The Global Market Situation of Ethernet Switches and Routers in 2021

According to information recently released by industry media, the global Ethernet switch market reported revenue of USD6.70 billion in Q1 2021, up 7.60% YoY, while the global enterprise and service provider (SP) router market grew by 14.40% YoY to USD3.40 billion.

Overview of the Ethernet Switch Market

Revenue of the global Ethernet switch market differed in Q1 2021, by region:

  • Asia Pacific (excluding China and Japan) performed strongly: up 7.20% YoY in total, pushed by the 17.90% growth in South Korean
    • China: up 19.80% YoY
    • Japan: reaching an annualized rate of 23.50%
  • Europe showed mixed results:
    • Western Europe: up 16.70% YoY
      • Germany: up 14.30% YoY
      • Central and Eastern Europe: down 7.80% YoY
    • Middle East and Africa: down 3.70% YoY
    • America:
      • The US: up 2.50% YoY
      • Canada: down 11.80% YoY
      • Latin America: up 2.50% YoY

The highest-speed switch platforms remained the key impetus for the Ethernet switch market. For instance, the shipment of 100Gb switch ports grew by 16.90% YoY, while revenue was up by 27.20%, making up 24.50% of the Ethernet switch market. Impressive increases were also seen in 25Gb/50Gb switches, with revenue rising by 28% YoY and the shipment of switch ports up 21.0% YoY.

Conversely, low-speed switches, a more mature segment of the Ethernet switch market, produced mixed results:

  • 10Gb switch ports:
    • Shipment: up 18.10% YoY
    • Revenue: down 0.40% YoY, making up 23.30% of the whole Ethernet switch market
  • 1Gb switch ports:
    • Shipment: up 12.20% YoY
    • Revenue: down 2.40% YoY, 35% of the whole Ethernet switch market

In Q1 2021, the emerging market segments for 200Gb/400Gb and 2.5Gb/5Gb were added in the IDC report, expected to proliferate in the coming quarters.

Strongly pushed by the applications of both data centers and non-data centers, the overall shipment of Ethernet switch ports rose by 15.40% in Q1 2021:

Specific data are indicated as follows:

  • Data centers:
    • Revenue: up 10.20% YoY, accounting for 43.10% of the whole Ethernet switch market
    • Port shipments: 13% of the whole Ethernet switch market
  • Non-data centers:
    • Revenue: up 5.80% YoY, 56.90% of the Ethernet switch market
    • Port shipments: 87% of the Ethernet switch market

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Overview of the Router Market

The global enterprise and service provider (SP) router market reported 14.40% YoY growth in Q1 2021. Revenue of SP routers increased by 18%, making up 77.50% of the global enterprise and SP router market. In comparison, the revenue of enterprise routers only grew by 3.70%.

Specific revenue performance of the router market was indicated by region as follows:

  • Asia Pacific (excluding Japan and China): up 27.80%
    • Japan: down 2.60%
    • China: down 0.80%
  • Europe
    • Western Europe: up 19.90%
    • Central and Eastern Europe: up 18.10%
  • Middle East and Africa: up 11%
  • The US: up 25.70%, due to the 38.7% growth from the SP router market despite enterprise routers dropped by 5.40%

Latin America: an annualized rate of 4.60%

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