Interview with Rambo :”Everything is customer-oriented.”

I asked him, “what is the key point to provide first-class customer service“

He said, “everything is customer-oriented.”

I think, what Rambo said, is probably the ultimate secret of how to be a good technical support.


Jane: How long have you been here?

Rambo: Five years.

Jane: Do you think C-Data has changed in recent years?

Rambo: Yes, The company is bigger than before. When I joined the C-Data, there were only about 100 people in the office. Now there are hundreds of people.The management level of the company has improved and become more and more standardized.

Jane: Did you work here as soon as you graduated? Or?

Rambo: Yes. I joined C-Data before I graduated from my senior year, because there were few classes in my senior year, I can have internships in C-Data.

Jane: Do you feel any change or growth in these five years?

Rambo:Yes.I was a little shy before,but when I became a technical support engineer, I came into contact with more people and found that my personality has become more cheerful. In addition, my professional skills have also been greatly improved.

Jane: In nowadays, many college graduates may change jobs after staying in a company for one year or two. What makes you stay here for five years?

Rambo: I think C-Data has developed rapidly in recent years and has a large space for development in the future. And I like this position very much.This job makes me happy, and when what you do can make yourself happy, that’s the best. I’m like this now.

Jane: What are your main job responsibilities now?

Rambo: Now I am mainly responsible for dealing with some problems of customers in pre-sales and after sales, as well as some important tests project of operators.

Jane: What do you think of job of technical support?

Rambo: The work content of technical support is relatively many and miscellaneous, but it can also be prioritized. I usually prioritize everything in advance and deal with it one by one.

This job also brings me a lot of growth. For example, C-Data cooperates with many customers from other countries, so that we can contact people from many different countries and understand different cultures, which is very meaningful and interesting to me.

Jane: In addition to understanding different cultures, what are the aspects of this growth?

Rambo: The first is communication. For example, if a customer gives feedback on some problems, you should be able to understand the customer’s idea at the first time, which is convenient for you to find the root cause of the problem.

The second is English. When I first came here, my English was very poor. I didn’t even pass CET-6. But in the past five years, my oral English has improved a lot. Now I can have a teleconference with customers.

Thirdly, professional knowledge. In the past, I learned a lot of theoretical knowledge in school. After practicing in work, I have a deeper understanding of theoretical knowledge , and I think I mastered a lot of knowledge better.

Jane: Have you ever had some difficult problems in your previous work? How did you handle it? For example, what to do when you encounter demanding customers?

Rambo: In general, we need to think from the customer’s point of view, and then use more polite words and so on. In case of a difficult situation, try to stabilize the customer’s mood first, because after a problem occurs, the customer will usually be anxious, worried, angry and complain. Sometimes I ask the sales assistant to work with me and ask them to help appease the customers.

Jane: Has there ever been something in your work that makes you feel particularly successful or happy?

Rambo: Yes. In 2019, I went to India on business for the first time.

Before that, I never thought I could go to India on business one day.

What’s important is that there were many “first-time” gatherings at that time. For example, the first time I went to the location of the operator for testing , and the first time I went to help the customer repair the equipment, I felt very excited. To be honest, I am very grateful to the company for giving me so many opportunities and platforms.

Jane: You mentioned earlier that our company has cooperative customers all over the world. Will such regional and cultural differences affect your work?

Rambo: In fact, no. No matter which country’s customers are, their requirements are the same. As long as you can respond to them in time and solve their problems, they will think you are great. Therefore, we try our best to reply to customers’ technical questions at the first time, and then try our best to coordinate resources from all parties to help customers solve their problems.

Jane: Therefore, whether it is geographical span or cultural differences, it has little impact on you, as long as you can provide customers with the services they want.

Rambo: Yes, in addition to the above, we should also try to use polite language. Therefore, if you want to do a good job in service, you must first think from the perspective of customers.

Jane: What do you think are the advantages of the technical support services provided by C-Data?

Rambo: I think our technical support service is very good. Many of our colleagues are customer-oriented. For example, some customers from South American countries will have jet lag with us. In order to solve customers’ technical problems, many colleagues will spontaneously work overtime here to help customers solve problems.

Jane: I heard that your department has a tutorial system. What do you think of this system?

Rambo: I think this system is very good. Because I learned from my friends that in some companies, new employees have no one to lead after they first came to the company. They have to start working directly. But as newcomers, they don’t know anything, which puts a lot of pressure on them. Our tutorial system will be equipped with a special mentor to give you some guidance, teach you how to serve customers, how to operate equipment, etc., which is very helpful to the growth of newcomers and help them enter the working state faster.

Jane: You’ve been here for 5 years. From the beginning, others came to lead you. Now you may have to lead others. Will there be any feelings or changes in your heart?

Rambo: When I first joined the company, I didn’t know anything. I often had to ask. I often felt that my ability was very weak and didn’t understand anything. Now when I see nnewcustomers  joining our team, I think of myself at that time and will be more tolerant to them. If they have any problems in learning, I will patiently explain to them.

Jane: Because you have experienced it yourself, you can better understand the feelings of others.

Rambo: Yes.

Jane: Do you have any plans for your short-term or long-term future?

Rambo: In the short term, I want to improve my management ability. Because our department is now divided into two groups, and I am one of the group leaders. As a new team leader, I still have a lot of management knowledge to learn. In the long term, I will consider both management and technology. In general, I hope to become a more professional person in this field of communication industry and optical fiber access.