CDTrans OTN9600 V(5U WDM/OTN system )

C-DATA CDTrans OTN9600 V products meet the relevant standards of ITU-T G.692 and G.695. The equipment is 5U rack-mounted equipment, which can provide multiple types of boards, including: optical transponder  unit (OTU), optical amplification unit (EDFA), optical protection unit (OLP), optical cable monitoring unit (OLM), dispersion compensation unit ( DCF), WDM units (Mux/Demux), etc. All business unit boards are common in the CDTrans OTN9600 series product frame and all support hot swap. Supporting convenient network management and maintenance based on the UI interface, CDTrans OTN9600 V product can be used for big data optical transmission in operators, broadcasting, IDC, government and enterprise networks, public cloud/private cloud and other fields.