POL Solution

With the development of digitalization and informatization, higher requirements are put forward for the campus network. However, the traditional campus network is faced with many problems, such as complex structure, difficult maintenance, and hidden dangers in network security. C-Data POL solution aims to provide users with intelligent, easy to maintain, low-cost POL solution.

Multi-service Integration
Integrate data, voice, video, wireless coverage and other services into a single optical network to achieve flat upgrading of the campus network.
Simplify the Network Structure
Replacing the active switch with a passive splitter eliminates the need to build supporting facilities and greatly reduces the possibility of failure.
Intelligent and Efficient Maintenance
Intelligent comprehensive management of multiple services, with fault alarm function, quickly eliminate network faults and reduce customer losses.
Smooth Network Evolution
Support smooth upgrading and expansion of the network, meet the development plan for the next 3-5 years, avoid resource waste, and protect customer's investment.
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