The ground-breaking ceremony of Shanwei Industrial Park of C-Dada was held

On the afternoon of September 25, 2021, the ground-breaking ceremony of Shanwei Industrial Park of Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Shanwei high-tech zone. The industrial park is invested and constructed by Shenzhen C-Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “C-Data”), with an investment scale of more than 350 million yuan, covering an area of 30,000 square meters, the building area will be 75,000 square meters after completion.

C-Data staffs

Mr. Zheng Liangbin of the Management Committee of Shanwei new area, Mr. Lin Jianyou of the management committee and the leaders of the management committee attended the ceremony.Mr. Alan, chairman and general manager of C-Dada, management team and some key personnel of C-Dada attended the ground-breaking ceremony.


Lion dance

The ground-breaking ceremony began. First of all, leaders came to the stage to draw eyes for the four auspicious lions.

Painting eyes

Painting eyes for lions means awakening lions and giving them the ability to spread happiness and auspiciousness.

Lion dance

After drawing the eyes, the lion slowly woke up. The awakened lion heard the music and began to dance. At the climax, the lion blesses C-Data with wealth, blessing and auspiciousness through “Caiqing”. “Caiqing”:In Chinese cǎi (pluck) sounds similar to cài ( vegetable) and cái (fortune). In a symbolic way the lion is appeased by the offering and later spreads good fortune and prosperity to all the people.


Speech by Alan, chairman and general manager of C-Data

Speech by Alan

During the leader’s speech, Mr. Alan, chairman and general manager of C-Data, delivered a speech.

Firstly, he thanked the government and people from all walks of life for their strong support for C-Data. Secondly, he said: Shanwei is a city with a high happiness index and a good place for the development of C-Data. We hope that in the next few years, the company can be first-class in our field. Of course,while developing the enterprise, we also hope to have the opportunity to make efforts for the construction and development of Shanwei.

The passionate words infected everyone present, and everyone cheered and applauded C-Data for a better future.


Speech by Mr. Zheng Liangbin of Shanwei New Area Management Committee

Speech by Mr. Zheng Liangbin

Mr. Zheng Liangbin, Shanwei New Area Management Committee, said: I am glad to witness this important moment with you. On behalf of the Management Committee of the high tech Bureau, I would like to extend warm congratulations to C-Data! I believe that the high tech Zone and C-Data Industrial Park will usher in more vigorous development in the future!

ground-breaking ceremony

Immediately, the foundation of C-Data Industrial Park was officially laid,the atmosphere was particularly festive. Mr. Zheng Liangbin, Mr. Lin Jianyou and the senior executives of C-Data jointly lay the foundation. Since then, C-Data Industrial Park has officially started.

Three years ago, due to the expansion of production scale, C-Data sought plots in cities around Shenzhen to build an industrial park, and finally chose Shanwei. Today, the ground-breaking ceremony is officially held.

 Shanwei Industrial Park of C-Dada

The ground-breaking ceremony means that the beautiful blueprint of the industrial park in the hearts of each C-Data employee has been implemented. Production plants, management buildings, staff dormitories… An industrial park with complete facilities and reasonable planning seems to have taken shape from this moment

The construction of the industrial park is of great significance for the company to expand its production scale and meet the demand of market growth. At the same time, it can also consolidate the company’s market position and help the company achieve its development goals. We firmly believe that with the completion of the industrial park, C-Data’s development will step onto a higher level!

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