Interview with Molly|”Dream about leaving job, I woke up so sad.”

“Dream about leaving job, I woke up so sad.” This is probably the most touching love story I have ever heard. However, this love story was spoken by Molly of the sales department to C-DATA, the company she had been with for 7 years.

C-DATA was established for 12 years, but she has been in the company for 7 years. In the past 7 years, what obvious changes have been made to C-DATA? As a veteran employee, how have she grown during the 7 years at C-DATA? Let us listen what she said.


He: How long have you been to C-DATA?

Molly: I have come to C-DATA for 7 years, and I joined at the end of 2014.

He: You have been here for 7 years, do you feel any changes in C-DATA?

Molly: I think C-DATA has changed a lot in the recent years.
The increase in the number of employees is the most intuitive change. When I joined C-Data, my job number was 107. There were 50 or 60 people at that time. But up to now, there are  six hundred people in company. Of course, not only the increase in personnel, we also have branches in various places, including our sales, which are also increasing year by year.

He: I’m very curious, what makes you stay here for 7 years?

Molly: I have a soft spot for C-DATA.To be honest, when I joined the company, the company was still a small company with few staff, but everyone was very friendly and got along like family. Especially in the first two or three years after I came here, I was really happy. I would involuntarily work overtime every day after get off work. The atmosphere in the whole department was very good.

Later, I clearly felt that the company was growing faster and faster, and we ourselves had grown a lot. I remember that I had a dream once before that I was leaving my job. I was so sad.


He: Why did you think of doing sales in the first place?

Molly: Actually, when I first graduated, I was a software engineer because I majored in computer science at university. But after doing it for a year, I found that I don’t like to deal with machines all day long. I am a more lively and cheerful person, I like to communicate with others. So I chose the job of international sales, and I have been doing it for seven years.

He: What is the main content of your daily work? Tell me about your state of a typical working day.

Molly: Normally, our focus will be on communicating with customers. After I arrive at the company, I will start to contact customers, such as online communication, email, video conference, and phone calls.

Then there is some other time, I will deal with some internal affairs of the company, such as a process for customer orders, and some product and software customization. You have to communicate and coordinate with various departments.
He: What about technology? You should be familiar too, right?

Molly: Yes, as a sales, you have to be very familiar with your own products before you sell them to customers.

Because I studied engineering at university, it will be a little faster to get familiar with these technical and network aspects. But if a customer asks a more in-depth technical question, I will pull a group to bring our technical support or research and development colleagues into it, and we will communicate together. Therefore, teamwork is very important. It is the joint cooperation of sales, technical support and R&D to serve customers.


He: In addition to the aforementioned, do you think you have any areas that you need to improve?

Molly: There are too many areas for improvement. It’s not just sales, I think as a person, you have to learn to live and learn.

Like we are doing international sales, many people may think that English is the most demanding. But like I have been doing it for so many years, I think English is not the core of being a international sales. Because no matter which country you do business with, the way is same. English is just a tool. What is important is your basic quality in all aspects. You need to have a certain understanding of the local culture of different countries.

He: Boss Alan and your sales department often hold meetings or do some training. Do you think this kind of training is helpful to you?

Molly: Very helpful. Because our sales are mainly to know more about the situation on the customer side, but Boss know the supply chain,R&D,of C-Data. He share the information with us. In turn, we can also share information with customers. On the other hand, the boss will analyze the PON market with us, the supply of the PON chipset, or COVID-19 Pandemic, their influence over markets. It will also give us some inspiration. I think it is quite useful.
Through these conferences and training, we have obtained a lot of cutting-edge information.

He: Have you ever encountered anything in your work that made you feel particularly fulfilled?

Molly: I think the most fulfilling thing is that the client places a big order. When I signed this order, I am very happy! happy weeks!
When we have some technical problems with our customers, we worked hard to solve the problems. Then I will be very happy,just like taking an order.

He: When you did this job, did you get anything? Or have you lost something?

Molly: I don’t think I have lost anything,but I got a lot of things .

After working so many years, I found that when you do a job, if you feel that going to work is a happy thing , it proves that you like this job very much. I am very happy every day.

He: Do you have any plans for your future?

Molly: On the one hand, I hope that my annual sales will grow in a certain proportion; on the other hand, because I am already a mother of two children, I will try to balance work and life.

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  1. C-Data
    C-Data says:

    In this interview,we invited Molly ,who comes from the international sales department of C-Data. Do you want to know what changes she has felt here and what gains and growth she has made as an employee who has worked in C-Data for 7 years? Let’s listen what she says.

  2. C-Data
    C-Data says:

    Therefore, with the title of “touching the heart, moving the growth and looking forward to creating a better future”, we jointly explore the story of the common growth between employees and enterprises through interviews.

  3. C-Data
    C-Data says:

    Looking back, we clearly realize that the development of the enterprise comes from the common efforts of all employees.

  4. C-Data
    C-Data says:

    The enterprise always wanders around the edge of life and death, it strives for development.
    With a keen grasp for market opportunities and rapid response to the iterative development of products and technologies, C-Data has overcome many difficulties and finally stood out among many enterprises in the past 12 years.


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