Interview with Technology Support Fizz

Success comes from having a clear goal and sticking to do it day after day. Even if you do the same thing every day, you can make it different.”

Two years ago, Fizz gave up a good job offer and came to C-Data. What did this choice bring to him? Now, he changed from a nervous boy to a calm adult when he encountered problems. In Fizz, we can see a rare calm breath of a boy in his 20s. But in this calm, mixed with a Juvenile feeling of sunshine.

Fizz technology support

Jane:How long have you been here?

Fizz:I came to C-Data on July 11, 2019. It has been two years.

Jane:Did you come here as soon as you graduated? Or?

Fizz:When I first graduated, I found a job through school recruitment, but then I gave up that offer and recruited C-Data through the social recruitment.

Jane:Give up the offer of school recruitment and come here through social recruitment? What attracted you here?

Fizz:The company I got the offer was in Nanshan District. Working there, I have to commute for more than two hours every day, so even if I get off work at 6:00 p.m., it’s more than 7 o’clock when I get home. It’s too far away. And if you work in Nanshan, you will basically live in Xixiang or Gushu. I don’t know if you’ve seen the scenery of the subway every morning. It’s very scary.

In C-Data, you don’t feel so depressed. The natural environment is very good, and the air index is much better than Nanshan. Occasionally there will be a gust of wind blowing, which is very comfortable. And the subway near the company is about to be repaired. It will be more convenient to commute in the future.

Jane:You have worked here for more than two years. Do you think you have any obvious changes or growth?

Fizz:I think the first is the change in ability. When I first came here, my professional ability was not very skilled. After the training of more than two years, I can handle most of my work with ease now.

Then, there are some changes in personal mentality. When I first came here, if I encountered a difficult technical problem, I would be nervous. But now when this happens again, I will calmly think about how to solve it.

When you encounter more and more technical problems, you will become more and more calm. Because at the beginning, you are a person who has never seen any technical problems, so you will find it difficult to encounter problems, but when you have experience,  you will have a feeling of analogy.

Jane:What do you think of the job of technical support?

Fizz:Generally speaking, I feel that technical support is a bit like customer service, a customer service who understands technology.

But looking further, technical support requires many abilities. It needs to communicate with sales, R & D and customers. It is a bridge, and I think this role is irreplaceable. For example, in case of a technical problem, if the customer asks the sales directly, the sales often doesn’t know what happend, because he doesn’t understand the technical problem. Conversely, the sales feedback the problem to us, we will collect information, classify it, and then transfer it to R & D for analysis and solution.

Jane:If you want to be an excellent technical support, what core competencies and qualities do you think you need?

Fizz: You have to develop some basic skills, such as English communication and document editing.

We need to write some instruction manuals and test reports in our work, so our language expression ability need to be great. If your expression is not accurate enough, R & D and sales can’t understand what you say, and everyone will spend more time on communication, which will be very troublesome.

Also, I think we should have a good attitude. Because sometimes customers are anxious when they encounter problems, they will even say some angry words, such as I want to return the goods, or I won’t buy your company’s products any more. In this case, you can’t be confused by the customer. Because the customer is concerned about whether you can help him solve the problem. You should pay more attention to his problems so that his emotions can be calmed.

Fizz C-Data technology support

Jane:Have you ever encountered anything particularly difficult at work before?

Fizz:When you do a test, you find many problems, but the timeliness of R & D to solve the problems can’t keep up, and the customer has been urging, which is very difficult.

Also, it is difficult to locate the root of the problem. You know this phenomenon is happening all the time, but you can’t find the reason.
Jane:When these problems occur, how will you solve them?

Fizz:First of all, if this is my first contact with the problem and I don’t understand it, while talking about R & D, I will also learn the relevant knowledge and see what help I can provide. At the same time, I will also refer to past successful cases to make some attempts.

Secondly, it is necessary to use all resources that can be urged to reflect the importance of this issue. Because sometimes the R & D schedule is very full, they will give priority to solving the most urgent problems. If your problem doesn’t reflect the urgency, they may lag your problem a little.

