Smart Application Solution

C-Data Smart Village Solution combines local conditions and based on IoT devices, deeply carries out the organic combination of digital technology and rural development. It can help improve the rural industries, public services, rural governance and farmers' lives.

IoT, Cloud Computing, Big Data
Through cutting-edge technologies such as the IoT, cloud computing, and big data, we are committed to providing advanced smart application solutions, products and services for users.
Customized Service
Based on the principle of "one village, one case", C-Data Smart Village Solution provides customized services for each customer, accurately designs through site surveys. We make reasonable planning in combination with the budget, never wastes a penny, and is more in line with local rural conditions.
Manual + Intelligent Management, Convenient and Efficient
C-Data Smart Village Solution has evolved from traditional manual management to manual + intelligent management mode, improving management efficiency and enhancing the happiness of the masses.
Sustainable Development to Increase Local Revenues
Through the construction of smart village, services such as advertising operations, WiFi operations, agricultural expert consultations, and agricultural equipment leasing can be derived to help local people create efficiency and increase revenue.
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