Outdoor AP
Stable Outdoor WiFi
High Reliability, 24-Hour Online
C-Data outdoor AP adopts waterproof, lightning proof, dust-proof and UV proof design.
Cast aluminum shell enables it to dissipate heat efficiently.
It supports the working environment of -40 to 60 ℃, and is not afraid of wind, sun, rain and snow.
GE Ports, with 10 Times Faster Download Rate
The GE port is adopted, which improves the theoretical download rate by 10 times compared with the FE port, and meets the high-speed Internet access requirements of multi-user and high bandwidth.
Dual-Band WiFi 1300Mbps
C-Data outdoor AP support 2.4 G +5G dual-band wifi. 5G can provide 867Mbps access rate, effectively alleviate the network pressure of 2.4G, and meet the high-speed access requirements of most scenarios.
Automatically Adjust RF, Ensure Access Quality
C-Data outdoor AP support automatic / manual channel adjustment to ensure that the AP
is in the best RF environment and provide users with the perfect wireless access quality.
AP Load Balancing, Improve Network Capacity
C-Data outdoor AP support AP based load balancing of access users, traffic and frequency bands. By default, the system automatically guides users to 5GHz frequency band to maximize network capacity and ensure user access experience.
Plug and Play, Flexible Deployment
Plug and play, as long as C-Data outdoor AP can access AC, the system can automatically complete the configuration of AP devices and deploy flexibly.
POE Power Supply, More Convenient Construction
With standard Poe power supply, there is no need for external power supply,
and each AP only needs one network cable, which is convenient for construction.
Intelligent Management, Easy to Maintain
C-Data outdoor AP support network state detection and real-time monitoring alarm, helping to realize the rapid positioning of AP faults. And it support batch upgrading and realize automatic network operation and maintenance.
Installation Methods
C-Data outdoor AP support the installation of derrick and wall hanging, and the horizontal and vertical angles can be adjusted. The installation is easy and flexible.
Application Scenarios


1 Gigabit Ethernet port, 1 SFP optical port optional, 1 Console port

Wi-Fi Speed

2.4GHz/5GHz ( 400Mbps+867Mbps )

Wi-Fi Antennas

Optional internal and external antennas (4 N-type RF connectors)



Power consumption


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Ordering Information
Product Model
1*GE, 1*SFP, 1*console , 2.4G/5G dual band (400Mbps+867Mbps), support built-in and external 2x2mimo antenna optional, support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac-wave2 protocol, built-in storage optional
1*802.3at PoE+ power supply
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