EOC All-In-One (ONU+OR+2*EOC) -CD7934N

CD7934N is an all-in-one EOC Master with EOC master module, ONU module and OR module.

We can use one CD7934N to instead of three type products, HFC optical node, EPON ONU and EOC master. It can reduce the number of active node in the system, decreasing failure rate and saving a space. It is the best choice of CATV, Internet and VOD for the operator.

The EOC Master Module in the CD7934N is based the Qualcomm AR7410 chipset solution,with high anti jamming capability OFDM technology. The 7.5-65MHz low frequency band is used for EOC signals. Built in high isolation filter as CATV RF and EOC signal mixer, the EOC signal and CATV signal in 87~862MHz can run on one cable without interference. The EOC Master can provide high speed data service. The PHY Layer speed is 600Mbps, the MAC Layer throughput is up to 320Mpbs.