CDTrans OTN1200(1U Optical Fiber Extender )

C-DATA CDTrans OTN1200 optical fiber extender products meet the relevant standards of ITU-T G.692 and G.695. The equipment is a 1U rack-mounted equipment, which supports a maximum transmission capacity of 1.2T (48*25G), and can be smoothly expanded to a transmission capacity of 2.4Tbps of 1-core fiber through equipment stacking. The equipment adopts high-density photoelectric integration technology and compact integrated module design, which avoids complicated fiber jumper connections. It is similar to a switch type and can be connected, which can easily form an end-to-end complete WDM transmission scheme. The optical fiber expansion container supports single-wave 10G/100G/200G rates, and is suitable for SDH, SAN, SONET, ETHERNET, OTN, DCI interconnection, etc., bringing large transmission capacity, matching the installation conditions of the computer room, and a minimalist management mode. The maintenance interface brings a simple and efficient user experience to 5G base station interconnection, data center DCI, and private network transmission.