Optical Transport Networking

C-Data Wavelength division transmission system (DWDM) provides an excellent optical transmission platform for metropolitan. It integrates WDM technology, applies advanced optical transmission and highly integrated technology. With the functions of high-speed, large-capacity and fully transparent, which can realize the upgrade of network capacity and provide a comprehensive, flexible and mature protection scheme.

Compact Design, Suitable for Multiple Environments
C-Data optical transmission series products have excellent performance. Through excellent heat dissipation and power supply design, with industrial-grade chips, which are suitable for harsh environments.
Low-Cost Configuration, High-Quality Products
The customers' requirements for high-quality system products are met by relying on mature supply chain and rich application experience.
Efficient Network Management, Preventive Maintenance
A simple and efficient network management interface is configured.
It can inform maintenance personnel of major faults
by a short message in time.
Forward-looking Technology, Diversified Products
With coherent optical technology, optical amplification,
optical cross-connection, we can meet the requirements of high-speed,
large-particle, long-haul, multi-cross, and full-service WDM transmission.
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