Jane:Have you ever met anything impressive or happy in your work before?

Fizz:I will be very happy when I solve the problem by myself and no longer need R & D to do more. Or I provided a good idea to let R & d know where the root of the problem is, so I will be very happy.
Jane:We have different customers all over the world. Will such geographical and cultural differences affect your work?

Fizz:Generally speaking, everyone in the technical support group only talks about technical problems. We only focus on where and when to solve the problems. There is little communication outside of work. Occasionally, we will ask about your recent situation or epidemic situation, and whether your company has any new products.

Jane:I heard that your department has a tutorial system. What do you think of this system?

Fizz:I think the tutorial system is quite necessary. Because when a newcomer enters the company, he may not understand anything. He need a person to provide him with some help or reference.

Secondly, the tutorial system can also help newcomers better integrate into us. Because his mentor gets on well with us. He knew us through his mentor, and the whole relationship network was established, and the atmosphere was gradually harmonious.

Jane:When you first came here two years ago, you were led by someone. Now you are also leading newcustomer. How do you feel in the process from getting help from others to helping others?

Fizz:Let me start with what I learned from my mentor. My mentor helped me a lot.

When I first came here, I would ask him directly every time I didn’t understand any problems. I wouldn’t check some information first. And he will tell me that you should develop the habit of independent thinking. When you confirm that you really don’t understand it, ask others. This is a polite question, because if you have been asking that kind of relatively low-level questions that can be found easily, it will disgust others.

In addition, before you ask a question, you should first think about how to ask.

Furthermore, my tutor have his own notes when he studies and works, he will give his notes to me. When I work and see that he has met this problem, I will avoid it. If I encounter new problems, I will also improve his notes and give them to the people I lead, which has a feeling of passed down from generation to generation. Your notes will be invincible if many people improve them together, because it basically includes everything, and it is of great reference value.

In fact, I feel guilty for my apprentice, because to be honest, I only worked for two years. I don’t think I’m better than him. But if he asked me a very low-level question, I would also tell him that you should think about it yourself. You can’t rely on me for everything.
Jane:In fact, I don’t think so. Since your leader let you lead the newcomers, it show that you have the ability. In other words, for these newcomers who have just entered C-Data, they may be ignorant, and you are like a senior with two years of work experience. They need you.

Fizz:Yes, you have a point.

C-Data technology support

Jane:When you think about how much better you are than them, how can you handle this emotion? You will improve your ability? Or?

Fizz:My main goal is to read more questions, because there is no end to this. Many new problems you have never seen before. You can’t say that you have traversed all kinds of problems after working for two years.

So personally, My doubt is actually an inspiration to myself.  I hope I have been asking myself what I can learn and what I can provide for others.

Here, I believe in a saying that “Success comes from having a clear goal and sticking to do it day after day.” Even if you do the same thing every day, you can make it different.

Jane:So your attitude doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability to lead new customer, but a way of thinking that inspires yourself.

Fizz:Yes. I will share my experience with them without reservation, but I still have the same high requirements for myself. I won’t be complacent just because I know a little more than them now.

Jane:Do you have any plans for your short-term or long-term future? For example, you also mentioned that you are leading newcustomers. Do you want to develop at the management?

Fizz:I still want to deal with technology now. Science students will feel more comfortable when they engage in scientific research or technology related job, and then it’s a little hard to get along with people.

I may find it more interesting to deal with people in the future. But anyway, in the early stage, I must learn technology first, so that if there is a management post for me in the future, I can better arrange it..

Jane:Therefore, whether you want to become a professional technician or an excellent manager, there is nothing wrong with laying the foundation of technology in the first few years of your career.

Fizz:Yes. I just graduated for two years. At present, I mainly do a good job in the current technical work, constantly learn and accumulate other skills, improve my comprehensive quality, and prepare for my future career development.


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