FTTH Solution

C-DATA FTTH solution, based on PON technology, provides users with FTTH solutions with high bandwidth, strong stability, convenient management and maintenance, and low cost through C-DATA PON series products to help digital transformation.

High-speed and Stable Network
Greater bandwidth improves experience. Higher speed: the top speed is 100 times faster than that of copper cables. More stable: low signal loss, strong anti-interference, good transmission quality.
Low Cost
Optical fiber instead of copper wire, flexible and lightweight, support 40km transmission, 90% savings in material and deployment costs. High carrying capacity: one fiber supports multiple services, greatly reduce TCO. Strong scalability: Support network evolution and reduce the cost of expansion.
Easy Maintenance and Management
Unified management of the platform, 70% savings in management costs. Multi-mesh integration, reduce the maintenance cost of trunk and wiring cables. Expanded coverage with fewer computers, the maintenance costs are reduced.
Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
"Passive" replaces "Active": power consumption is reduced by 30% and carbon emissions by 50%, more environmentally friendly. Diverse optical fiber sources and less metals, conducive to the rational use of resources.
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