Is the Wireless AP Meet 802.11AC?
Yes, C-Data Wireless Ap Ceiling type CW8837AP and outdoor type CW9833AP both meet 802.11ac standard.
What is Wireless AP?
A wireless AP (AP, Access Point, Wireless Access Point, Conversation Point, or Access Bridge) is a well-known name that includes not only simple wireless access points (wireless APs), but also wireless routers Gateway, wireless bridge) and other types of equipment collectively. It mainly provides wireless workstations for wired LAN and wired LAN access to wireless workstations, wireless access point within the coverage of wireless workstations can communicate with each other.

Simple wireless AP is a wireless switch that provides wireless signal transmission and reception functions. Simple wireless AP’s working principle is the network signal transmitted over twisted pair, after AP product compilation, the electrical signal is converted into a wireless signal sent out to form a wireless network coverage. According to different power, it can achieve different degrees and different ranges of network coverage, the maximum wireless AP coverage of up to 500 meters. Most simple wireless AP itself does not have the routing function, including DNS, DHCP, Firewall, server functions must have independent routing or computer to complete.
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