T&T Home Private Cloud Storage
T&T Home Private Cloud Storage
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Oct 20, 2021
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home private cloud storage

Local-storage | Family sharing | Automatic backup | Remote access | Multi-devices access | Quickly share

T&T home private cloud storage is a smart mobile hard disk that can be accessed remotely anytime and anywhere.All the photos, videos, music, documents, etc. scattered on your mobile phone, computer, tablet, and mobile hard disk for you and your family can be stored in T&T. It is a data center dedicated to you and your family.

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Product parameter

home private cloud storage interface
Product NameT&T H2 Home Private Cloud Storage
systemLinux system
Hard Disk1
Support hard disk type5V SATA Interface 2.5 inch hard disk access
File typeinternal:EXT4


InterfaceWAN Port *1100M Ethernet port, support equipment to connect to the Internet
LAN Port *1Fast Ethernet port, support LAN port to connect terminal and

equipment network

USB 2.0*1Support reading USB access device data
DC Port *1DC 9V⎓1.5A power supply
SATA 2.0*1Support 5V SATA interface 2.5 inch hard disk access
Indicator lightPower Indicator * 1Steady green: the device is turned on or reset

Steady blue: the device is operating normally

Steady red: The hard disk is mounted abnormally

WAN port network status light*1The green light is on when the connected network cable is connected,

and the green light is flashing;

LAN Port network status light*1The green light is on when the connected network cable is connected

and the green light is flashing;

Packing list

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