“From a Russian interpreter to an international sales, I found my passion.”

“When people falling in love , nothing can be empolyed to separate them , even insurmountable mountains and unfathomable oceans.”

During the nearly one hour of chatting with Pan, I deeply realized: if a person is full of love for what he does, what a wonderful thing it will be.

Jane: I heard that you can speak Russian. Do you usually communicate with customers in Russian?

Pan: Yes.

Jane: Fantastic!

Pan: You flatter me, my English is poor.

Jane: Your English is poor?But… is Russian more difficult?

Pan: Russian is relatively difficult. But because I didn’t learn English well when I was young, and later,

I studied Russian in high school and Russian linguistics in university, so…

Jane: You majored in Russian. Why did you become a sales instead of working in language?

Pan: I used to be a interpreter and an assistant to the general manager abroad. After doing it for some time, I found that I prefer to deal with people. I think dealing with people is my strength. So I came back from abroad, and I try to be a sales.
Jane: Is there any difference between interpreter and sales?

Pan: Translation is also dealing with people, but you are quite a medium. When someone sends you a message, you will translate the meaning to another one. You have to rely on another one to do it.

In addition, we often do written translation, which is relatively boring. It’s possible that at the end of the day, I just translate without talking to anyone. That’s a way I don’t like very much.

I had been abroad on business for a long time before. I stayed there for nearly a year and a half. After reading the experience of some translation predecessors, I felt that it was not what I wanted, so I went back China.

Jane: So I can understand it as: you think it’s boring to translate alone. You want to find a job that you can communicate with others.

Pan: I’m naughty and like to joke. I think there are no problems can’t be solved when communicating with customers.

I didn’t set too many rules for myself. I just want to make myself happy, make customers happy, and let the people around me have no sense of distance and depression.

Jane: After changing your profession, as a sales, you need to understand products. Do you usually learn it?

Pan: Yes.

As a sales, you not only need to understand the product, but also the architecture of networking. In fact, it’s difficult for me. Because our product specifications are only in Chinese and English, I have to think about how to describe them in Russian.

For some basic questions about the product, I can reply directly to the customer. Relevant knowledge is mainly accumulated from customers and technical support. In addition, with the training of our company, we can also learn a lot of professional knowledge.

If you want to develop yourself into a professional sales, you should understand at least 60% ~ 70% of the technology, even if you don’t understand 100%. If your reply is more timely, customers will be more satisfied with us.

Jane: What’s your main work content every day? What’s your typical workday like?

Pan: My plans are done in weeks. Because as a sales, you don’t have things to communicate with customers every day.

First of all, I will arrange a period of time to see the dynamics of competitors, and then go to the customer’s website to see if they have some new product trends. Secondly, I will arrange one day to develop customers, there may be some new opportunities. In addition. I will have a clearer understanding of some trends of our own new products.

Because we have a jet lag of 5 hours with Russia, I can’t  disturb the customer in the morning. Therefore, under normal circumstances, our off-duty time is 6 p.m. I may leave the company earlier,because it’s just their lunch time. When I get home, maybe they are just resting. At this time, I will chat with customers at home, and the work efficiency may be a little higher than during the day.

Jane: Have you ever had a very impressive and happy thing in your previous work?

Pan: What impressed me most was the first operator developed, a Russian customer.

We changed three sales to follow up with this customer, but there has been no feedback. Finally, when we met them at an exhibition after a year and a half, we knew that they didn’t look at our products at all. But we didn’t give up, and we gave them a lot of suggestions and schemes later.

Finally, in 2018 , they took our samples for the first time. During the test, we passed the first product with the support of the whole technical support and R & D team.

When customers place a small order for 100 units, the sense of joy is different,we saw hope from the most difficult time. Then the second product passed the test successfully. Later, the operation of the whole scheme was using our products, and we felt very happy.

But we can’t be too happy, because the company is still developing step by step. For the company, this is just a start, so we should work harder.

Jane: Like the first negotiated order, you think they didn’t like our products at the beginning, but finally successfully signed the order. What contributed to the business?

Pan: it mainly depends on our service.

Through the communication with our technical support, and the timeliness of solving problems in R & D is very fast, customers think our technology is very good. They think C-Data is sincerely solving problems for them, which is a very trustworthy thing for them. The Russians are the kind of fighting nation. They are very direct. If you help them solve the problem, they think you are good.

I followed up the order with another sales. When we got the small order, we had a little celebration.  As a sales, getting an order is really a sense of achievement.

Jane: In our industry, the scale of the leading enterprises has been very large. But our company can be said to be in a state of steady development in an environment of survival in a crack. What do you think is the reason behind it?

Pan: First of all, Boss Alan Cui is very helpful to us. He has done a lot of analysis on the company and future planning.

Secondly, our team is also doing analysis and solutions in different markets, and our whole product line is more diversified. In the past, in the eyes of others, C-Data is doing PON and domestic optical transmission. But now,we have added some other products, including HFC products, as well as some new solutions such as optical transmission, cloud storage and so on.

In addition, our quality is very good. Maybe Huawei and ZTE are the leading enterprises in PON. Boss Alan Cui often says that our sales account for less than 2% of the whole market. We really survive in the cracks.

However, C-Data’s core competitiveness is quality. Our quality is relatively good and has a good reputation in the market.

At the same time, the company has increased the investment in R & D since this year, and our product R & D department has also added elites in many industries.

Therefore, I think C-Data will have a good development in the future.

Jane: Do you think there is anything you need to improve at this stage?

Pan: Yes.

First of all, I want to improve my self-control.

People are lazy sometimes, so am I. For a period of time, I felt that my self-control was very poor and I couldn’t find the power. Because there is a long cycle of developing a customer, without positive feedback for too long, I will doubt whether I have a problem with my ability, and then I don’t want to do anything. But when I find a new idea, I will think of various ways to communicate with customers and return to a better state. The greatest fun of sales is in communication, transaction and commission distribution. Because work is also for money, right?

Secondly, I should improve my professionalism.

Our company is introducing some new products such as optical transmission and cloud storage, and we often have product training. However, when I am communicating with customers and encounter some professional questions, I still can’t answer many questions. This needs to be improved.

In addition, it is also necessary to improve the collection and analysis of market information.

Now, many of the sales newly recruited by our company have been in this industry for many years. When I chatted with them, I obviously felt some of my shortcomings, so I should learn from them.

Generally speaking, there is no end to learning. The more you learn, the faster your ability will improve. It doesn’t mean that you have achievements or no achievements, you will stop there. This is every company doesn’t want to see. Sales should exercise themselves, and then increase their professional knowledge reserve.

Jane: Not only create value for the company, but also enhance your own core competitiveness.

Pan: Normally speaking, you can’t work in a company all your life. You should improve your professional knowledge, self-control and communication skills. You can also do well if you leave the company to challenge new fields in the future. At present,C-Data is still the most suitable for me .