Home Networking Solution

Through distributed deployment, C-Data Home Networking Solution provides all-round, no-dead angle and zero-delay wireless coverage for various families such as villas, townhouses, and large apartments, so that every room in the home can feel the ultra-fast experience brought by gigabit optical fiber and the stable service provided by C-Data enterprise-level wireless technology. At the same time, C-Data Forlink APP allows you to control the wireless network at home anytime, anywhere.

Mesh Networking, Whole Home WiFi Coverage
C-Data WiFi 6 router AX1800 supports mesh networking. Its characteristics of self-organizing, self-governing, roaming seamless switching greatly improve the scalability and mobility of the network.
2.4G+5G Dual-band WiFi, Stable Online
Band steering, C-Data WiFi 6 router AX1800 is combined with 2.4G' s wall penetration capability and 5G' s fast Speed, automatic optimization according to the environment, avoiding disturbance.
Where There is a Wire, There is a Signal
Can't get on the Internet without network cable? Don't worry! Plug in C-Data PLC product, and you can experience high-speed surfing! A C-Data PLC master supports the connection of 7 PLC slaves. No matter the loft, duplex or villa, the network can easily cover every corner.
Remote Control Ability , Bring You Easier Life
An integrated APP with all service offered by ISPs. Forlink puts you in control of your wireless network at home anytime, anywhere.
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