.

private cloud storage

T&T H2 is a private cloud storage product carefully designed for individual and family users. It is safe, reliable, and easy to use. It is an essential data housekeeper for our family. It can solve the problem that our personal and family users cannot share and synchronize data due to the use of multi brand terminals or the replacement of mobile phones and other devices. It can realize data remote access and sharing anytime and anywhere, and establish a one-stop data storage and Management Center for us.

In addition, there are more wonderful contents that will be met with you at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2021. In GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2021, C-Data is at booth Z3-C15. We look forward to your presence!


The ground-breaking ceremony of Shanwei Industrial Park of C-Dada was held

On the afternoon of September 25, 2021, the ground-breaking ceremony of Shanwei Industrial Park of Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Shanwei high-tech zone. The industrial park is invested and constructed by Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “C-Data”), with an investment scale of more than 350 million yuan, covering an area of 30,000 square meters, the building area will be 75,000 square meters after completion.

C-Data staffs

Mr. Zheng Liangbin of the Management Committee of Shanwei new area, Mr. Lin Jianyou of the management committee and the leaders of the management committee attended the ceremony.Mr. Alan, chairman and general manager of C-Dada, management team and some key personnel of C-Dada attended the ground-breaking ceremony.


Lion dance

The ground-breaking ceremony began. First of all, leaders came to the stage to draw eyes for the four auspicious lions.

Painting eyes

Painting eyes for lions means awakening lions and giving them the ability to spread happiness and auspiciousness.

Lion dance

After drawing the eyes, the lion slowly woke up. The awakened lion heard the music and began to dance. At the climax, the lion blesses C-Data with wealth, blessing and auspiciousness through “Caiqing”. “Caiqing”:In Chinese cǎi (pluck) sounds similar to cài ( vegetable) and cái (fortune). In a symbolic way the lion is appeased by the offering and later spreads good fortune and prosperity to all the people.


Speech by Alan, chairman and general manager of C-Data

Speech by Alan

During the leader’s speech, Mr. Alan, chairman and general manager of C-Data, delivered a speech.

Firstly, he thanked the government and people from all walks of life for their strong support for C-Data. Secondly, he said: Shanwei is a city with a high happiness index and a good place for the development of C-Data. We hope that in the next few years, the company can be first-class in our field. Of course,while developing the enterprise, we also hope to have the opportunity to make efforts for the construction and development of Shanwei.

The passionate words infected everyone present, and everyone cheered and applauded C-Data for a better future.


Speech by Mr. Zheng Liangbin of Shanwei New Area Management Committee

Speech by Mr. Zheng Liangbin

Mr. Zheng Liangbin, Shanwei New Area Management Committee, said: I am glad to witness this important moment with you. On behalf of the Management Committee of the high tech Bureau, I would like to extend warm congratulations to C-Data! I believe that the high tech Zone and C-Data Industrial Park will usher in more vigorous development in the future!

ground-breaking ceremony

Immediately, the foundation of C-Data Industrial Park was officially laid,the atmosphere was particularly festive. Mr. Zheng Liangbin, Mr. Lin Jianyou and the senior executives of C-Data jointly lay the foundation. Since then, C-Data Industrial Park has officially started.

Three years ago, due to the expansion of production scale, C-Data sought plots in cities around Shenzhen to build an industrial park, and finally chose Shanwei. Today, the ground-breaking ceremony is officially held.

 Shanwei Industrial Park of C-Dada

The ground-breaking ceremony means that the beautiful blueprint of the industrial park in the hearts of each C-Data employee has been implemented. Production plants, management buildings, staff dormitories… An industrial park with complete facilities and reasonable planning seems to have taken shape from this moment

The construction of the industrial park is of great significance for the company to expand its production scale and meet the demand of market growth. At the same time, it can also consolidate the company’s market position and help the company achieve its development goals. We firmly believe that with the completion of the industrial park, C-Data’s development will step onto a higher level!

CIOE C-Data staff

CIOE2021 was successfully completed

China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE 2021) was grandly held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 16 to 18, 2021. C-Data, as a well-known communication equipment manufacturer, was invited to participate in the exhibition and appeared in CIOE2021 with a full range of products and the latest professional solutions.

CIOE C-Data staff

In this exhibition, C-Data have also brought new products such as switches, optical transmission and private cloud storage in addition to previous xPON(OLT,ONU) products, EOC,WiFi Routers, HFC(EYDFA)and other products. Among these exhibition products, C-Data’s optical transmission and switch products stand out and have been favored by many customers.

So what are the advantages of these two products? Let’s have a look!


DWDM wave division transmission have the characteristics of single optical fiber bidirectional transmission, simultaneous transmission of signals of different wavelengths, multiple networking modes, and support multiple services.


Switches have not only many ports but also independent channels to isolate conflicts.Business and industrial switches can meet the needs of enterprises and individuals, as well as some special industries, such as transportation, power, security, industrial manufacturing and other different scenarios.


If the flowers smell good enough, the butterflies will come. C-Data’s advanced product concept and excellent product quality have also attracted the attention of many multimedia companies. The two media interviewed Mr. Alan and Mr. Li Honglin, senior leaders of C-Data. During the interview, the two leaders respectively expressed their views on the current situation and future development direction of the communication industry.

live show

In particular, considering that some customers and peers could not arrive at the exhibition site due to the epidemic, during the exhibition, we continued to keep up with the progress on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube through different forms such as pictures, videos and live broadcasting. This action was highly praised by many peers and customers.

Everyone’s efforts made the exhibition a success. Thank you for your support to C-Data in CIOE2021! Next, we will meet you again at the China International Information and Communication Exhibition in Beijing National Convention Center from September 27 to 29, 2021. More exciting content, please look forward to!