Start From now on again

19th, August is a very special day for C-Data employees, which is the 10th anniversary of the C-Data. New Start means new journey. In order to celebrate this important day and achieve further goals, we went to Qingyuan city to have a exciting party and Meaningful training with the whole team.

Striving for ten years of growth, dreams, courage, persistence, we are proud of our youth!

Today, we start all over again and begin a new journey together.

Gulong Gorge is so high that the waterfall seems to fall from the sky;

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The mountains rise and fall, Spring water surging momentum.Walking on the glass trestle same as walking on the clouds, The colors of the trees growing on the hills are very unique;

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Qingyuan Gulong Gorge is a well-known Tourist place which valleys are steep, Spring Waterfalls Flow Rapidly, the trees grew on the edge of the lofty cliff, various exotic flowers and weeds are everywhere. We are excited to enjoy beauty with our team.

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The glass trestle road in the first station of Qingyuan Gulong Gorge International Drifting Base is very distinctive.Trestle is 1314 meters, which means a lifetime, and hope bring good wishes to all the people . Have you ever been with your lover try  the journey? C-Data and I walked together!

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Clear rivers, fast boats, constantly changing scenery on both sides, screaming, these are the best experience in Qingyuan drifting. The key of drifting is safety.  you have to wear helmet and lifesaving vest as requests . and must grasp the handle well to prevent the kayak from the river band;Clamp your slippers and sandals in case they are washed away by the rapids; Also, you can not forget your wanner gun, shooting to the Naughty guys is the most funny!

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How can we miss such a wonderful time!  Enjoy a good dinner with the whole team is necessary after drifting.

The 10th anniversary dinner party was held. By C-Data CEO, Mr. Cui Yunliang, the founder of the company, he shared the past C-Data story and his target for next 10years on C-Data. Until now, C-Data has gone through a difficult survival period, the company has grown and developed well in the past 10 years, we already finished the base of dream, just waiting for you to show your talent! C-Data is ten years old, but still very young , we will start from now on again , step by step, towards the future. And expect a better next 10 years!

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We went to Hongqi Bay Development Base second day. All the guys was divided into 12 teams and finish three interesting task to improve Team unity.

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Tank Track: The three groups jointly produced a newspaper and pasted it into a closed track.All members jointly stand on the track and move toward the target line .Four captains are needed to guide the way so as to ensure finish within shortest time , since each group consists of four groups, but only three sets of tools, it is necessary to break down barriers and communicate in advance.Unify the goal, determine the direction, advance together, be efficient and firm.

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Drum beating:Team members pull the rope together to make the drum serve hard, four teams in each group PK. In order to keep the drum balance, everyone who pulls the rope needs to use the same force, by this way, the ball will bounce smoothly. When the ball leans to one side, everyone adjusts position together, balance is key for this game.

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Plum Blossom Pile:Four team members from each group pass hand in hand through the plum blossom stake, and all the players must pass the starting point, the middle key point and the end point after the three stakes, only when the four teams fell from the plum blossom stake at the same time , challenge is successful. .During the game, there must be many people stepping on the same plum blossom pile at the same time. How to solve this major contradiction is the key point to complete the game.In the end, only the Red Team, which has been made more difficult and has been forbidden to speak, has completed its task, their method is to reserve time between the captains to fully discuss the feasible plan, clear that the four teams can not go on at the same time, only two teams first on the field, then the captain will clearly convey the plan to the team members. This reflects the importance of prior communication. Effective communication, collaboration, clear objectives, achieve win-win situation.

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In these three projects, there are competition, cooperation, communication and win-win situation.Iin the future, we’re going to encounter all kinds of unpredictable situations, we all need to be flexible in changing our ways of doing things, we need to unite, to achieve the goal together;We need to push and catch up with each other so that C-Data can reach a higher standard; We need to adjust the way to achieve our goals, support each other with colleagues  to achieve win-win situation.

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Meet in last Ten years, and we wish next Ten years with C-Data again to make it better!

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished!

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Happy 10th Birthday to C-Data!