Data lost after installing a new version of CMS?
1. When uninstalling the old version of CMS, please choose to keep user data.
2. The installation path needs to be kept on the same path as the previous version.
Failed to start the CMS service?
1. Please check whether the service port is occupied. If so, click the corresponding service tab to modify the port number.
2. Please export the log information and feed it back to C-DATA Technical support.
Master Administrator Forgot Password?
In the lower right corner of the CMS Panel, click the "Reset Password" button to reset the password.
Failed to bind the ONU?
1. Check whether the ONU Web report parameters are correct.
2. Currently, the default number of TR069 channels is 100. Please confirm whether the number of bound devices has reached the upper limit. If you need to increase the number, hoping you can contact the C-DATA sales staff.
3. The system firewall has enabled the option to block all inbound connections in the public network settings, which means that all incoming connection requests to the computer will be denied.
The WAN/LAN configuration options do not exist, or the configuration fails?
The CMS system currently only supports products using the RTL9607C chip to upgrade the new version of the firmware, and other models will be compatible one after another.
For the same device, why are there two records with different SNs in the ONU list?
For the SN of GPON, the value of the old firmware is the serial SN and the new firmware (version number: XXX and above) is changed to the PON SN, which will cause the old device to be recognized as a new device after upgrading, so there are two records, and the serial SN can be Records are permanently deleted.
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